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Clipping - Your Ration Deadline

Your Ration Deadline

War Ration Clippings

SUGAR: Stamp No. 30 in Ration Book 4 valid for five pounds indefinitely. Stamp No. 40 good for five pounds for home canning.

MEATS, FATS (butter, cheese, cooking fats, canned meats and fish and evaporated milk included): Red stamps A8, B8, C8, D8, E8 and F8 in Book 4 good through May 20. Stamps G8, H8 and J8 valid from Sunday through June 18.

USED FATS: Two meat points given for one pound waste fat.

PROCESSED FOODS (canned and frozen vegetables, fruits, jams and jellies, soups, etc.): Blue stamps A8, B8, C8, D8 and E8 in Book 4 good through May 20. Stamps F8, G8, H8, J8 and K8 valid from April 1 through June 20.

GASOLINE: All A coupons valed at three gallons. Coupons 9-A valid through May 8. B2, C2, B3, C3 and T coupons worth five gallons.

FUEL OIL: All coupons good for 10 gallons. Period 4 and 5 coupons valid through Sept. 30. (As of March 20, consumers should not have used more than 82 per cent of yearly ration, according to OPA weekly index.)

SHOES: Stamp No. 18 in Book 1 and airplane stamp in Book 3 each good for one pair. Stampe No. 18 expires April 30; airplane stamp No. 1 good indefinitely. Another stamp (undesignated as yet) will become valid for one pair May 1. Families may pool coupons, but loose stamps not valid except for mail orders.

[Tuesday, March 21, 1944]


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