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Ancestry Global Search is a genealogical search engine that searches all of the databases included in the Library. The Global Search feature provides faster access to a wider variety of genealogical data than any other genealogy site on the Internet.

Simply enter in the first and last name of an ancestor and click "Search." Using a powerful search engine, your query will be matched against hundreds of genealogical and historical databases, all with one simple search. A results page with any relevant databases in the collection will appear. Just click on a database or a category to view the material in question.

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 Locality adds at least one new database daily to its library, which is home to over 100 million genealogical records. Ancestry Global Search searches all of these genealogical records and displays results from relevant databases. New databases are free for a 10-day period when they are first posted. The rest of the databases require a subscription to to view the search results. Some of the databases at, such as the Social Security Death Index and the Ancestry World Tree, are always free.

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Some results may not help you in your research, even though they technically match your query terms. This is especially true if you are researching an ancestor with a common name. You may want to proceed to the advanced search template and filter your search by locality, keyword, or other options to filter out unwanted results Many surnames have alternate spellings or have changed spellings over time. Trying various spellings can therefore often increase the number of hits and also provide additional insight into family histories.

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