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Searching for David Stephens

David Stephens
Posted by brisaacks
Posted: 7:23am February 22, 2013
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Need Help With Finding (My 3rd Great Father) David Stephens born 1811 with, place of birth, His father and mother. David Stephens married Eleanor Green in Chatham,North Carolina on July 28th 1829 by JP. John Hobson , Thier son (My 2G Grandfather) Alexander Stephens born around 1834 in Tennessee He Married Missouri Hamilton on 9th of Sept. 1859 in Lawrence,Tennessee and they had son (My Great Grand father) John T. Stephens Married to Martha Mitchell in Barton, Colbert, Alabama on 2nd of Dec, 1888. Thank you for anyhelp that you can give me on David Stephens.
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Re: David Stephens
Posted by tobythej
Posted: 7:02am August 24, 2017
Hi David, I'm also looking to get past David Stephens. If you have gotten past him please let me know. I noticed we can get through to the Hamilton's on the spouses side though. Alexander M Stephens is in my history also. His son Dock Vandever Stephens is my Great Grandfather I believe, my grandfather was Claude Stephens. My father was James Vandiver Stephens Sr, my brother was Jr. I live in WA state south of Seattle, where do you live? Most Stephens on my dad's side live in Texas still. Does your family have Polycystic Kidney disease? It runs on the Stephens side in my family. Originally I believe we are part of the 3 Stephens sons who came over from Wales via Ireland, I'll find the dates. Their father was Joshua. The sons were Joshua, David and one other name. Only Joshua's history was documented. I'm going to look into seeing if we are descendants of Joshua because I saw the last name of Vandever listed in their history. If so we have a very colorful history. So far it I can't find the Joshua son connection. We may have come from David Stephens or the other brother's lineage.. I hope you get this. When did your John T. die? I don't have that info. I need to sign up one of these days and really work on this. Thanks for reading my book!! Lori Stephens
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