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Daniel Mcevoy
Posted by pmcevoy3 (non-member)
Posted: October 13, 1998
Family Tree Climbers
B: 1845 Ireland, Mayo?D 1864 Port Lambton, Ontario,Canada, Lambton Co. Bur Sombra, Sacred Heartrc Cemetary, Lambton Co., Ontario Canada. M to Murphy, Bridget in Lambton Co., Port Lambton, Ontario, Canada.Chi: Mary Ellen 04 29 18779, Peter 04 01 1881, Fred 05 24 1883, Born Ontario Canada . I have the rest of dates etc.but will have to go through my papers and finish submitting them in my FT. I am looking for ship list or something that could lead to my ggandfather Daniel Joseph originated from in Ireland. He left us with very little info, we have been told that they thought he said he came over with two of his sisters, but who and where???? (orig. post 2/98)
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If this is NOT the DANIEL MCEVOY that you're looking for, then create a new query for DANIEL MCEVOY


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