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M. RIchard Jones
Posted by hotshot
Posted: 5:30pm February 1, 2013
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I have little to go on. He went by the name "Dick" and worked for R J Reynolds Tobacco Company in Puerto Rico at one of their plants. He had 2 kids then, Diane and Scott, and was a single parent/divorced. He was in San Juan area at least 1973 and 1974 perhaps longer. His father retired in later part of 1974 but I do not know his name or from what employer. For some reason I feel like he was from the east coast somewhere. His children would be grown by now and probably parents as well. I have no clue what "M" stands for if anything. There are few, if any, references in searches with it. I found one who died last year at 82 yrs but I feel like that was too old for this guy. However, I could be wrong. Perhaps some relation but I couldn't find a connection. I am a little green at this but have spent several hours involved with it and refuse to give it. Any info anyone might have in their "trees" that might put a connection to all this would make my day. Thanks for reading this lengthy note which doesn't really give you much to go on. JP Fairbanks, Alaska
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