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Clipping - Prunes, Raisins to be Rationed, Starts Sunday

Prunes, Raisins to be Rationed,
Starts Sunday

War Ration Clippings

Dried and dehydrated prunes and raisins will be rationed under the processed foods program beginning Sunday, when the next official table of point values for processed foods goes into effect, Raymond S. McKeough, regional OPA administrator said today. They will be 4 points a poind.

Other dried or dehydrated fruits will continue to be sold without points. The bulk of these products will go to the armed forces and other federal agencies.

The allocation of dried prunes and raisins to these exempt agencies will also be large, but the remainder of dried raisins for civilian allocation will be nearly 93 per cent of the average annual civilian supply for the 5 years precedeing rationing, while the supply of dried prunes will be nearly 92 per cent of that average.

[Sept. 1, 1943]


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