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allen b. hancock
Posted by ladyblue54
Posted: June 21, 2005
First Name Basis
i have always known his name as lee allen hancock, census shows him as allen b. (benjamin) hancock and i am certain it is him because of his first wife's name sara catherine reynolds, they married in 1883 in stone county arkansas, they had two children john and estelle(stella) both buried in texas. 2nd wife nancy and allen(he was called allen) 4 sons felix, lee roy, francis(male), troy and a daughter. allen was born ab. 1861-1865- died ab. 1933-1936 in caraway, arkansas and is buried in lower or upper cane island cemetery at lake city, arkansas. also he was born in mississippi. his first wife moved to lot, texas with their 2 chilren after they seperated. i thank you for any help you can give me.
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