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This printed newsletter was launched several years ago under the title "Hot Chocolate." Genealogy Today acquired the newsletter in 2000 and relabeled it Genealogy Times. Unfortunately, for financial reasons (one issue costs over $1,200 US to produce and mail), the free newsletter was put on hiatus shortly after 9/11.

Each issue covers a specific topic in detail, with contributions from well-known and respected writers. Each article addresses the topic from a different angle, giving the reader a broader understanding of the topic and how it relates to genealogy.

We are pleased to announce there will be (at least) two issues published in 2003. The first issue is devoted to medical genealogy, a challenging topic if you've ever tried to locate and obtain medical records of your ancestors. You won't want to miss Kyle Betit's article for his excellent insights into the subject.

Here's a look at some of our previous issues. Reprints are available for a nominal fee.

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