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Searching for Albert LaRue Johnson

Albert LaRue Johnson
Posted by mizbobbiejd
Posted: 8:17pm February 13, 2013
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I am searching for a man by the name of Albert Larue Johnson. Iknew him in the early 1960's and he is the father of my niece, Chi Chi. Chi Chi's real name is Tuanja Bivens. Her mother's name was Shirley Ann Bivens at that time. AL as we called him once tried to meat his daughter but all fail with that attempt. Chi Chi now knows he is her biological father and wants very much to meet him and have him in her and his grand childrens lives. If you Know Albert Larue Johnson, born around 1938 or 39 and lived in Chicago, IL in the 1960's and 70's. He may still live in Chicago with his current family. My name is Bobbie Bivens Dortch and can be reached through email address at If you know him, are kin to him or knows someone who may know this man please contact me ASAP. It's very important to Chi Chi to meet her father after all these long years. Thanks for any help or leads with this post.
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If this is NOT the ALBERT LARUE JOHNSON that you're looking for, then create a new query for ALBERT LARUE JOHNSON


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