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Robert Ellis
Posted by phyllisstewart19
Posted: 12:53pm February 12, 2016
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This was my great grandfather. He was married to Ceilia Ellis I believe Gross was her maiden name. Robert's children's names were, John, Bradley, Josey (?), Sarah, John and others. Robert Ellis lived in Bledsoe, Kentucky (Harlan County) and is buried in the Ellis cemetery up on Bigelow (mountain, ?) as is Ceilia his wife. I think that he lived from 1868 to 1960. Bradley was my grandfather, married to Erma (Nolan) with 5 kids Woodrow Ellis (my father), Hampton, Celia, Ilia, Charles Murphy. I am trying to figure out where this group of Ellis came from, Country of origin and everything else. I appreciate any and all help you can offer. Thanks! my email address.
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If this is NOT the ROBERT ELLIS that you're looking for, then create a new query for ROBERT ELLIS


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