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Searching for Albert earl Babcock

Albert earl Babcock
Posted by Crystals_new (non-member)
Posted: 6:21am October 14, 2011
Family Tree Climbers
Albert Earl Babcock, my grandfather; I never had the chance to meet... He died on Nov 2nd 1978, 4 years before i was born. I only found out his middle name today (2011) and found out that his burial was/is in queens park calgary. I think his bday is march 21st, unfortunately any and all information i have is from doing my own research on the internet. He may have had one or more sisters. If there is any information that can make its way to me I would be so grateful. I feel so lost without knowing where i came from and how my family ended up the way they have, knowing more about his history, and learning whom my extended family is will make me feel more complete. I would love to know his occupation and hobbies, any info will do
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