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Donna Kay (Howard) Brown
Posted by mwstravis
Posted: 6:22pm August 30, 2013
The Missing Persons Register
i was very young when i last seen my mom. i remember that she was very beautiful. i kept running away from home just so i could be with her , finally it happened! my brother and i went to live with her until my dad got us back. it was hard for her to do all that driving every other weekend. over the phone my dad told me to tell her"something"and all these years i have felt so bad about what i had repeated, as a grown man i still cry over that . Last place where i know she had lived was in Magnolia,Texas,she was a vet assistant. The man she was married to his name was Calvin Roach. I have contacted him once, a long time ago but after their divorce he has no clue as to her whereabouts. thats all i know. My name is William Travis Brown Jr., I love and miss my mother !!!
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