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James Washington, Sr. Winters
Posted by piperoller
Posted: July 9, 2006
Ancestor Notecards
Creek War 1812 under Andrew Jackson, moved to Washington Co. (now Walker Co) Texas 1835. Supposedly Part of Vehlien's Colony. William Carvin and John Frelan (sons) left for texas in 1832 built home and had crop growing. william returned to tenn in 1834 and all left for texas around oct 34/35. orrin lemon stayed behind to get married arrived later.
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Re: James Washington, Sr. Winters
Posted by btwintexas
Posted: 3:46pm March 15, 2014
James, John, and Williams names are listed in the Catalogue of Spanish Documents Part One published by the Genersl Land Office. pages 182, 283, James and William's headright Certificate ftom Jose Vehlein dated 1835. John Winters is from Charles Smith survey of the Wilderness settlers, his signature was agreeing to abide by the laws of Mexico and to petition a colony for admittance, this was in 1832. The General Land Offfice Archives shows the surveys of the grants. They also list the other grants recieved for military, expedition, and misc. Grants.
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