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Bruce Swanson
Posted by angie_still1981
Posted: 7:10am September 25, 2013
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My Father (now deceased)was adopted.He left us when I was less than a year old.His name was Bruce Timothy Swanson(Swanson was his adopted name, but it is all I have).I was born in Missoula Montana and I believe his adopted mother and father lived there. I am interested in finding any of his family and/or finding info on the ones who gave him up for adoption. I do not know anything about half of my family tree. I know that Bruce lived and married my mother in Missoula Montana and his parents (adopted) lived there as well. 1981 they lived there, but not sure on any other dates. Bruce died in Colorado.
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Re: Bruce Swanson
Posted by reaniers
Posted: 10:10pm September 17, 2016
I met a Bruce Timothy Swanson in Seattle when his daughter was an infant in 1091 or 82. I do have some photos and documents that were left with me. They may belong to you.
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