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Christine Brandt
Posted by bb (non-member)
Posted: September 27, 1998
Family Tree Climbers
b 1804 Scotland dplace: USA bur: USA m to Elisabeth ? in Germany Father: GEORGE BRANDT or Brand Chi: Fredrick William Brandt or Brand , Born in Germany 1844.Christian Brandt or Brand lived in Germany 1843 when son ,Fredrick was born. there probably was a daughter, maybe more. Left Germany 1847 at port of Antwerp, to the port of New Orleans. would like to find out his wifes maiden name and when they were married. and what relatives stayed behind in Germany and Scotland. George Brandt was 71 years old when he left Germany. Christian Brandt was 43 years old. and Elisabeth was 41 years. there was a 68 year old female on the passanger list under Brandt. and a 15 year old female.also a Catharina ,age 23 and christiana ,age 26. 8 passangers under the name, Brandt. they may be Brand instead of Brandt. please check both names. (orig. post 3/98)
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If this is NOT the CHRISTINE BRANDT that you're looking for, then create a new query for CHRISTINE BRANDT


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