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Patrick Grimes
Posted by jg2375
Posted: 7:12am March 18, 2013
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Patrick was born in Carricklane, parish of Tynan, Armagh, Ireland, in December 1840. My research shows that the family name there was originally Grimley or Grimly. When he and his father James came to America in 1864, they appear on the manifest for the ship Cultivator as James and Pat Gormley bound for Boston. I next pick Pat up in Dover, NH, in 1866 when he marries Sarah Brennan. My query concerns those two years from June 1864 when he arrives at Castle Garden in NYC till he marries Sarah in Dover, NH, February 1866, the first reference I have to the family name Grimes. I have been unable to locate any information about him for that time between NYC and Dover.
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