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Searching for William Wilson

William Wilson
Posted by teesand06
Posted: 7:38pm July 22, 2009
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Not sure where born, but he got my mother pregnant in 1965 and she gave birth to me at Dallas Oseopathic Hospital on October 28, 1966 in Dallas Texas. My Mother's name was Pamela Kay Elliott at time of birth. It is now Pamela Kay Sanderfer. Her birth was July 18, 1949. William Wilson joined the peace corp in 1966, he went to Richardson High School. My name is Anthony James Sanderfer. At birth is was Anthony James Wilson.
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Re: William Wilson
Posted by jerkdirect
Posted: 6:53pm August 23, 2015
Also looking for a William Wilson. Maybe born 1930s. do you have a picture of him?
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If this is NOT the WILLIAM WILSON that you're looking for, then create a new query for WILLIAM WILSON


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