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StateGenSites, launched on October 7, 1999, is one of the most popular directories for U.S. genealogy. Here are the resources available for Tennessee.

  • Tennessee Vital Records
  • Tennessee Historical Societies
  • Tennessee Cemeteries
  • Tennessee Census
  • Tennessee Obituaries
  • Tennessee Adoption Support
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  • State Links for Tennessee

    Vital Records

    For birth, marriage, divorce, and death records...

    Tennessee Vital Records  ( Rules for ordering )
    421 5th Avenue N, 1st Floor
    Nashville, TN 37247

    + 110th Regiment Colored Infantry
    + 111th Regiment Colored Infantry
    + 7th Regiment Colored Infantry / 11th Regiment
    + Bedford County Marriages
    + Franklin County Marriages
    + Gibson County Marriages
    + Green County Marriages
    + Grundy County Marriages
    + Polk County Marriages
    + Rutherford County Marriages
    + 44th Tennessee Infantry Roster Lists

    + The Records Room
    + VitalChek for Tennessee

    Historical Societies

    Historical societies are a great resource when you are unable to visit the town of your ancestors. Many societies keep local records, photos and even information about cemeteries.

    + Society Hill Directory

    National Cemeteries and Transcriptions

    In the summer of 1862, thousands had already died in the second summer of a terrible war that few believed would last more than several months. On July 17, Congress enacted legislation authorizing the President to purchase "cemetery grounds" to be used as national cemeteries "for soldiers who shall have died in the service of the country."

    Andrew Johnson National Cemetery
    Depot Street
    Greeneville, TN 37743

    National Cemetery
    Jackson Ave.
    Memphis, TN

    Us Memphis National Cemetery
    3568 Townes Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38122

    $ Greene County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Online)
    $ Loudon County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Online)

    + Cemetery Junction

    Tennessee Census

    "The Census, while not created for the purpose of genealogical research, is nevertheless one of the public records that genealogists find most helpful and tend to use most often. The amount of information that can be found or verified by finding a single family's census record is enormous." -

    + The Records Room
    + Census Online

    Newspapers & Obituaries

    It is sad to think about all the people who pass away on a daily basis, however, it is sadder still for the relatives and friends who don't even know. If you just happen to stop by today and have the local paper handy, take a few minutes and catalog the obits.

    + Obituary Depot

    Adoption Support

    The biggest thing lacking in the Adoption Community is the fact that all sides of the Triad need to listen, understand and learn from the other sides. It seems to often go unnoticed that in order for adoption to work there has to be three sides to the story. Each side is very unique in what they bring to scenario. They are equally important to each other and need to be recognized as such. +

    Civil War

    "No soldier in any army ever did more service, or suffered more hardships, and none can boast of a prouder or more brilliant record than that of the Confederate Soldier. From the spring and summer of 1861 they bravely took up arms in defense of the South, and did not lay them down until General Robert E. Lee surrendered the army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Courthouse on the 9th day of April, 1865."

    + Barrel of Civil War Links
    + Civil War Home Page

    Genealogy Lookups

    Genealogists helping others by providing individual lookups from their personal libraries.

    + Free Lookup Service
    + GeneaSearch: Tennessee Lookups
    + GenLookups: Tennessee Volunteers

    State Links for Tennessee

  • African-American (10)
  • Archives (15)
  • Cemeteries (57)
  • Census (19)
  • Church Records (28)
  • Civil War (48)
  • County Links (183)
  • Court Records (9)
  • General Sites (7)
  • History Sites (32)
  • Immigration (17)
  • Libraries (39)
  • Mailing Lists (19)
  • Maps/Atlas (32)
  • Military Resources (42)
  • Miscellaneous (65)
  • Newspapers (52)
  • Obituaries (23)
  • Personal Pages (29)
  • Probate Records (1)
  • Queries (1)
  • Ships (13)
  • Societies (42)
  • State Government (8)
  • Tax Records (4)
  • Vital Records (27)
  • Wills (4)
  • Local Genealogy by County and City

    + Tennessee Local Genealogy
    + Tennessee Census Records


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