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For millions of researchers, Genealogy Today has been the starting point for their family history travels about the Internet. Whether you have been working on your family tree for several years or just getting started, Genealogy Today has resources to help you with your search.

There are NO fees to use the Genealogy Today web site and many of the databases hosted here. There are, however, several fee-based databases that require an annual subscription. Throughout the site you will see fee-based offerings clearly marked with a dollar sign. The name indexes of the fee-based databases may be searched without a subscription.

We do NOT encourage people to subscribe without first searching the databases. Genealogy Today is managed by one person, Illya D'Addezio, and he would rather spend his time getting additional data online than issuing refunds. When you search, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe online.

Here are some of the unique resources available:

Family Tree Connection, launched in 2003, is a unique collection of nontraditional sources such as school catalogues, telephone directories, Masonic rosters, insurance claims data, church records, club and society member lists, and much more. The database contains over One Million names, with new names added regularly. ($) Annual fee: $29.95

New England Early Genealogy, launched in 2004, is the result of years of research compiling various resources, interconnecting the names from the 1600's and 1700's. The records include births, deaths and marriages, along with citations documenting the original sources and reference materials. ($) Annual fee: $34.95

Town Reports Online, launched in 2005, brings annual vital statistics from numerous New England towns online in a single, searchable collection. We are planning to add more than 400 additional reports this year! ($) Annual fee: $14.95

Military Roots Project, launched in 2005, pays tribute to those who served to protect our freedom. This is a collection of genealogical facts from various books containing rosters, muster rolls and troop histories. This database now contains over 100,000 names.

Ancestor Information Reprint Service (AIRS), launched in 2005, offers a collection of out-of-print books, vintage photographs and rare documents. Customers can browse through the 70,000+ names, and order quality reprints of the page(s) that mention their ancestors. ($) Annual fee: none, pricing varies by item

First Name Basis, launched in 1996, acquired in 2000, is a user-contributed service that is intended to help make connections based on a common (but unusual) first and middle names. This unique approach to research was later applied to other databases on our site, and continues to be a popular feature.

Missing Persons Register, launched in 1996, acquired in 2003, is a user-contributed service that helps our visitors get in touch with people they may have lost contact with -- a friend, a neighbor, a relative, an old classmate.

Funeral Cards Online, launched in 2006, is a searchable index of over 19,000 funeral cards (sometimes called mourning or remembrance cards). While not a traditional "vital record", they often provide great clues like death and birth dates, and name of the funeral home. New cards added weekly.

Online Family Trees, launched in 1999, acquired in 2003, is a searchable index of over 400,000 names from family trees that publish a special file called gendex.txt, and formerly used by the GenDex project. New names added weekly. User-contributions welcome.

GenWeekly, launched and acquired in 2004, is an e-publication packed with original articles written by some of today's freshest minds in genealogy and family history research, along with news items and regional/local event announcements. Be sure to ask for our free sampler of this newsletter. ($) Annual fee: $9.95

Surname Tracker Service, launched in 2005, is a program that runs 24 hours a day matching new information in our databases with the profiles of the registered users. Every time the Surname Tracker finds a match for your surnames, you'll receive an email. Every email includes an opt-out link, so you can turn it off at any time.

Local Genealogy Directory, launched in 2004, is a resource where not only will you find links to thousands of quality web sites, but you'll also be able to locate transcriptions, cemeteries, historical societies, libraries, newspapers and other reference materials for over 30,000 U. S. communities.

Genealogy Calendar, launched in 2001, provides a quick and easy way to locate family reunions for your surname(s), school and military reunions, local society seminars, workshops and meetings, as well as, regional fairs and national conferences. User-contributions welcome.

The Marketplace at Genealogy Today, launched in 2002, includes over 700 great gift and supply items, along with 6,000 self-published family histories, hundreds of city directories and discounted magazines -- all available from our trusted merchant partners. ($) Annual fee: none, pricing varies by item

Team Roots, launched in 2000, provides visitors with password-protected access to special features and content. Each year we have continued to add new tools and resources available only to our 50,000 members.

The Roots Helper, launched in 2006, is designed to assist in narrowing down the resources available to solve any of your research tasks. By answering six simple questions, you will guide The Roots Helper to finding the perfect solution. This is an exciting new way to explore all of the databases we offer.

Genealogy Today has committed itself to keeping genealogists informed of the latest resources and research techniques.

And we're just getting started!

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