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Searching for John Harris

John Harris
Posted by mmclean550
Posted: 8:16pm January 13, 2015
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In reseaching Rev John Harris, born 1725, I have come accross conflicting information. Some research says that he was born in NJ or Md to Nathaniel harris and Elizabeth. In a newspaper article i found, which interviewed his son, John Harris II, he states that his father came here from Wales. I can find no immigration records for him or baptismal information. I know that he graduated from Princeton and became a minister in 1753, and moved to Abbyville, SC, establishing several churches along the way. I would like very much if someone could suggest how I might find any birth or immigration records, or has any information on him. Thank you, Marjorie Harris Mclean
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If this is NOT the JOHN HARRIS that you're looking for, then create a new query for JOHN HARRIS


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