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Searching for Robert James Griffin

Robert James Griffin
Posted by Lavonne
Posted: April 13, 2004
Family Tree Climbers
Looking for my fathers dad. Which is my Grandpa. His name is Charles Henry Griffin, I have an article that says he was born in Mt. Pleasant, KS but they have no records of his birth there. HELP
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Re: Robert James Griffin
Posted by hunter.thelma
Posted: 3:34pm July 2
I am wondering because i have found that you may have to drop or add ..this is what i know when they went different part of the US the changed and moved around their names and fate of birth and place of birth if they are mulattos then they also go as white avlot of them are mulattos and the women they married didnt know. I have many Robert and James Griffin. That is the family name. I wish u luck
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If this is NOT the ROBERT JAMES GRIFFIN that you're looking for, then create a new query for ROBERT JAMES GRIFFIN


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