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Searching for Harvey L Thompson

Harvey L Thompson
Posted by bthom56
Posted: 9:38am February 20, 2014
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Born in Medina, Ohio in 1855. owned a Grist Mill in Lake Ann. Was killed in a Horse and buggy accident in 1907. His wife was Carrie Wyckman. They had six children. My grandfather, Norman G.(sometimes called Glee) was one of the off-spring. Became a Barber and settled in Traverse City. I would like to know more about Carrie's background. My Mother, Who is still living claimed that her parents had a blacksmith and carriage repair on state street in Traverse City. Where the AT&T red brick building is now. I know she remarried an Alfanzo Hunter and moved to California. Would also like to know the real story of the death of Harvey. Good and or bad. Thanks Bob T.
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If this is NOT the HARVEY L THOMPSON that you're looking for, then create a new query for HARVEY L THOMPSON


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