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Jackson County, Alabama Marriages

MARRIAGES 1851-1856 AND BOOK A 1859-1871

Daily, Thomas to Amanda L. Ham(Horn?) 30 Jul 1867 P.498
Damastis, Sarah F. to David M. Lyon 18 Feb 1866 P.314
Dance?), John A. to Rebecca Tidwell 26 Dec 1866 L.663
Dane, Andrew to Christa Partin 22 Dec 1853 P.146
Dane, Christian to George Brown 22 Jan 1870 P.836
Daniel, David to Elizabeth Giles 20 Jun 1854 P.177
Daniel, Hardin to A.Z.F.A. Brown 17 Sep 1862 P.202
Daniel, Harriet L. to Benjamin J. Glass 23 Aug 1853 P.119
Daniel, J. M. to Martha Jane Tinney(Finney?) 28 Nov 1859 P.6
Daniel, James W. to Louisa Coffey 06 Jan 1861 P.105
Daniel, James W. to Elizabeth Frinch 04 Feb 1866 P.322
Daniel, Martha to William A. Beard 26 Aug 1866 P.402
Daniel, Sarah to Nelson Pinson 12 Mar 1861 P.126
Daniel, Sarah (col) to Lewis Jackson 08 Feb 1868 P.592
Daniel, Spicey C. to David M. Parker 23 May 1868 P.624
Daniel, Susannah to Samuel W. Wood 03 Aug 1855 P.248
Daniel, Willima H. to Martha A. Smith (col) 11 Jan 1868
Daris(Davis?), James to Olive Edwards 27 Jul 1869 P.767
Daris(Davis?), Quitman to Jane Bruce 01 Aug 1869 P.769
Darwin, John M. to Nancy C. Angel 22 Sep 1867 P.528
Darwin, W. D. Sarah Tubbs 27 Jan 1866 P.350
Davidson, M. M. to Mary J. Miller 22 Mar 1852
Davidson, T. M. to Sallie C. Snodgrass 19 Jan 1871 P.955
Davidson, W. C. to Mary L. Wooseley 30 Mar 1853 P.96
Davidson(Davison?), John R. Arcadia Henden 25 May 1856 P.308
Davis, Ann to Elijah A. Austin 01 Sep 1867 P.520
Davis, Arvazena to David C. Copeland 26 May 1867 P.496
Davis, B. L. to Litha M. Caperton 05 Aug 1855 P.243
Davis, Bradley L. to N. Ellen Burch 15 Nov 1866 P.429
Davis, C. C. to Lucinda L. Kirby 22 Sep 1852 P.76
Davis, Charles F. to Amanda M. Minton 26 mar 1867 P.479
Davis, Charlotte to A. J. Latture 28 Mar 1866 P.368
Davis, Dempsy E. to John D. Jackson 29 May 1870 P.875
Davis, Elizabeth to John R.C. Sample 28 Aug 1863 P.212
Davis, F. C. to Margaret Westmoreland 21 Sep 1856 P.325
Davis, F. P. to Nancy J. Vaughn 01 Mar 1860 P.20
Davis, G. H. to Milley Hall 22 Aug 1869 P.771
Davis, Gilbert to Mary L. Reynolds 12 Feb 1861 P.96
Davis, Jackson to Malinda Lee 22 Jan 1863 P.199
Davis, James to Hattie Green (col) 01 Jan 1867 P.445
Davis, James to Alabama Sisk 25 Dec 1869 L.none
Davis, James P. to Nancy Ann Davis 24 Aug 1860 P.50
Davis, Jasper M. to Zilpa Cox 01 Feb 1870 P.838
Davis, John M. to Sallie Sutton 17 Jan 1862 P.151
Davis, John Wesley to Elizabeth E. Greece 29 Oct 1867
Davis, Joshua to Mary Jenkins (col) 03 Jan 1867 P.448
Davis, Joshua to Mary Treese 22 Nov 1870 P.931
Davis, Lewis M. to Lucy Holder 23 Jun 1863 P.207
Davis, Lewis M. to Mary J. Matthews 26 May 1866 P.377
Davis, Lucy (col) to Levi Henry 26 Jan 1868 P.584
Davis, Lucy to Pesant(Pleasant) Ledbetter 19 May 1870 P.874
Davis, Lucy Jane to Davies Hodges 08 Jan 1861 P.95
Davis, Malinda to D. B. Tipton 07 Aug 1855 P.251
Davis, Martha to Andrew J. Brandon 31 Oct 1866 P.425
Davis, Martha to Jackson Mann 13 Jan 1867 P.452
Davis, Martha A. J. to John V. Gross 07 Jul 1856 P.318
Davis, Martha A. R. to Robert Benson 01 May 1856 P.304
Davis, Martha M. to L. W. Taylor 21 Sep 1859 P.80
Davis, Mary to John Colbert 18 Feb 1870 P.849
Davis, Mary A. to Starnes W. Wellborn 08 Dec 1861 P.150A
Davis, Mary E. to Isaac W. Sanders 20 Jan 1853 P.80
Davis, Milley C. to John H. Boyd 06 Nov 1869 P.807
Davis, Miss ? to Joseph Pruit 06 May 1870 P.873
Davis, Molly (col) to James Humphres 26 Nov 1868 P.675
Davis, Montgomery to Mary Ann Vaughn 09 Feb 1860 P.30
Davis, Nancy to William Hill 06 Jul 1853 P.111
Davis, Nancy Ann to James P. Davis 24 Aug 1860 P.50
Davis, Nancy Ann to James P. Davis 24 Aug 1860 P.50
Davis, Olivar to Mary Garner 15 Sep 1869
Davis, Phebe C. to John E. Mashburn 01 Nov 1866 P.425
Davis, R. G. to Mary Maxwell 12 Feb 1860 P.24
Davis, Sallie to Albert Hunter 09 Feb 1870 P.845
Davis, W. R. to Louisa Mullins 17 mar 1870 P.861
Davis, Westly to Gemima Burks 17 Aug 1852 P.55
Davis, William to Hulda Highfield 20 Sep 1866 P.410
Davis, William H. to Virginia E. Minor 10 Aug 1856 P.312
Davis, William M. to Nancy J. Scott 07 Dec 1853 P.142
Davis, Willard E. to Nancy E. Foster 19 Aug 1866 P.400
Davis(Daris?), James to Olive Edwards 27 Jul 1869 P.767
Davis(Daris?), Quitman to Jane Bruce 01 Aug 1869 P.769
Davison(Davidson?), John R. to Arcadia Henden 25 May 1856 P.308
Dawson, Henry to Elizabeth A. Raulston 21 Nov 1854 P.206
Dawson, John C. to Sarah Killingsworth 25 Apr 1864
Dawson, Nancy to John W. Kelly 18 Dec 1851 P.17
Day, Haston to Catherine Sims 01 Dec 1864 P.311B
Day, Larkin to Sally Grider 25 Dec 1851 P.22
Day, Miles to Martha J. Isbell 07 May 1866 P.374
Deal, William Z.T. to Penelopy Barclay 15 Oct 1869 P.795
Dean, Frances (col) to Benjamin Smith (col) 12 May 1868
Dean(Deen?), Rebecca to Lemuel Graves 12 Jan 1851 P.13
Deane, Emaline to Samuel Cunningham 06 Feb 1861 P.93
Deason(Dodson?), Celiea Jane (col) to George Ross 24 Jan 1869 P.705
Deason(Dodson?), Cebid (col) to George Ross 23 Jan 1869
Deblee(Dibble?), Isaac C. to Sarah Har(Han?) 24 Feb 1856 P.291
Deen(Dean?), Rebecca to Lemuel Graves 12 Jan 1851 P.13
Denham, Mathew to Peralla Morgan 12 Oct 1854 P.199
Denison, Gum O. to Eliza R. Richie 08 Oct 1864 P.287
Denson, Delia to Thomas Blancet 29 Nov 1851
Denson, Delia F. to Thomas B. Counts 29 Nov 1851
Denson, Leoner to Lebanon Wilbanks 01 Apr 1855 P.228
Denson, Martha M. to P. W. Brown 29 May 1864 P.279
Denson(Derson?), M. J. (F) to J. M. Johnson 20 Mar 1851 P.9
Dent, T. G. to Elizabeth Williams 27 Jul 1852
Denton, Mary to Joseph Kirkpatrick 11 Nov 1862 P.187
Denton, William to Elizabeth Bingham 08 Nov 1868 P.673
Denoch(Deorch), Caldonia F. to John N. Wheeler 07 Jan 1869 P.697
Derrick, George W. to Belinda A. Starkey 18 Apr 1867 P.489
Derrick, Silina to S. E. Kennimore 13 May 1855 P.235
Derson(Denson), M. J. (F) to J. M. Johnson 20 Mar 1851 P.9
Devers, Roadman to Nancy Terry 08 Oct 1865 P.310B
Diblee(Deblee, Isaac C. to Sarah Har(Han?) 24 Feb 1856 P.291
Dickerson, Adeline to J. G. Brymer 26 Jul 1870 P.888
Dickerson, Albert G. to Louisa Bogue 25 Aug 1864 P.240
Dickerson, Nancy J. to A. B. Dudley 03 Sep 1868 P.649
Dickerson, S. J. to Martha Allen (col) 28 Jun 1867 P.502
Dickey, E. A. to Amanda E. Proctor 31 May 1853 P.104
Dickinson, Elizabeth to Elijah A. Southerland 04 Oct 1866 P.419
Dicus, Martha to John W. Barnett 23 May 1870 P.874
Dicus, Mary E. to W. C. Whitfield 02 Jul 1864
Dicus, Mary E. to W. C. Whitfield 02 Jul 1865 P.346
Dicus, William H. to Christina McClendon 08 Aug 1852 P.53
Dicus(Durr?), Lucresey Ann to Levi L. Berry(Perry?) 12 Jun 1870 P.880
Diggens, Daniel to Darthula Smith (col) 22 Nov 1867
Diggins, Nancy J. to Elbert Hill 06 Oct 1863 P.214
Dillard, Annis R. to G. G. Lilley 23 Dec 1868 P.687
Dillard, Elizabeth to John H. McCutchen 01 Dec 1865 P.336
Dillard, H. C. to Jennie Stephens 30 Sep 1868 P.662
Dillard, Nancy (col) to Daniel Evans 01 Jan 1867 P.445
Dillard, Richard (col) to Emly Austine (col) 17 Apr 1869 P.856
Dillard, Salina (col) to Richard Brown 28 Dec 1867 P.570
Dillard, Sarah E. to Francis Flippin(Flippo?) 17 Jan 1855 P.238
Dinsmore, Hariett to William Cobb 26 Oct 1870 P.924
Disheroon, D. J. to E. M. Wright (F) 28 Jun 1860 P.58
Disheroon, G. J. to M. J. Wright (F) 18 Mar 1860 P.82
Disheroon, N. C. (F) to T. F. Smith 28 Jun 1860 P.55
Ditmore, May S. to William F. Rash 25 Oct 1868 P.670
Dixon, R. H. to H. H. Featherston (F) 18 Jan 1860 P.36
Dixion, William H. to Mary Terrill 12 Aug 1864
Dlaney, Prudy to Ellen Shelton 05 Nov 1868 P.672
Dobbs, Lucinda (col) to Wavey?, Wilson 03 Dec 1867 P.558
Dobbs, Sarah J. to James T. Mooney 27 Oct 1867 P.536
Dodson, Cebid (col) to George Ross 23 jan 1869
Dodson, Oma to Hugh Cross 08 Feb 1866 P.325
Dodson, P. R. to Margaret A. King 03 May 1851 P.11
Dodson, S. P. to Thomas Posey 03 Apr 1864 P.294
Dodson, Thomas J. to Naomi Samples 20 Nov 1852 P.75
Dodson(Deason?), Cebid (col) to George Ross 23 Jan 1869
Dodson(Deason?), Celiea Jane (col) to George Ross 24 Jan 1869 P.705
Dolberry, George W. to Louisa Jane Neely 16 Nov 1870 P.929
Dolberry, Phebe E. to John G. Sanders 30 Sep 1866 P.416
Donolson, Mary E. to Josiah Brown 27 Dec 1854 P.211
Dooley, Daniel to Martha Bruit 09 Nov 1854 P.197
Doran, Alexander M. to Mary E. Arnold 26 Jan 1854 P.151
Doran, Lency(Lucy) to William C. Russell 15 Oct 1853 P.133
Dorsey, Rosa (col) to Adam Matthews 22 Sep 1867 P.523
Doss, Albert to Elizabeth Story 03 May 1860 P.40
Dotson, Bird to Mary Swearingen 24 Jul 1862
Dotson, Mary to John J. Steeley 13 May 1864 P.231
Dotson, Sarah F. to Jesse H. Coffey 19 Aug 1863
Dotson, Wiley to Adaline Brown (col) 24 Dec 1868 P.682
Douglass, Stephen to Huld Sterne (col) 07 Jan 1867 P.447
Douglass, Virginia to P. B. Peebles 14 Oct 1856 P.330
Dove, Gilbert to Sarah A.E. Massey 07 Oct 1860 P.102
Doyle, Fred to Mary J. Humphrey 13 Feb 1868 P.587
Drain, P. H. to Nancy A. Wynn 13 Jul 1866 P.400
Driver, Charles F. to Martha J. Sisk 26 Jul 1866 P.392
Ducket, Moses to Sally Young 30 dec 1868 P.691
Ducket, Ross R. to Sarah E. Coley 16 Jul 1871 P.947
Duckett, Thomas to Martha A. Hyder 26 Feb 1867 P.468
Dudley, A. B. to Nancy J. Dickerson 03 Sep 1868 P.649
Dudley, Ful C. to Mary J. Proctor 18 Sep 1851
Dudley, James A. to Mary Jane Christey 30 Jul 1868 P.637
Dudley, John B. to Paralie Burton 19 Jan 1860 P.34
Dudley, John G. to Martha Maples 18 Nov 1853 P.139
Dudley, Mary E. to James P. Gullatt 24 Jan 1867 P.459
Dudley, Mary J. to Eli J. Kitchens 28 Nov 1855 P.269
Dudley, William to Eliza McCollum 09 Jan 1854 P.215
Duger, Julia Ann to John Jones 13 Mar 1860 P.42
Duke, Calvin C. to Mary R. Harris 26 Mar 1868 P.608
Duke, Martin to Eliza Ann Morris 26 Jan 1870 P.882
Dukes, Susan to J. C. Cranford 07 Jan 1869 P.695
Dulaney, John W. to Sarah Rush 08 Jan 1865 P.249
Dulaney, John W. to Amanda Jones 15 Oct 1868 P.665
Dulaney, Lydia C. to Jerry Stephens 02 Feb 1863 P.206
Dulany(Durham?), Margaret to Joseph McCutchen 21 Oct 1852 P.75
Dulany(Tensly?), Elizabeth to I.(J.) N. Stephens 07 Jan 1866 P.327
Duncan, Fany J. to John Nippers 10 Nov 1868 P.673
Duncan, James H. to Mary Potter 10 Nov 1861 P.156
Duncan, James M. to Harriet E. Talent 21 Dec 1859
Duncan, Louza F. to L. B. Yeates 16 Feb 1864 P.276
Duncan, Matilda to Odum C. Talent 05 Jun 1857 P.36
Duncan, Mary F. to Robert F. Selby 09 May 1866 P.383
Duncan, Sintha to Joseph Sanders 19 Aug 1853 P.134
Duncan, William to Catherine Shelton 01 Sep 1853 P.122
Dunlap, F. B. to Orphey P. Price 26 May 1862 P.372
Dunn, Malinda to John Holland 05 Jan 1865 P.355
Dunn, Sarah to William T. Maxwell 22 Mar 1854 P.166
Dunn, William to Mary A. Kennemore 15 Aug 1855
Durham, G. E. (F) to A. C. Killpatrick 19 Aug 1869 P.773
Durham, Jesse R. to Madora C. Sims 21 Oct 1866 P.421
Durham, Mary A. to John Sims 17 Nov 1870 P.93
Durham, Warren E. to Barbara M. Whited 02 Sep 1869 P.788
Durr(Dicus?), Lucresey Ann to Levi L. Berry(Perry?) 12 JUn 1870 P.880
Duvall, W. R. to J. E. Pankey (F) 08 Nov 1859 P.43
Dwyer, M. C. to Nancy J. Pruitt 20 Sep 1855 P.254
Dwyer, Nancy J. to G. W. Carmichael 14 Oct 1867 P.536
Dwyer(Owyer?), Elizabeth to H. M. Presley No Date No Return
Dyer, Gibson to Martha E. Coulson 09 Aug 1868 P.642
Ealden, Mary (col) to Henry Woosley (col) 25 Mar 1868 P.606
Earles, Burton to Sarah Crabtree 16 Jan 1853 P.77
Earls, James (col) to Nancy Whisenide 29 Mar 1868 P.605
Earls, Mary P. to Gideon Starkey 02 Feb 1854 P.151
Earp, Cynthia to Oran Hill 27 Oct 1861 P.143
Earp, James P. to Sally Shelly 26 Jan 1871 P.957
Earp, McKinney to Catharine Earp 27 Oct 1861 P.143
Easley, Ellen W. to Elihu P. Cowart 12 Feb 1863 P.191
Esaley, Nancy to Jordon Rogers 24 Nov 1867 P.549
Edgar, Jerry to Rebeca Berse 02 Nov 1870 P.927
Edmanson, John T. to Martha A. Windor 16 Dec 1867 P.563
Edmonson, John to Nancy Beam(Bean?) 19 Nov 1862 P.178
Edwards, David to Catherine Johnson 15 Aug 1867 P.516
Edwards, Elizabeth to John Beadles 22 Apr 1866 P.365
Edwards, James to Elizabeth A. Copeland 29 Nov 1852 P.67
Edwards, Olive to James Daris(Davis?) 27 Jul 1869 P.767
Edwards, Parelee to Alexander Moody 20 Nov 1868 P.684
Edwards, William H. to Matilda E. Gray 04 Sep 1870 P.899
Elkins, James to Malinda Butler 30 Sep 1852 P.60
Elkins, Mary A. to William F. Barclay 23 Mar 1865 P.254
Ellege, Paralee to William W. Campbell 23 Jul 1868 P.633
Elliah, Sophronia (col) to Hardy Frazier 01 Jan 1868 P.574
Ellis, J. W. to Mary W. Harris 18 Dec 1855 P.276
Ellis, Irwin H. to Ruby Chitty 21 Nov 1860 P.83
Elms(Elmo?), George to Nancy M. Pinson 10 Oct 1861 P.153
Emery, Jesse C. to Elizabeth Houston 07 Jan 1868 P.576
England, Albert W. to Emily E. Austill 26 Mar 1855 P.224
English, E. R. to Nancy R. Foster 28 Jul 1853 P.120
Ennis, Benjamin to Rachel E. Bogue 27 Jan 1861 P.100
Erwin, Eliza J. to M. F. Wallace 13 Dec 1865 P.353
Erwin, John F. to Manerva Jane Taylor 18 Nov 1869 P.810
Erwin, Mary J. to Joshua J. Maples 21 Dec 1870
Erwin, Wiley W. to Minerva J. Butler 06 Dec 1865 P.340
Eslinger, John W. to May Ellen Keel 17 May 1869 P.750
Estes, Martha E. to Joseph W. Campbell 30 Jan 1868 P.588
Estis, Peter to Rachel Kinnebro 03 Jan 1869 P.694
Eustace, Mary E. to Simeon Alspaugh 04 Oct 1866 P.420
Eustice, Jane to Dandridge Nowlin 17 Jan 1872 P.953
Evains(Evans?), Naton to Sarah J. Bidley(Bradley?) 28 Sep 1869 P.790
Evans, Claborn to Sarah Elizabeth Presley 05 Jun 1870 P.879
Evans, Daniel to Nancy Dillard (col) 01 Jan 1867 P.445
Evans, Elen E. to Daniel M. Cowly(Coneley?) 24 Sep 1854 P.192
Evans, Elizabeth M. to Thomas B. Maples 27 Jan 1864 P.221
Evans, Enoch S. to Elizabeth Giffort 24 Jul 1870 P.860
Evans, Jesse to Delila Cawhorn 31 Jan 1856 P.286
Evans, Jesse to Mary Jane Cox 26 oct 1865 P.310A
Evans, Kate to James Conway 09 Apr 1865 P.258
Evans, Malinda to Cyrus Wright 22 Aug 1852 P.55
Evans, Martha to Samuel Potter 19 Jun 1853 P.111
Evans, Martha J. to Robert C. Parks 12 Mar 1865 P.256
Evans, Mary Jane to Joseph Millican 10 Sep 1860 P.74
Evans, Nancy to L. B. Willmon 15 Mar 1865 P.257
Evans, Nancy Ann to Andrew J. Wilson 01 Feb 1860 P.15
Evans, Newton to Mary E. Mash(Marsh?) 13 Dec 1855 P.274
Evans, Temperance C. to John H. Griffin 10 Aug 1865 P.266
Evins, Claiborn to Permelia C. Box 04 Apr 1869 P.739
Evins, William B. to Lucinda Jane Potter 26 May 1870 P.875
Ewebanks, James M. to Eliza Loller 12 Jul 1860
Falkner, Arford to Samuel Tipton 17 Feb 1853 P.84
Fallen, Patrick to Mary Catherine Sartin 10 Apr 1853 P.100
Fanning(Finney), Margaret J.to Nicholas B. Broadway 02 Sep 1866 P.406
Fanning, James W. to Marion A. Green 29 May 1861 P.132
Fanning, Thomas D. to Margaret R. Hill 22 Dec 1867 P.564
Farmer, David C. to Elizabeth Burgess 29 Dec 1859 P.12
Farmer, P. C. to Minerva Steeley 31 Jan 1866 P.352
Farris, Mahala P. to Charles Cagle 19 Aug 1860 P.101
Farris, T. C. to Elizabeth Ambuster 01 Sep 1870 P.898
Farris, Wilson B. to Catherine P.H. Armstrong 26 Dec 1854 P.213
Farris(Favor?), Mary to James H. Thomas 31 Jan 1861 P.109
Farriss, W. M. to Sarah A. Buckner 27 Feb 1853 P.84
Faugerson, Sarah to T. S. Gamble 23 Mar 1870
Favor(Farris?), Mary to James H. Thomas 31 Jan 1861 P.109
Fears, Ambrose Mathew to Fransine Atlanta Turpin 23 Sep 1869
Fears, Joseph to Rebecca Brashears 18 Jan 1870 P.835
Feras, Thomas W. to Francis A.C. Bryant 20 Oct 1866 P.315
Featheston, Norma to Simon Crossland 28 Oct 1869 P.800
Featherston, H. H. (F) to R. H. Dixon 18 Jan 1860 P.36
Featherston, John to Malind Moore 11 Sep 1868
Featherston, Lafayett to Mary Bell Crossland 29 Sep 1870 P.908
Fennell, Mary (col) to Henry H. Henny 28 Oct 1866 P.423
Fenney, Johathan F. to Martha Parks 09 Sep 1869 P.785
Ferguson, Mary A. to Samuel D. Moore 01 Sep 1867 P.519
Fielder, Mary to John W. Gay 01 Mar 1868 P.600
Finey, James to Elen Stealy 29 Nov 1868 P.677
Finley, Dolly (col) to Peter R. Hudson 29 Dec 1867 P.569
Finley, James to Ellen St. Clair 06 Dec 1866 P.433
Finley, James W. to Mary Gofney 07 Nov 1869 P.806
Finney, Enoch B. to Tabitha J. Law 11 Jan 1865 P.250
Finney, John N. to Nancy Flowers 03 Jan 1868
Finney, John W. to Pelina J. McCutchen 26 Dec 1867 P.568
Finney(Fanny?), Margaret J. to Nicholas B. Broadway 02 Sep 1866 P.406
Finney(Tinney?), Martha Jane to J. M. Daniels 28 Nov 1859 P.6
Flanegan, Ambrose D. to Nancy Emeline Lathum 28 Jun 1852
Flanegan, Sarah Elizabeth to David C. Gold 03 Sep 1868 P.648
Fletcher, Frances to Abner Moore 19 Jul 1853 P.120
Fletcher, Mary M. to John Kennamore 17 Jul 1864 P.236
Fletcher, N. J. to Mary Turner 30 Dec 1855 P.291
Fletcher, Wesley J. to Emaline H. Jones 06 Nov 1867 P.545
Flippan, Robert to Ela H. Townson 14 Oct 1868 P.664
Flippin(Flippo?), Francis to Sarah E. Dillard 17 Jun 1855 P.238
Flippo, Jackson to Tabitha A. Cox 05 May 1864 P.229
Flippo, Tabitha Ann to Joseph H. Garland 05 Jun 1870 P.878
Floid(Floyd?), Elizabeth J. to A. N. Lowery 16 Sep 1856 P.324
Flood(Floyd?), James to Nancy Woodson 09 Jan 1853 P.98
Flowers, Calvania to James Smith 11 Jan 1870 P.833
Flowers, Nancy to John N. Flowers 03 Jan 1868
Flowers, Thomas to Lydia Scruggs 18 Mar 1860 P.19
Floyd, Calvin J. to Martha L. Gross 25 Nov 1860 P.92
Floyd, Elender to John P. Starkey 05 Mar 1853 P.91
Floyd, Elenor Jane to Samuel H. Weaver 31 May 1854 P.174
Floyd, James to Malvina J. Smelcer 23 Dec 1868 P.687
Floyd, James L. to Caldonia Brown 17 Jul 1870 P.859
Floyd, Margaret E. to Jackson Ledbetter 17 Apr 1856 P.304
Floyd, Samuel A. to Martha Smelson 10 Oct 1868
Floyd, Sarah Ann to Thomas Hill 14 Oct 1860 P.113
Floyd, Rufus N. to Elizabeth A. Coffey 27 Dec 1866 P.441
Floyd(Floid?), Elizabeth J. to A. N. Lowery 16 Sep 1856 P.324
Floyd(Flood?), James to Nancy Woodson 09 Jan 1853 P.98
Fondern, Jamy to Eliza Wrinkle 03 Jun 1860 P.60
Fondren, Eliza to George W. Keller 28 Oct 1863 P.217
Fondren, James to Evaline Gossett 27 Jul 1854 P.182
Fondren, Julia E. to W. J. Cameron 10 Jan 1867 P.451
Fondren, Lucy Ann to James Ford 12 Jan 1862 P.163
Fondren, William B. to Sarah J. Travis 03 Aug 1856 P.319
Ford, James to Lucy Ann Fondren 12 Jan 1862 P.163
Ford, Letha to D. B. Tipton 14 Oct 1866 P.419
Ford, Sarah E. to Isaac N. Horton 28 Aug 1870 P.895
Ford, William C. to Jane C. Clifton 26 Dec 1852 P.74
Foreshee, Elizabeth to William Harris 05 Oct 1870
Foreshee, Margaret E. to Samuel B. Presley 03 Jan 1869 P.694
Forshee, I. M. to Margaret Knight 23 May 1867 P.492
Fortner, Thomas F. to Mary M. Mashburn 23 Sep 1869 P.788
Foshee, Martha to John C. Shireley(Shirley?) 12 Aug 1865 P.267
Foshee, Mary A. to James Madison 03 Aug 1866 P.393
Foshee, Parolee to R. A. Hackworth 19 Dec 1869 P.818
Foster, A. M. to Eliza A. Proctor 16 Dec 1866 P.437
Foster, Abanzer to Lousinda Johnston (col) 29 Jan 1870 P.959
Foster, Andrew B. to Nancy C. Brewer 31 Jan 1867 P.462
Foster, Hiram G. to Elizabeth Potter 06 Sep 1860 P.65
Foster, Jackson B. to Elizabeth Griffin, Mrs 25 Aug 1864 P.240
Foster, Lorenzo D. to Martha A. Bellomy 12 Dec 1860 P.101
Foster, Manerva Jane to William C. Potter 11 Sep 1862 P.173
Foster, Martha E. to Robert H. Frame 18 Oct 1860 P.86
Foster, Mary J. to Thomas J. Holland 11 Mar 1852
Foster, Missouri to William C. Precise 30 Jul 1868 P.637
Foster, Nancy E. to Willard E. Davis 19 Aug 1866 P.400
Foster, Nancy R. to E. R. English 28 Jul 1853 P.120
Foster, Sarah E. to Marcus L Rudder 01 Mar 1867 P.470
Foster, Sarah J. to James T. Province 24 Jan 1861 P.98
Foster, Susan C. to Solomon G. Belomy 22 Nov 1855 P.272
Foster, T. Boyd to Sallie Mason 28 Feb 1856 P.306
Foster, Thomas J. to Emaline Bynum 09 Aug 1863 P.210
Fowler, J. C. to Martha A.F. Arnold 14 Jul 1864 P.280
Fowler, Nelsin D. to Mary E. Clark 09 Feb 1871 P.964
Fowler, Polly T. to Andrew J. Harper 23 Sep 1866 P.411
Fowler, William P. to Mary J. Arnold 15 May 1864 P.278
Fraction, Mary J. (col) to Irvin Moseley 14 Mar 1868 P.599
Frady, Mary E. to Thomas B. Cagle 24 Dec 1869 P.826
Frame, Robert H. to Martha E. Foster 18 Oct 1860 P.86
Franceys, William M. to Eliza J. Thompson 17 Jun 1866 P.381
Frazier, Amanda to William Hall 18 May 1864 P.278
Frazier, Amanda M. to George W. Thompson 28 Jul 1868 P.635
Frazier, Delila J. to P. H. McElyea 17 Dec 1870 P.937
Frazier, Elizabeth to J.W. Lovall(G.W. Stovall?) 20 Dec 1855 P.276
Frazier, Hardy to Sophronia Elliah (col) 01 Jan 1868 P.574
Frazier, Henry to Eliza Keeton 23 Feb 1854 P.158
Frazier, Jemima to John M. Roberts 21 Feb 1856 P.290
Frazier, John to Mary Kirkpatrick 28 Aug 1861 P.157
Frazier, John C. to Sarah Jane Judge 20 Sep 1866 P.412
Frazier, Julia A. to William A. Means 08 May 1868 P.619
Frazier, Levi to Eliza J. Sloan 24 Jun 1868 P.629
Frazier, Levy to Martha Slone(Sloan?) 07 Feb 1856 P.295
Frazier, Margaret to Alfred Shelton 21 Apr 1868 P.612
Frazier, Mary to Thomas W. Wilbourn 15 Oct 1865 P.334
Frazier, Mary to John W. Thompson 01 Mar 1868 P.600
Frazier, Mary Jane to Hiram Kirkpatrick 02 Oct 1868 P.663
Frazier, Nancy C. to Charles B. Sharpe 16 Jun 1867 P.499
Frazier, Neaten (col) to Newton Larkin (col) 24 Apr 1868 P.613
Frazier, Richard to Hester Ann Vandiver 03 Dec 1862 P.183
Frazier, Robert to Frances E. Jackson 21 Nov 1867 P.553
Frazier, Robert T. to Jane Wilson 06 May 1860 P.64
Frazier, Rosana E. to George W. Sharpe 09 Aug 1868 P.641
Frazier, Samuel W. to Amanda M. Shelton 12 Mar 1866 P.369
Frazier, William to Sarah Carson 16 Sep 1869
Frazier, William N. to Eliza J. Teeters 03 Mar 1868 P.601
Frazir, Ella E. to John A. Hargiss 27 Jul 1870 P.889
Freeland, J. F. to Sintha Haney 06 Aug 1869 P.762
Freeling, Susuan to Levi Cummings 05 Feb 1870 P.825
Freeman, Charles S. to Mary E. Phillips 11 Feb 1868 P.594
Freeman, Elizabeth P. to Joseph W. Vann 25 Nov 1867 P.552
Freeman, Francis J. to Wallace Gwin 13 Mar 1865 P.338
Freeman, Hiram S. to Rachel E. Southerland 23 Aug 1865 P.271
Freeamn, J. L. to Malinda C. Baldridge 15 Aug 1865 P.265
French, Edney to James Swanzea 28 Jan 1869 P.709
French, J. L. to Martha Jennings 12 Dec 1866 P.435A
French, Jesse S. to E. J. Cloud 15 Feb 1860 P.25
French, William Jesse to Elizabeth Smelcer 26 Oct 1863
Friar(Frias?), Nancy to Thomas Smith 23 Feb 1864
Fridel, Mireller to Hugh A. Westmoreland 07 Oct 1855 P.259
Frinch, Elizabeth to James W. Nichols 13 Dec 1865 P.323
Fuller, Robert to Delila Isbill 12 Dec 1870 P.817
Furbyfill, Wilson to Didama Smith 30 May 1861 P.137
Furgerson, Lavania to John M. Guess 12 Jan 1868 P.579
Furgurson, Sarah to Henry L. Spence 16 Sep 1852
Gaddice, Cordellia J. to J. F. Corn 26 Jun 1864 P.287
Gaddis, Elizabeth to J. M. Mason 19 Feb 1865 P.253
Gaddis, Harrison R. to Cynthia Southerland 20 Jul 1864 P.237
Gaddis, Henry F. to Elizabeth Nelson 09 Apr 1867 P.481
Gaddis, Martha A. to William Kennedy 20 Jan 1864 P.298
Gaines, William to Minerva J. Grizzle 01 Aug 1866
Gains(Grius,Guins?), Racheil to Thomas J. Camp 15 Jul 1869 P.765
Gale, James A. to Margarett Nelson 20 Jul 1851 P.48
Gallett, Geneva to David K. Pegues 30 Dec 1868 P.693
Galloway, Thomas M.R. to Nancy M. Patterson 12 Jan 1862 P.164
Galoway, Lydia to Soloman Pateson(Patterson?) 22 Oct 1854 P.194
Gamble, Margaret E. to George L. Carlton 18 Nov 1866 P.430
Gamble, S. W. to Mary Malone 24 Aug 1865 P.269
Gamble, Sarah to James Crabtree 22 Dec 1853 P.146
Gamble, T. S. to Sarah Faugerson 23 Mar 1870
Gamble, William to Polly A. Stewart 16 Oct 1851 P.1
Gant, Sarah J. to George Metcalf 25 Mar 1868 P.607
Gant(Gault?), Mary to Elijah Snodgrass 01 Jul 1860 P.55
Gapling(Gossling?), George to Catherine Thomas 21 Jan 1852 P.32
Garland, Amy to J. T. Chapman 04 Feb 1868 P.589
Garland, Elizabeth to James S. Swofford(Swafford?) 19 Aug 1860 P.47
Garland, Elizabeth to James A. Vaughn 12 Dec 1867 P.561
Garland, John to Margarett Jones 01 Mar 1855 P.236
Garland, Joseph H. to Tabitha Ann Flippo 05 Jun 1870 P.878
Garland, Mahala to Calvin C. Beard 07 Oct 1860 P.86
Garland, Margaret I. to Michael Hill 23 Sep 1866 P.413
Garland, Martha to James Y. Beam 16 Dec 1854 P.208
Garland, Mary to John Riley 03 Oct 1861 P.159
Garland, Mary M. to John S. Swofford 19 Aug 1860 P.47
Garland, Nancy to Green A. L. Beard 27 Jul 1867 P.507
Garland, Nancy J. to Daniel Putman -- --- 1861
Garland, Riley to Victoria Skelton 25 Dec 1859 P.11
Garland, William to Mary Ann Moony(Mooney?) 08 Apr 1853 P.101
Garner, Anderson to Martha Jane Mitchel 31 Mar 1869 P.728
Garner, Mary to Olivar Davis 15 Sep 1869
Garner, Mary Ann to George Reed(Reid?) 22 Sep 1870 P.902
Garner, Mary R. to Joseph Ashwork 15 Apr 1856
Garner, Moses to Harriett Berry 08 Jan 1870 P.832
Garner, Nancy E. to Ableton S. Garrette 24 Aug 1856 P.317
Garr(Goss?), Nancy to Henry T. Mitchell 23 Jan 1869 P.758
Garrette, Ableton S. to Nancy E. Garner 24 Aug 1856 P.137
Garth, James (col) to Sylva Huggins (col) 08 Mar 1866 P.330
Garvy(Yarley?), Delila Ann to Humphrey H. Hill 12 Dec 1869 P.804
Gattis, Frances to G. W. Hill 09 Mar 1862 P.161
Gauff, Thomas to Perrygreen Samples 18 Feb 1867 P.596
Gault(Gant?), Mary Elijah Snodgrass 01 Jul 1860 P.55
Gay, Alexander to Delilah Ambrester 27 Aug 1857 P.23
Gay, John W. to Mary Fielder 01 Mar 1868 P.600
Gay(Gray?), Issac to Lucinda Campbell 11 Jan 1865 P.302
Gayle, Frances A. to William M. Campbell 15 Dec 1867 P.555
Gayle, William to Mary J. Wright 31 aug 1865 P.303
Gellaspi, Z. M. (F) to C. B. St. Clair 10 Mar 1869 P.732
Gelliland, Maryville to Benjamin F. Pike 24 Sep 1865 P.384
Gentle, Elijah to Eliza Tubb 15 may 1868 P.621
Gentle, I.(T.?) M. to Julia Winnegar 25 Apr 1860 P.37
Gentle, Mahala to James Carver 22 Feb 1855 P.222
Gentry, James H. to Elizabeth Acklin 16 Mar 1854 P.162
Gentry, Jefferson L. to Margaret J. Wynn 16 Jan 1867 P.454
Gentry, Shadwick(Shadrich?) to Martha Blancet 17 Jan 1854 P.156
Gentry, Thomas to Elizabeth C. Potts 28 Feb 1856 P.292
Georg, Morris to Catherine Murphy 26 Nov 1852 P.66
George, James to Mary Mason 09 Jan 1866 P.349
Gerron, Nancy A. to Michael Price 28 Aug 1864 P.241
Gerron, Samuel to Martha Jane Beale 15 mar 1861 P.125
Gibbs, Jeremiah to Frances Hufman 07 Jun 1868 P.626
Gibbs, Joseph to Arminta Caperton (col) 18 sep 1867 P.526
Gibson, C. T. to L. E. Oneal (F) 29 Jan 1861 P.146
Gibson, Elizabeth to David Gowan 25 Apr 1860 P.68
Gibson, Thomas F. to Ella M. Caperton 20 Feb 1866 P.329
Gideon, Thursday to William Sanders 03 Jul 1863
Gideon, Rubin Z. to Eliza J. Wood 07 Aug 1856 P.322
Gidion, Eliza to W. L. Rounsaville 24 Aug 1853 P.118
Gifford, George to No name given 20 Jan 1866 P.333
Gifford, Reada to John Keeton 24 Feb 1853 P.94
Gifford, Sarah C. to F. G. Swearingin 28 Mar 1861 P.110
Gifford, William to Martha J. Rouse 01 Apr 1868 P.609
Giffort, Elizabeth to Enoch S. Evans 24 Jul 1870 p.860
Gilbreath, Michael to Mary Rains 16 Nov 1867
Gilbreath, Peter H. to Mary E. Rains(Bains?) 27 Sep 1866 P.415
Gilbreath, Rachel (col) to Jeff Adkins 28 feb 1868 P.599
Gilbreth, Drew (col) to Sibler Poston (col) 10 Feb 1870 P.846
Giles, Elizabeth to David Daniels 20 Jun 1854 P.177
Giles, R. E. to Lucinda Wilworth 15 Feb 1855 P.222
Gill, James A. to S. J. Brown 28 Jan 1869 P.709
Gill, Robert C. T. to A. E. Renshaw 16 Aug 1862 P.173
Gill, Robert C. T. to Virginia C. Orear 22 Jun 1870 P.881
Gillam(Gillum?), Emaline to James Steele 02 Aug 1866 P.394
Gillespie, Patrick to Louanna Stubblefield 08 Apr 1863
Gillespie, William H. to Pauline Oaks 20 Feb 1868 P.597
Gilley, Jane to T. B. Skelton 26 Feb 1865 P.282
Gilley, Nicey Jane to Jacob N. Smith 04 Oct 1859 P.20
Gilliam, Jane to Hugh Rickets(Bickets?) 14 Jan 1867 P.453
Gillian, Elizabeth to H. Cluck 17 Dec 1859 P.29
Gilliand, T. J. to Mary A. Cloud 01 Feb 1852 P.38
Gillilan, Silance to Francis Mathews 29 Mar 1854 P.165
Gilliland, Mary H. to S. W. Blair 16 Nov 1854 P.202
Gilliland, Sarah E. to W. R. Hornebeck 12 Dec 1861 P.149B
Gillum, Jacob to Mary Maxwell 31 Oct 1860 p.117
Gillum(Gillam?), Emaline to James Steele 02 Aug 1866 P.394
Gilly, Elizabeth to Francis M. Sloan 07 Nov 1867 P.544
Gilly, Martha S. to William S. Perry 07 Nov 1852 P.62
Gipson, Jane to Lemuel Lee 29 Sep 1870 P.910
Gist, Jane to Robert C. Austin 22 Mar 1865 P.337
Gist, Francis Ann C. to Benjamin F. Bryant 16 Dec 1860 P.95
Gladden, Elias to Mary E. Craig 15 Feb 1855 P.220
Glass, Benjamin J. to Harriet L Daniels 23 Aug 1853 P.119
Glasscock, Moses H. to Sarah Ann James 21 Jan 1866 P.360
Glover, Hanor E. C. to Robert A. Jones 09 Dec 1869 P.805
Glover, Samuel H. to Letha A. Norwood 30 Apr 1868 P.616
Glover, Sarah E. to William Wilson 29 oct 1862 P.177
Glover, T. G. to Georgia J. Johnson 13 Jan 1870 P.830
Godfrey, Cymanthia to William C. Tiffin 06 Feb 1868 P.593
Goff, Allison to Elizabeth Maxwell 04 Oct 1854 P.167
Goff, Elizabeth to Ezekial Cannon 07 Feb 1869 P.696
Goff, Franklin to Melinda Maxwell 18 Nov 1855 P.267
Goff, Martha J. to George W. Bunn(Burn?) 16 Jan 1869 P.703
Goff, Mary A. to Samuel Lowery 19 Sep 1867 P.527
Goff, Pheba to Rufus K. Maxwell 25 Jun 1870
Goff, W. G. to Mary C. Brown 25 Dec 1860 P.116
Gofney, Mary to James W. Finley 07 Nov 1869 P.806
Goforth, Sarah J. to John B. Keyes 24 Oct 1860 P.125
Gold, David C. to Sarah Elizabeth Flanegan 03 Sep 1868 P.648
Golden, G. W. to Mary E. Carter 04 Feb 1866 P.351
Golden, Joseph to Mary M.J. Nelson 23 Feb 1869 P.721
Golden, Mary Elizabeth to George W. Lock(Luck?) 13 Dec 1868 P.681
Goldin(Golden?), Martha J. to Rubin Carter 21 Feb 1869 P.721
Golsan, Jane (col) to Gabriel Sanders 04 Dec 1865 P.342
Gonce, Elizabeth Ann to Jasper Hackworth 16 Mar 1853 P.98
Gonce, Lydia C. to Marion Hackworth 14 Nov 1853 P.143
Gonce, R. M. to Mary ann Allison 02 Feb 1868 P.587
Goolsby, W. J. W. to Rebecca Sanders 07 DEc 1865 P.326
Goonce, John to Omy Carter 16 Jul 1870
Gordon, Clara C. to JOhn J. Overdeer 20 Oct 1868 P.667
Gordon, Martha to G. W. Williams 27 Feb 1855
Goss, Nancy to Reuben Hollis 11 Jun 1866 P.380
Goss(Garr?), Nancy to Henry T. Mitchell 23 Jun 1869 P.758
Gossett, Evaline to James Fondren 27 Jul 1854 P.182
Gossling(Gapling?), George to Catherine Thomas 21 Jan 1852 P.32
Gowan, David to Elizabeth Gibson 25 Apr 1860 P.68
Gowan, Elizabeth to Joab Wilson 13 Feb 1870 P.849
Gowin, Mary to William C. Isbell 07 Jan 1854 P.148
Graham, D. J. to Jane S. Jones 10 Oct 1853
Graham, James F. to Chastity Hunter 15 Jun 1854 P.176
Graham, James F. to Mary Jane Russ 11 Apr 1867 P.480
Graham, James R. to Malinda Cowan 21 Jul 1869 P.753
Graham, Leah to William Taylor 09 Feb 1854 P.152
Graham, Mary J. to Benjamin May 29 Jul 1867 P.509
Graham, Michael to Pauline McMahan 02 Nov 1865 P.372
Graham, Sarah S. to Solomon G. Grimmit 17 Feb 1853 P.93
Graham, William to Elvady Hall 15 Feb 1863 P.194
Graham, William T. to Mary Walker 21 May 1868 P.620
Grant, Henry to Martha Keel 11 Apr 1863 P.200
Grant, Henry to Sarah Washkins(Watkins?) 08 Jan 1867 P.499
Grant, Sarah to John Lee 24 Jul 1869 P.767
Graves, Elizabeth to Levi Sharel 05 Oct 1870 P.912
Graves, Lemuel to Rebecca Deen(Dean?) 12 Jan 1851 P.13
Gray, George to Amanda Wells 03 Jun 1851 P.12
Gray, Isaac to Lucinda Campbell 11 Jan 1865 P.329
Gray, James to Elizabeth Starky(Starkey?) 27 Oct 1855 P.246
Gray, Matilda E. to William H. Edwards 04 Sep 1870 P.899
Gray, Michael to Hannah Onealle(O'Neal?) 06 Sep 1852
Gray, Sarah to Robert Crabtree 29 Dec 1851
Gray, Sarah to B.F.J. Stegall 06 Dec 1867 P.559
Gray, Sarah A. to Jesse T. Trice 30 Sep 1854 P.192
Gray(Gay?),Isaac to Lucinda Campbell 11 Jan 1865 P.329
Grayham, James P. to Susan C. Landers 10 Feb 1869 P.713
Grayson, Jane to Samuel T. Tate 29 Oct 1859 P.71
Grayson, Nancy C. to J. W. Renfro 19 Jul 1863 P.209
Greece, Elizabeth E. to John Wesley Davis 29 Oct 1867
Green, Abraham to Martha V. Harless 11 Dec 1870 P.936
Green, Andrew to Amanda Cowley (col) 20 Dec 1866 P.439
Green, Catherine to Fields A. Young 19 Dec 1867 P.564
Green, Hattie (col) to James Davis 01 Jan 1867 P.445
Green, James W. to Angeline Snodgrass 15 Apr 1860 P.54
Green, Marion A. to James W. Fanning 29 May 1861 P.132
Green, Mary to G. H. Stovall 03 Apr 1864 P.277
Green, Nancy E. to Newton F. McColum 12 Feb 1867 P.461
Green, Rebecca E. to James (?) H. Scarbrough 12 May 1864
Green, Richard to Mary Jenkins 21 May 1861 P.136
Green, Richard (col) to Rebecca J. Powers (col) 13 Feb 1870
Green, Rufus to Margaret A. Hollis 07 Jan 1861 P.117
Green, S. H. to Ruth Russell 19 Apr 1860 P.103
Green, Sampson A. to Lenzy Watson 01 May 1868 P.617
Green, Samuel H. to Mary M. Wood 23 Dec 1866 P.439
Green, Saphronia C. to Abner H. Moore 06 Aug 1862 P.169
Green, Sarah to William McMahan 12 Sep 1853 P.124
Green, Sarah to Hugh Cross 01 Jul 1860 P.56
Green, William to Matilda Peters 09 Jan 1869 P.700
Green, William H. to Charlotte E. McColum 06 Feb 1867 P.461
Greene, Andrew J. to Malinda Nelson 11 Feb 1860 P.22
Greene, E. M. to Phebe C. Jenkins 18 Apr 1854 P.172
Greene, I. A. to M. J. Nelson (F) 06 Feb 1868 P.590
Greene, Mary A. to Allen Jones 13 Sep 1853 P.125
Greene, Nancy J. to David H. Landess 13 May 1869 P.749
Greene, Pleasant to Elizabeth Stone 02 Apr 1870
Gress(Gross?), Jeremiah D. to Maria J. Wright 02 Nov 1870 P.926
Grider, Amos to Caroline Brownfield 03 Jan 1854 P.148
Grider, Eliza Jane to Samuel P. Hancock 02 Oct 1870 P.907
Grider, James to Nancy J. Summers 01 Nov 1863 P.482
Grider, Sally to Larkin Day 25 Dec 1851 P.22
Grider, Sarah D. to Samuel W. Ship 04 Sep 1853 P.114
Grider, Thomas M. to Nancy Ann Champion 06 Oct 1859 P.10
Griffin, A. S. (F) to D. K. Moreland 28 Nov 1860 P.85
Griffin, Catherine to John M. Peters 17 Mar 1864 P.484
Griffin, Chancy to Franklin Joiner 02 Jul 1870 P.883
Griffin, Elizabeth Mrs to Jackson B. Foster 25 Aug 1864 P.240
Griffin, Francis to Virgil C. Harris 19 Mar 1868 P.602
Griffin, Jerusha M. to J. T. Womach 01 Feb 1866 P345
Griffin, John to Louisa Shell 11 Feb 1866 P.327
Griffin, John H. to Temperance C. Evans 10 Aug 1865 P.266
Griffin, Presley G. to Jane M. Tally 19 Mar 1860 P.22
Griffin, Samuel to Elizabeth Vincent (col) 05 Jan 1867 P.448
Griffin, William L. to Margaret Box 08 Nov 1870 P.928
Grimmit, Mary J. to Thomas S. Lea 14 Feb 1854 P.155
Grimmit, Solomon G. to Sarah S. Graham 17 Feb 1853 P.93
Grius(Gains,Guins?), Racheil to Thomas J. Camp 15 Jul 1869 P.765
Grizzard(Grizzell, Sarah to William Hortnett 15 Sep 1865 P.308
Grizzle, Isaac to Mary Cameron 22 Jul 1868 P.632
Grizzle, Minerva J. to William Gaines 01 Aug 1866
Grizzle, William to Eliza Scott 09 Apr 1868 P.611
Gross, Alabama to P. C. Word 14 Apr 1853 P.102
Gross, Catherine to William C. Brandon 23 Nov 1852 P.65
Gross, Cyruss to Mary S. Stockton 14 Mar 1860 P.23
Gross, Elizabeth E. to James L. Smith 03 May 1870
Gross, John V. to Martha A.J. Davis 03 Aug 1856 P.318
Gross, Martha L. to Clavin J. Floyd 25 Nov 1860 P.92
Gross, Mary E. to Wesley B. Word 01 Feb 1860 P.15
Gross, Mattie J. to John A. Morgan 11 Jan 1871 P.950
Gross, Zacariah K. to Rachel Ann Morgan 09 Oct 1870 P.915
Gross(Gress?), Jeremiah D. to Maria J. Wright 02 Nov 1870 P.926
Grove, Nancy to David Habeaudle(Hirboudle?) 01 Nov 1855 P.246
Grubbs, J. M. to Malinda Jane Owens 08 Feb 1868
Guerin(Guinn?), Elizabeth to J. C. Thompson 26 Oct 1869 P.776
Guess, John M. to Lavinia Furgeson 12 Jan 1868 P.579
Guffey, Charles W. to America Burrow 18 Oct 1859 P.1
Guffey, Ephraim B. to Caroline McKinney 30 Nov 1863
Guffey, Luccia to Clifton Kirby 25 May 1853 P.104
Guffey, Morgan to Jane Prater 29 Oct 1861 P.160
Guffey(Coffey?), Sarah J. to H. H. Bridges 12 Nov 1868 P.674
Guilts, Joseph to Sarah E. Austin 20 Jul 1870 P.831
Guinn, Elias H. to Sophia Burch 19 Jul 1866 P.391
Guinn, John A. to Mary E. Venerable 26 oct 1869 P.801
Guinn(Guerin?), Elizabeth to J. C. Thompson 26 Oct 1869 P.776
Guins(Grius,Gains?), Racheil to Thomas J. Camp 15 Jul 1869 P.765
Guist, Tranquilla to John E. Proctor 08 Sep 1853 P.123
Gulatt, Juliett to H. H. Coulson 17 May 1863 P.207
Gulatt, Thomas J. to Mrs Elizabeth Campbell 29 Jan 1865 P.252
Guling(Gulery?), Emily to Aaron Woosley 26 Dec 1855 P.278
Gullatt, James P. to Mary E. Dudley 24 Jan 1867 P.459
Gullatt, Jarusha to Mumford T. Johnson 19 Dec 1867 P.565
Gullatt, Peter H. to Pharabe L. Wilson 24 Jun 1867 P.459
Gullett, William to Minerva Allen(Albin?) 20 May 1866 P.363
Gunter, John H. to Mary L. Hughs 23 Dec 1869 P.806
Gunter, P. A. to Rebecca P. Price 18 Nov 1851 P.5
Guthery, James W. to Hannah L. Stevenson 01 Jul 1866 P.387
Guthrey, Sarah C. to John McDuffey 13 Apr 1870 P.869
Gwathney, Eliza J. to Levi B. Jones 12 Sep 1864 P.242
Gwatking, J. J. to M. A. Camp (F) 13 May 1869 P.748
Gwin, Lucy Ann (col) to Andrew Jackson 04 Oct 1868 P.655
Gwin, Wallace to Francis J. Freeman 13 Mar 1865 P.338
Habeaudle,(Hirboudle?), David to Nancy Grove 01 Nov 1855 P.246
Hackworth, Elizabeth to Jonas Conner 12 Dec 1869 P.816
Hackworth, Jasper to Elizabeth Ann Gonce 16 Mar 1853 P.98
Hackworth, Marion to Lydia C. Gonce 14 Nov 1853 P.43
Hackworth, Newton to Eliza Allison 14 Feb 1856 P.285
Hackworth, R. A. to Parolee Foshee 19 Dec 1869
Hadden, Mary E. to William Collins 19 Feb 1865 P.295
Haden, Diannah T. to Francisco Rice 25 mar 1860 P.18
Haden, Margaret E. to John G. Smith 10 Dec 1862 P.183
Haden, W. C. to M. A. Holland (F) 14 Sep 1856 P.321
Haden(Hudson?), John to Mary Martin 13 Jan 1856 P.282
Hagges(Hogges,Hodges?), John J. to L. C. Houk 16 Dec 1868 P.683
Hagwood, Winfield S. to Manerva A. Christian 06 Jan 1867 P.446
Hagwood(Hogwood?), Minerva Ann to J. W. Bohanan 06 Sep 1860 P.83
Hagwood(Haywood), John C. to Oslena Haywood(Haywood)20 Dec 1866 P.438
Hagwood(Haywood), Oslena to John C. Hagwood(Haywood)20 Dec 1866 P.438
Haigwood, Elisha to Nancy J. Cummins 01 Nov 1860 P.115
Haigwood, G. W. to Sarah A. Cox 24 May 1868 P.622
Haigwood, Holley E. to James R. Cobun 13 May 1866 P.358
Haigwood, William W. to Sarah E. Brown 08 Apr 1860 P.40
Haile, Leanora D. to John H. Rutherford 04 Jan 1868 P.575
Halcomb, Bemjamin F. to Ellenor A. Peacock 08 Jul 1866 P.388
Hale, Elizabeth to George L. Burton(Barton?) 18 Jul 1869 P.766
Haley, H. J. to Sally Bolton 24 Aug 1870 P.897
Haley, Isaac to Sarah Ingrams 07 Feb 1869 P.731
Hall, Catherine to Noah Shelton 28 Aug 1860 P.49
Hall, Cynthia A. to James T. Murphy 07 Feb 1860 P.16
Hall, D. L. to M. E. Bower(Brown?) (F) 05 Jan 1870 P.877
Hall, David to Isabella Swim(Swaim) 25 Aug 1852
Hall, Edward to Emeline Sloan 29 Oct 1859 P.4
Hall, Elizabeth to A. J. Riddle 15 Jul 1852 P.50
Hall, Elizabeth J. to Missourie 12 Sep 1869 P.785
Hall, Emeline to E. C. Williams 04 Sep 1862 P.170
Hall, G. J. to Sarah E. Wilburn 21 Jul 1863
Hall, George W. to Martha McElyea 06 Dec 1865 P.318
Hall, Jesse to Letha Jones (col) 02 Jun 1867 P.497
Hall, John to Mary A. Wilson 03 Feb 1853 P.86
Hall, John H. to Nancy E. Rickles 17 Nov 1861 P.150A
Hall, John W. to Celina O. McClenden 26 Jul 1866 P.393
Hall, Jonathon B. to Miley A. Latham 13 Feb 1870 P.848
Hall, Josiah S. to Martha Hinshaw 23 Aug 1866 P.404
Hall, Louis E. to Mattie S. Thorp(Tharp?) 06 Oct 1870 P.913
Hall, Lucinda to J. E. Sharp 02 Feb 1871 P.960
Hall, M. E. to Levi P. Roberts 25 Mar 1861 P.123
Hall, Malinda S.J. to John F. Lewis 29 Aug 1867 P.519
Hall, Martha M. to John Clayton 29 Feb 1860 P.31
Hall, Mary (col) to Frank Stair 24 Feb 1869 P.711
Hall, Mary M. to J. W. Sanders 28 Apr 1861 P.149A
Hall, Mary Jane to Merdith C. Manning(Morring?) 22 Oct 1868 P.668
Hall, Milley to G. H. Davis 22 Aug 1869 P.771
Hall, N. D. to Sarah Woosley 10 Aug 1859 P.7
Hall, Nancy to W. P. Hinshaw 26 Jan 1852 P.45
Hall, Nancy to James T. Cammron(Common?) 04 Nov 1866 P.426
Hall, Nancy J. to L. W. Pace 24 Jul 1853 P.114
Hall, Nathaniel D. to Lucinda Annis Woosley 25 Apr 1869 P.748
Hall, Pamelia to William Vandour(Vandiver?) 11 Dec 1852 P.68
Hall, Polly to Elisha Prince 01 Nov 1853 P.136
Hall, Rachel F. to Thomas Robinson 04 Aug 1868 P.640
Hall, Rosanna to Henry Webb 03 Nov 1859 P.5
Hall, Samuel to Eliza Hawkins 31 Oct 1869 P.793
Hall, Samuel W. to Mariah Harris 06 May 1856 P.306
Hall, Sarah to William Branam 23 Feb 1860 P.37
Hall, Sarah A.E. to Augustus F. Clayton 15 Oct 1865 P.309A
Hall, Thomas to Sarah Penland 16 Aug 1852 P.54
Hall, Thomas to Jemima Williams 16 Mar 1854 P.161
Hall, Thomas to Eliza M. Collins 15 Nov 1860 P.85
Hall, Thomas C. to Ellen Clark 26 Sep 1865 P.302
Hall, Thomas H. Nancy Swaford 08 Jun 1856 P.309
Hall, Thomas H. to Sarah Manning 08 Mar 1865 P.254
Hall, William to Amanda Frazier 18 May 1864 P.278
Hall, William to Susanna Manning 01 Feb 1871 P.960
Hall(Wall?), Louisa C. to Solomon G. Bellomy 09 Nov 1862 P.179
Halsey, Margaret to G. W. Clark 25 Feb 1869 P.724
Ham(Horn?), Amanda L. to Thomas Daily 30 Jul 1867 P.498
Hamand(Hammond?), William M. to Nancy Tubb 28 Sep 1855 P.252
Hambbick(Hambrick?), Norma to James Culver 24 Jan 1869 P.708
Hambrick, Robert D. to Hannah A. Patillo 25 Sep 1861 P.162
Hambrick(Hambbick?), Norma to James Culver 24 Jan 1869 P.708
Hamelton, James to Martha A. Wallace 27 Oct 1853 P.135
Hamilton, Mary M. to A. H. Rogers 26 Dec 1854 P.212
Hamilton, W. T. to Mary M. Barron 08 May 1864 P.230
Hammer, Lucinda to William B. Ivey 20 Sep 1864 P.483
Hammer, William to Elizabeth Jane Russle 14 Mar 1869 P.734
Hammon, Mary E. to Elijah Winager 11 Dec 1865 P.335
Hammons, W. L. to Lucinda Austin 23 Aug 1853 P.118
Hammond(Hamand?), William M. to Nancy Tubb 28 Sep 1855 P.252
Hamphill, James H. to Elizabeth K. Spiller 21 Dec 1859 P.28
Hampton, Charles to Isabella Kirby (col) 24 Jan 1867 P.458
Hampton, Martha to Martin Ivey 06 Sep 1860 P.45
Hampton, Silas W. to Evaline Mayhall 19 Jan 1854 P.149
Han(Har?), Sarah to Isaac C. Deblee(Dibblee?) 24 Feb 1856 P.291
Hancock, Daniel W. to Ann Vaught 18 Dec 1851 P.20
Hancock, Francis Jane to V. V. Bollin 14 Nov 1869 P.809
Hancock, James W. to Rachel A. Scarbrough 01 Jul 1866 P.387
Hancock, Julia M. to T.A.B. Roach 28 Feb 1861 P.94
Hancock, Lewis to Louisa R. Hunter (col) 01 Jan 1868 P.972
Hancock, Martha to John R. Haynes 20 Aug 1856 P.316
Hancock, Martha to James M. Wood 18 Jul 1866 P.390
Hancock, Mary E. to John T. Rutherford 04 Aug 1870 P.891
Hancock, Samuel P. to Eliza J. Grider 02 Oct 1870 P.907
Hancock, Sarah V. to Thomas Roundtree 02 Oct 1855 P.256
Hancock, Susan C. to Samuel C. Mead 11 Nov 1854 P.199
Hancock, William R. to Malinda A. Wood 21 May 1866 P.382
Haney, Sintha to J. F. Freeland 06 Aug 1869 P.762
Haney, Thomas to Iva A. Shehorn 16 Mar 1852 P.34
Haney, William to Louisa Hays 25 May 1854 P.174
Haney(Harvey?), Amanda to Jefferson Barnes 23 May 1869 P.856
Hankins, E. C. to John Childress 26 May 1860 P.52
Hankins, Frances J. to Henry A. Sanders 04 Jun 1867 P.497
Hankins, Sidney A. (F) to B. F. Cox 27 Dec 1863 P.219
Hankins, Susana E. to John H. Wothen 02 Oct 1860 P.79
Hankins, W. to Nancy Numous 14 Sep 1853
Hanley, Charles to Ester Williams 30 Dec 1869 P.828
Har(Han?), Sarah to Isaac C. Deblee(Diblee?) 24 Feb 1856 P.291
Hardcastle, Charles to Letta F. Harless 20 Jan 1868 P.582
Hardey, Sarah to William F. Blackwell 28 Jul 1851
Hardin, Eliza to William G. Anderson 05 Mar 1869 P.759
Hardin, James W. to Virginia Caperton 23 Oct 1865 P.308
Hargiss, John A. to Ella E. Frazir 27 Jul 1870 P.889
Harless, Letta F. to Charles Hardcastle 20 Jan 1868 P.582
Harless, Martha V. to Abraham Green 11 Dec 1870 P.936
Harper, Andrew J. to Polly T. Fowler 23 Sep 1866 P.411
Harper, Ann to Ned T. Looney 04 Dec 1870 P.934
Harper, John A. to Mary E. Holt 16 Mar 1865 P.257
Harper, Lucinda to Milton A. Buckhanon 14 Jan 1867 P.451
Harper, Mary to Charles E. Allen 28 Mar 1869 P.736
Harper, Minerva J. to Aaron W. Woosley 24 Feb 1861 P.120
Harper, Thomas W. to Mary Jane Allen 06 JUl 1869 P.764
Harper, William to Julia A. Williams 03 Dec 1862 P.179
Harris, Agnis to Robert Logan 06 Oct 1855 P.257
Harris, Andrew to Elizabeth Williams 25 Nov 1860 P.98
Harris, Ann to John Whistenan(Whistman?) 29 May 1870 P.876
Harris, Anna to David Markum(Markham?) 15 Apr 1856 P.301
Harris, Bettie L. to W. Avery Coffey 02 May 1866 P.363
Harris, Caroline to Nicholas Smith 13 Sep 1867
Harris, Clabern to Julia Renshaw 28 Oct 1868 P.670
Harris, Eliza J. to W. F. Hurt 15 Aug 1855 P.245
Harris, Ezekiel to Jane Sellers 04 Mar 1856 P.295
Harris, J. to Joseph J. Yeates 05 Nov 1867 P.546
Harris, James P. to Matilda J. Robertson 31 Oct 1866 P.424
Harris, Jane (col) to Jim Reed 13 Apr 1867 P.489
Harris, Louisa J. to Mathew G. Roberts 25 Jan 1866 P.315
Harris, Margaret (col) to Logan Adkins 24 Dec 1867 P.566
Harris, Mariah to Samuel W. Hall 06 May 1856 P.306
Harris, Mary R. to Calvin C. Duke 26 Mar 1868 P.608
Harris, Mary W. to J. W. Ellis 18 Dec 1855 P.276
Harris, Matilda to Henry Horton 14 Aug 1856 P.323
Harris, Pleasant to Lucinda Murry 18 Feb 1869 P.717
Harris, Robert B. to Prudence E. Hurt 08 Nov 1854 P.198
Harris, Samuel L. to Amanda Barbee 30 Dec 1869 P.829
Harris, Virgil C. to Francis Griffin 19 Mar 1868 P.602
Harris, Wesley to Ann Woosley 28 Dec 1869 P.827
Harris, William to Elizabeth Norwood 08 Jan 1854 P.155
Harris, William to Malinda Sweeton 13 Mar 1870 P.850
Harris, William to Elizabeth Foreshee 05 Oct 1870
Harris, William M. to Mary Ann Bruce 11 Nov 1869 P.808
Harrison, B. E. to William B. Keeble 30 Nov 1871 P.933
Harrison, Clemantine to D. L. Thompson 20 Feb 1854
Harrison, Felix to Elizabeth J. Hillion 16 Sep 1855P.253
Harrison, John L. to Elizabeth J. Carlen 24 Oct 1851 P.3
Harrison, Malinda to James L. Wilbourn 20 Jan 1852 P.79
Harrison, Mereda to Catherine Walls (col) 01 Oct 1867 P.529
Harrow, John C. to Nancy A. Thompson 26 Jul 1854 P.183
Harston, James W. to Sarah Bryant 28 sep 1870
Hart, Delitha J. to Jesse Snow 29 Jul 1868 P.636
Harvey(Haney?), Amanda to Jefferson Barnes 23 May 1869 P.856
Haselwood, Sarah to John King 08 Sep 1870 P.901
Hass, Rachel I. to Daniel J. Surratt 26 Dec 1867 P.569
Hastings(Hayston?), James to Mary J. Newton 06 Jan 1871 P.950
Hatch, Sarah E. to Joseph C. Thornton 18 Mar 1855 P.228
Hatfield, James C. to Kerminda Lawson 14 Mar 1854 P.164
Hatt, Isaac S. to Nancy J. Scruggs 29 Mar 1855 P.230
Hatten, Charles A. to Rebecca J. Holoway 03 Oct 1867 P.534
Hawk, Mary C. to William D. Payne 23 Apr 1868 P.613
Hawk(Howk?), James P. to Sarah E. Jester 09 Mar 1854 P.159
Hawk(Howk?), Joseph T. to Malinda Payne 22 Nov 1866 P431
Hawk(Houk?), S. M. to Margaret E. Burt 11 Apr 1852 P.37
Hawkins, Eliza to Samuel Hall 31 Oct 1869 P.793
Hawkins, Elvina E. to William Isham 20 Mar 1854 P.163
Hawkins, Robert to Eliza Butler 21 sep 1856 P.325
Hayes, Clarrinda to James A. Wheeler 15 Nov 1855 P.261
Hayes, Elizabeth to Daniel Sanders 30 Jan 1853 P.80
Hayes, Elizabeth to John Kennedy 21 Nov 1865 P.301
Hayes, Joseph Wilson to Elizabeth Middleton 13 Dec 1865 P.317
Hayes, Nancy R. to Green B. Morgan 04 Dec 1853 P.143
Hayes, Zilla to Henry Riddle 14 sep 1856 P.323
Haynes, John R. to Martha Hancock 20 Aug 1856 P.316
Haynes, Nancy to James Starkey 11 Aug 1852 P.89
Haynes, Salley J. to Samuel Nelson 02 Aug 1869
Haynes, Sarah E. to George M.D. Starkey 27 Sep 1866 P.415
Hays, Amanda J. to Drury G. Rorex 05 Dec 1868 P.672
Hays, Joseph to Silence Morgan 09 Mar 1863 P.196
Hays, Louisa to William Haney 25 May 1854 P.174
Hayston(Hastings?), to James to Mary J. Newton 06 Jan 1871 P.950
Haywood(Hagwood), John C.to Oslena Haywood(Hagwood) 20 Dec 1866 P.438
Haywood(Hagwood),Oslena to John C. Haywood(Hagwood) 20 Dec 1866 P.438
Haywood(Hogwood),Mary Elizabeth to George W. Simpson14 Aug 1870 P.867
Hearse(House?), Josephine to W. J. Clark 14 Jan 1869 P.699
Helder, Nancy Ann to Joseph L. Thomas 27 Nov 1870 P.932
Heldes(Holder?), Dempsey to Nancy Thornton 04 Sep 1870 P.900
Helton, Sally J. to Rice A. Coffey 11 Sep 1870 P.891
Helton, Sarah A. to Francis M. Crabtree 22 Jan 1871 P.953
Helton, William to Sarah A. Murry 15 Aug 1853 P.116
Hembre, John to Martha Bond 26 Sep 1851 P.3
Hembre, Lewis to Louisa Nance 04 Apr 1869 P.738
Hembree, James R. to Rebecca M. Johnson 31 May 1856P309
Hembree, James W. to Mary Ann Moore 26 Feb 1852 P.29
Hembree, Levira(Louisa?) to G.W.T. Ladd 25 Feb 1869 P.723
Hembree, Mary to Francis M. Stokes 13 Mar 1862 P.156
Hembree, Sarah N. to Jeremiah Collins 13 Apr 1853 P.102
Henchaw, Jane to Edman Roach 19 Nov 1868 P.674
Henden, Arcadia to John R. Davison(Davidson?) 25 May 1856 P.308
Henderson, Columbus C. to Sarah E. Starkey 01 Aug 1861 P.137
Henderson, Daniel W. to Eliza M. McCool 21 Jun 1854 P.178
Henderson, James H. to Teresa A. Warren 07 Aug 1870 P.890
Henderson, James H. to Sarah Bryant 28 Sep 1870
Hendren, Sterling to Rebecca Lax 06 May 1864 P.230
Hendricks, J.B.C. to Mary Price 05 Nov 1854 P.197
Hendricks, James to Frankey Aderson 31 Apr 1863 P.205
Hendrix, Sarah to Sarah Hendrix 31 May 1866 P.378
Henegar, Agnes (col) to Daniel Cross 18 Jul 1867 P.505
Henny, Henry H. to Mary Fennell (col) 28 Oct 1866 P.423
Henry, Ann (col) to Lewis Looney 23 Dec 1867 P.566
Henry, Levi to Lucy Davis (col) 26 Jan 1868 P.584
Henshaw, Nancy to William Wann 03 Dec 1866 P.313
Henshaw, William A. to Martha Elizabeth Langston 24 Sep 1868 P.657
Henson, Franklin W. to Eliza C. Robertson 10 Jun 1868 P.627
Hesten(Houston,Hester?), Sarah A. to John Anderson 21 Aug 1855 P.246
Hester, Rowan to Sarah A. Caldwell 19 Sep 1867 P.527
Hester(Houston,Hesten?), Sarah A. to John Anderson 21 Aug 1855 P.246
Hetherington, John to Elizabeth Webb 13 Mar 1863 P.197
Heuston, Lucinda to Greene Roberts 27 Mar 1869 P.737
Hewlett, Francis (col) to Isaac McCawley 25 Jan 1866 P.349
Heymann, Solomon to Elizabeth P. Caperton 29 Oct 1868 P.669
Hibbs, Dempsey T. to Matilda Wellborn 29 Aug 1861 P.145
Hibbs, Jane to Charles L. Isbell 25 Aug 1864 p.239
Hickman, Elizabeth to Pleasant Hickman 26 Apr 1855 P.233
Hickman, Ella to Jesse J. Cox 22 Nov 1855 P.268
Hickman, Francis J. to Joseph C. Robinson 19 Nov 1869 P.700
Hickman, George to Elizabeth J. Trice 23 Jul 1865 P.273
Hickman, Pleasant W. to Elizabeth Hickman 26 Apr 1855 P.233
Hickman, Sarah (col) to Alfred Parks 30 Dec 1866 P.443
Hicks, Ephraim to Francis McCrary 13 Apr 1853 P.101
Hicks, James to Martha J. Rose 15 May 1867 P.494
Hicks, Rosanna to Harrison McCury(McCrary?) 10 Dec 1854 P.207
Higginbottom, R. M. to Sarah E. Houston 17 Dec 1865 P.385
Higgins, Nancy to John Clay Caperton 01 Oct 1868 P.661
Higgs, George to Martha Sanders 30 Jul 1863 P.211
Higgs, George R. to Matilda Coffey 27 Mar 1861 P.119
Highfield, Hulda to William Davis 20 Sep 1866 P.410
Hill, E. H. to Emaline Lensy(Lindsay?) 03 Apr 1853 P.100
Hill, Elbert to Nancy J. Diggins 06 Oct 1863 P.214
Hill, Elijah to Mary Jane Hill 02 Jul 1862 P.167
Hill, Elizabeth to William J. Bennett 20 Jan 1867 P.701
Hill, Elizabeth to John Cry 17 Nov 1869 P.811
Hill, Elizabeth J. to Josiah Brewer 17 Jun 1869 P.757
Hill, Elvady to William Graham 15 Feb 1863 P.194
Hill, G. W. to Frances Gattis 09 Mar 1862 P.161
Hill, H. W. to Susan Irby 23 Dec 1869 P.821
Hill, Hiram W. to Martha A. Mitchell 09 Mar 1853
Hill, Humphrey H. to Delila Ann Garvy(Yarley?) 12 Dec 1869 P.804
Hill, James (col) to Nancy Jane Hill (col) 14 Apr 1870 P.851
Hill, James A. to Rawsee (Rosie) Potts 27 Jun 1852 P.47
Hill, James N. to Rachel J. Ridge 12 Feb 1867 P.464
Hill, Jane to Van Jackson 05 Oct 1869 P.796
Hill, John to Lousiana Saxon 22 Mar 1855 P.231
Hill, John to Nancy Lee 03 May 1867 P.492
Hill, John S. to Margaret S.middleton 07 Feb 1867 P.463
Hill, Louiza to James Pitts 04 Jan 1860 P.28
Hill, Malvina V. to Noah Lowery 10 Oct 1867 P.537
Hill, Margaret R. to Thomas D. Fanning 22 Dec 1867 P.564
Hill, Martha to Isaac Mills 02 Dec 1852
Hill, Mary Jane to Elijah Hill 02 Jul 1862 P.167
Hill, Michael to Margaret I. Garland 23 Sep 1866 P.413
Hill, Nancy J. to Thomas A. Howard 02 Jan 1870 P.825
Hill, Nancy Jane (col) to James Hill (col) 14 Apr 1870 P.851
Hill, Oron to Cynthia Earp 27 Oct 1861 P.143
Hill, Preston to Louisanna Alexander 03 Jul 1869
Hill, Rebecca A. to W. F. Vineyard 21 Mar 1861 P.131
Hill, Salina A. to Jeremiah Corns(Conner?) 20 Oct 1852 P.70
Hill, Thomas to Sarah Ann Floyd 14 Oct 1860 P.113
Hill, William to Nancy Davis 06 Jul 1853 P.111
Hill, William R. to Elizabeth Manson 16 Aug 1864 P.250
Hillburn, Dorcas E. to John A. Branden 09 Feb 1868 P.595
Hillian, John to Sarah Elizabeth Chambers 27 aug 1868 P.646
Hilliard, Susan E. to James L. Bray 04 Sep 1864 P.241
Hillinziworth(Killingsworth),Sarah to John R. Miller12 Jul 1866 P.390
Hillion, Elizabeth J. to Felix Harrison 16 Sep 1855 P.253
Hillion, William to Anda M. Sublet 18 Jan 1871 P.954
Hinager, Isam P. to Seltina(Sellma?) Saddler 11 Dec 1865 P.353
Hinshaw, Albert A. to Eliza C. Counts 06 Aug 1868 P.638
Hinshaw, James A. to M. C. Wilson 08 Jan 1852 P.44
Hinshaw, James N. to Lydia A. Prince 28 Jun 1866 P.398
Hinshaw, Jasper to Mary Ann Sanders 13 Feb 1852 P.28
Hinshaw, Jasper to Eliza Bradford 31 Jul 1866 P.399
Hinshaw, John W. to Nancy C. Tankersley 25 Feb 1863 P.194
Hinshaw, Martha J. to Josiah S. Hall 23 Aug 1866 P.402
Hinshaw, Mary Ann to Jesse L. Reid 15 Aug 1861 P.128
Hinshaw, Lena(Sena?) to Henry Trip 08 Aug 1854 P.187
Hinshaw, Robert O. to Isabella Jane Reid 02 Oct 1860 P.74
Hinshaw, Sarah J. to John Simmons 23 Nov 1859 P.9
Hinshaw, W. P. to Nancy Hall 26 Jan 1852 P.45
Hinshaw, W. P. to Francis M. Bostick 09 Aug 1860 P.51
Hirboudle(Habeaudle?), David to Nancy Grove 01 Nov 1855 P.246
Hodge, Thomas R. to Sarah J. Shelton 07 Jun 1865 P.261
Hodges, Davies to Lucy Jane Davis 08 Jan 1861 P.95
Hodges, George R. to Louisa L. Jones 11 Feb 1864 P.22
Hodges, Harriet to J. Cameron 19 May 1860 P.108
Hodges, Lucy A. to Hudson Butler 24 May 1866 P.382
Hodges, Mary Adline to John M. Butler 22 Aug 1870
Hodges, Nancy J. to Marion Bower 04 Sep 1856 P.321
Hodges, Permalia F. to Joab B. Parkhill 01 Dec 1864
Hodges, Pharaba B. to E.O.D. Pruitt 03 Mar 1864 P.223
Hodges, Sarah E. to James R. Woodall 15 Dec 1853 P.144
Hodges, William F. to Martha Ann Peters 24 Aug 1870 P.896
Hodges(Hogges,Hagges?), John J. to L.C. Houk 16 Dec 1868 P.683
Hodgs, Kitty L. to David Keenmer 20 Nov 1851 P.4
Hogan(Hogue?), Nancy to William Law 04 May 1856 P.305
Hogges(Hagges,Hodges?), John J. to L. C. Houk 16 Dec 1868 P.683
Hogue, Albert H. to Susan A. Bolton 07 Mar 1867 P.472
Hogue, Florence L. to Joseph Barclay 26 Apr 1868 P.614
Hogue, Martha A. to Joseph P. Barclay 03 Aug 1856 P.318
Hogue, Paralee to John Lewis 17 Oct 1866 P.421
Hogue(Hogan?), Nancy to William Law 04 May 1856 P.305
Hogwood(Haywood?), Minerva Ann to J. W. Bohanan 06 Sep 1860 P.83
Hogwood(Haywood),Mary Elizabeth to George W.Simpson 14 Aug 1870 P.867
Hoher(Huber?), Charles E. to Francis E. Johnson 02 Feb 1871 P.961
Holder, Elias to Jane Collins 08 Jun 1856 P.310
Holder, Elias to Caroline M. Sartin 02 Feb 1860 P.14
Holder, Hulda E. to Gilbert L. Kirk 30 Dec 1867
Holder, James to Nancy Bass 18 Aug 1860 P.79
Holder, Joseph H. to Julia A. Summers 24 May 1869 P.751
Holder, Lucy to Lewis M. Davis 23 Jun 1863 P.307
Holder, Matilda to Holeman Perry 19 Jan 1865 P.311A
Holder, Mollie to David Hollingsworth 02 Jul 1863
Holder, Nancy to James Bian 06 Dec 1855 P.273
Holder, Nancy J. to John Corbit 25 Nov 1853 P.141
Holder, Nancy Jane to James Lewallen 30 Jan 1868 P.588
Holder, Susan to Charles M. Stegall 14 Jul 1867 P.504
Holder, Uriah to Nancy Starkey 07 Mar 1854 P.165
Holder, William to Katy Arendale 23 Aug 1864 P.358
Holder, William B. to Julia M. Starkey 29 Jan 1870 P.958
Holder, William W. to Louiza E. Williams 14 Nov 1867 P.550
Holder, Winston to Margaret Ledbetter 14 Jul 1864 P.312
Holder(Heldes?), Dempsey to Nancy Thornton 04 Sep 1870 P.900
Holland, Asa M. to Nancy M. St. Clair 15 Feb 1866 P.344
Holland, Hannah to Thomas J. Holland 04 Oct 1866 P.417
Holland, John to Belinda King 25 Nov 1852 P.65
Holland, John to Malinda Dunn 05 Jan 1865 P.355
Holland, M. A. (F) to W. C. Haden 14 Sep 1856 P.321
Holland, M. J. (F) to B. F. Card 19 FEb 1865 P.252
Holland, Margarett to Michael King 14 Jan 1852 P.42
Holland, Mary A. to William A. Belamy 30 Dec 1866 P.444
Holland, Thomas J. to Mary J. Foster 11 Mar 1852
Holland, Thomas J. to Hannah Holland 04 Oct 1866 P.417
Hollice, Thomas J. to Margaret B. Ligon 16 Oct 1870 P.921
Hollingsworth, David to Mollie Holder 02 Jul 1863
Hollis, G. W. to Margaret L. Bynum 15 Mar 1863 P.197
Hollis, Margaret A. to Rufus Green 07 Jan 1861 P.117
Hollis, Martha S. to John L. Young 09 Jul 1866 P.389
Hollis, Reuben to Nancy Goss 11 Jun 1866 P.380
Hollis, Rufus to Mary E. Ligon 08 Oct 1865 P.304
Holoway, James to Ann McCormick 24 May 1866 P.376
Holloway, Rebecca A. to Charles A. Hatten 03 Oct 1867 P.534
Holt, Ellen M. to John A. Harper 07 Nov 1864
Holt, Mary E. to John A. Harper 16 Mar 1865 P.257
Hood, Elizabeth J. to Benjamin F. Ivey 07 Mar 1867 P.474
Hood, James C. to M. E. Houston 29 Jan 1868 P.585
Hood, Isabella J. to Thomas M. Robertson 21 Dec 1865 P.330
Hopkins, Pleasant (col) to Fannie Larkin (col) 17 Jun 1868 P.628
Horn, Nancy A. to R. L. Rineheart 26 Jun 1854
Horn(Ham?), Amanda L. to Thomas Daily 30 Jul 1867 P.498
Horn(Howe?), S. C. (F) to N. A. Johnson 09 Aug 1860 P.62
Horneback, James to Mary Pogue 19 Sep 1860 P.68
Horneback, W. R. to Sarah E. Gilliland 12 Dec 1861 P.149B
Hortnett, William to Sarah Grizzell(Grizzard?) 15 Sep 1865 P.308
Horton, Henry to Matilda Harris 14 Aug 1856 P.323
Horton, Isaac N. to Sarah E. Ford 28 Aug 1870 P.895
Horton(Hardin?), Jeptha to Martha Binnum 13 Sep 1856
Houk, Andrew J. to Malvina Nelson 02 Aug 1868 P.638
Houk, E. Margaret to F. M. Austin 01 Jan 1870 P.942
Houk, J. J. to Sarah E. Taylor 14 Aug 1865
Houk, L. C. to John L. Hogges(Hagges,Hodges?) 16 Dec 1868 P.683
Houk, Martha C. to James Bucks(Rucks?) 23 Aug 1866 P.401
Houk(Hawk?), S. M. to Margaret E. Burt 11 Apr 1852 P.37
House, B. J. to Lydia Sefrona Sublitt 09 Oct 1870 P.912
House, Julia to Samuel Rorax 13 Nov 1864 P246
House(Hearse?), Josephine to W. J. Clark 14 Jan 1869 P.699
Houston, A. T. to Mary A. Bridges 14 Feb 1867 P.465
Houston, Elizabeth to Jesse C. Emery 07 Jan 1868 P.576
Houston, George V. to Elizabeth E. Tharp(Sharp?) 23 Nov 1855 P.271
Houston, James W. to Sarah Bryant 29 Sep 1870 P.909
Houston, M. E. to James C. Hood 29 Jan 1868 P.585
Houston, Sarah E. to R. M. Higginbottom 17 Dec 1865 P.385
Houston, William P. to JUlia A. Brown 08 Jan 1868 P.577
Houston(Hesten,Hester?), Sarah A. to John Anderson 21 Aug 1855 P.246
Howard, Alfred D. to Emily G. Oneal 05 Jul 1866 P.388
Howard, C. C. to M. O. Carney (F) 13 Feb 1869 No
Howard, Elizabeth to Salathiel Woodall 14 Mar 1867 P.476
Howard, Frances Ann to James Bennett 06 Apr 1860 P.77
Howard, Louisa to James N. Wilson 16 Jan 1868 P.581
Howard, Louisa to John H. Sims 26 Dec 1869 P.824
Howard, Margaret to R. C. Howard 12 Jan 1866 P.354
Howard, Margaret C. to Philip A. Hulvey 04 Mar 1861 P.114
Howard, Mary E. to David C. Price 25 Mar 1870 P.851
Howard, R. C. to Margaret Howard 12 Jan 1866 P.354
Howard, Thomas A. to Nancy J. Hill 02 Jan 1870 P.825
Howe(Horn?), S. C. (F) to N. A. Johnson 09 Aug 1860 P.62
Howk, Eliza (Lydia?) A. to Robert Rouseau 29 Mar 1866 P.361
Howk, Jane to Thomas C. Payne 21 Jan 1869 P.704
Howk, Mary Margaret to F. M. Nelson 06 Sep 1870 P.911
Howk, Preston to Julia Bennett 05 Oct 1853
Howk, William to Henrietta Bowers 22 Nov 1866 P.431
Howk(Hawk?), James P. to Sarah E. Jester 09 Mar 1854 P.159
Howk(Hawk?), Joseph T. to Malinda Payne 22 Nov 1866 P.431
Huber(Hoher?), Charles E. to FRancis E. Johnson 02 Feb 1871 P.961
Hudgins, Anderson P. to Emily Stinnitt 10 Aug 1856 P.313
Hudgins, James M. to Nisa (Nira?) Smith 26 Feb 1866 P.328
Hudgins, James M. to Mary McComack 26 Feb 1870 P.852
Hudson, Peter R. to Dolly Finley (col) 29 Dec 1867 P.569
Hufman, Frances to Jeremiah Gibbs 07 Jun 1868 P.626
Huggins, Sylva (col) to James Garth (col) 08 Mar 1866 P.330
Hughes, Amanda M. to James A. McCampbell 01 Aug 1867 P.511
Hughes, Biddy to Alonzo G. Cook 05 Jan 1868 P.576
Hughes, Ellen D. to James Y. Witherspoon 18 Oct 1855 P.261
Hughes, Kelly(Holly?) to G. W. Stidmon 16 Jan 1866 P.324
Hughes, Mariah (col) to Daniel Woodlee(Woodland?) 26 Oct 1865 P.305
Hughes, Nancy to William Cunningham 27 Jan 1861 P.146
Hughes, William S. to Sarah T. Brisco 28 Dec 1869 P.828
Hughs, Daniel to Jane Brisco 28 Jul 18 69 P.768
Hughs, Mary L. to John H. Gunter 23 Dec 1869 P.806
Hughs, Richard Ryan to M. E. Melton 06 Mar 1862 P.155
Hughs, William J. to Susan F. Long 08 Oct 1868 P.664
Hulsey, Elizabeth to John Blancett 10 Oct 1853 P.134
Hulsey, Nancy A. to John H. Thompson 28 Nov 1867 P.554
Hulsey, Prudence Neoma to David W. White 25 Sep 1870 P.904
Hulvey, Phillip A. to Margaret C. Howard 04 Mar 1861 P.114
Humphres, James to Molly Davis (col) 26 Nov 1868 P.675
Humphreys, Jane (col) to Eson Saneford (col) 27 Mar 1869 P.855
Hunt, David L. to Marticia Shelton 26 Oct 1854 P.195
Hunt, G. W. to Mary Brooks 13 Nov 1862 P.182
Hunt, Silas H. to Sarah E. Kirby 18 Mar 1860 P.21
Hunter, Albert to Sallie Davis 09 Feb 1870 P.845
Hunter, Chastity to James F. Graham 15 Jun 1854 P.176
Hunter, Louisa R. (col) to Lewis Hancock 01 Jan 1868 P.972
Hunter, Richard F. to Hamith C. Caperton 15 Oct 1865 P.308A
Hurt, F. D. to Mary Shelton 26 Nov 1868 P.677
Hurt, Prudence E. to Robert B. Harris 08 Nov 1854 P.198
Hurt, W. F. to Eliza J. Harris 15 Aug 1855 P.245
Hutson, Harvey H. to Nancy Winston 05 Apr 1869 P.740
Hutton, Elizabeth J. to Willis J. Palmore 24 Jun 1860 P.61
Hutton, James to Elizabeth Corn 10 Aug 1853 P.115
Hutton, John to Emaline Toney 24 Nov 1867 P.551
Hutton, Sarah M. to N. B. Kennedy 09 Oct 1870 P.913
Hyder, Martha A. to Thomas Duckett 26 Feb 1867 P.468


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