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jamie lee ann grimes
Posted by gidgettegrimes
Posted: 9:07pm January 25, 2013
The Missing Persons Register
my daughter was adopted in the state of Arizona city phoenix she was 18 months. she was born in seattle washington the year 1988. it broke my heart when I lost my daughter and all I wanted to do was to forget what had happen and dull the pain of loosing her and no support to help keep her in the family so with that all her paperwork was lost and I don't remember what hospital she was born I know it was C.P.S in the state of Arizona I think it was the city of Phoenix who adopted her out I truly do miss my daughter and always have I love her so much and miss her so much there is so much I want to tell her I ant her to know that it was not about her it goes back real far and i am so sorry but I did want the best for her and at the time I was not in A good place and I am so sorry that my family was not there to help keep her in the family till I got better there is a lot moore I would like to share to my daughter on the phone or in a letter or face to face what ever she wants to do but know that I do love you
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Re: jamie lee ann grimes
Posted by skullz.smith
Posted: 6:00am January 16, 2016
I was born in Seattle Washington in June 1987, that's what my birth certificate reads, I was adopted in Arizona @ age 5 but I was with the family long before then. I'm not sure if I am who you are looking for, but I do know my birth mother name is Gidget and my birth name is Jaime Grimes.
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If this is NOT the JAMIE LEE ANN GRIMES that you're looking for, then create a new query for JAMIE LEE ANN GRIMES


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