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Searching for Walter ?Marquis? Peters

Walter ?Marquis? Peters
Posted by LorrieJo
Posted: June 10, 2002
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Looking for ANY information concerning my great-grandpa, Walter Peters. The only information known is that he married Mattie Woodruff and had 4 children; Arthur, Joe, Ruth, and Sam. And, they lived in Oklahoma for sometime for Sam was born in Ganns, Ok. and later the family (I assume Walter also) moved to Clayton, Ok. where most resided until death. Walter never disclosed any information concerning his past with his family and nothing is known otherwise. His birthday is assumed to be around the later 1880's. Anyone with any information that may be useful in uncovering his past will be MOST appreciated.
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If this is NOT the WALTER ?MARQUIS? PETERS that you're looking for, then create a new query for WALTER ?MARQUIS? PETERS


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