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Company A, 48th Alabama Infantry CSA

Captains -

Alldredge,Andrew J. Resigned Alldredge,Jesse J. Promoted to Staff, Lt. Colonel Graves,Randolph BCG/JDT

Lieutenants -

Dickson,Alvin O. 1st Lt. Paroled at AppomattoxJones,J.W. 1st Lt. Nations,David 1st Lt. Tidwell, 1st Lt.

Sergeants -

Allred,Solomon B. 	
Brasseal,John H. 	Brazile,John H. listed as 2nd Lt 
Burgess,John S. 	2nd Sgt. Wounded at Sharpsburg, Paroled at Appomattox
Cooper,C.M. 		Quarter Master Sgt.,Discharged 
Densmore,Samuel P. 	JDT shows Dinsmore, AR shows Densmon, Paroled at Appomattox
Frierson,John M. 	5th Sgt. 
Huddleston,David M. 	4th Sgt. JDT/BCG
Pullen,Hampton 		2nd Sgt.
Stewart,Milton 	 	4th Sgt.;.;Paroled at Appomattox 
Yarbrough,Richard A.	1st Sgt.;Paroled at Appomattox

Corporals -

Graves,C.H.		4th Corp., Paroled at Appomattox
Green,James T. 		JDT/BCG
Grigsby,Franklin G. 	2nd Corp. JDT/BCG/AR, Paroled at Appomattox
Grigsby,James A. 	2nd Corp. JDT
Presley,William 	JDT/BCG
Stewart,William G. 	JDT/BCG
Vanhorn,Andrew J. 	1st Corp.;JDT shows pvt.;Paroled at Appomattox

Privates -

Alldredge,Enoch 	Wounded at Cedar Run Resigned,Major
Alldredge,John P. 	Died of Disease
Alldredge,Van B. 	Killed at Second Manassas
Bailey,Richard 	 	Died of Disease
Balers,C. 		Died of Disease 
Beam,Hiram 		Wounded at Second Manassas
Beam,Whitfield 		Paroled at Appomatox
Booker,S.M. 		Mortaliy Wounded at Cedar Run
Brazile,John W. 	JDT
Burgess,Andrew J. 	Wounded at Second Manassas and 5-31-64
Burgess,William C. 	Killed at Second Manassas
Busby,Richard 		JDT
Cain,R.A. 		Paroled at Appomatox 
Cargo,Albert 		Died of Disease
Christopher,John E. 	Captured at Deep Bottom
Conner,Henderson 	Mortally Wounded at Second Manassas
			listed as Cannon in JDT and BCG
Cook,J.J. 		Died of Disease
Cook,John B. 		
Cook,William N. 	Died of Disease
Cornelius,Baily 	JDT shows Baily as the sir name
Densmore,A.Y. 		Discharged
Doty,Abraham H. 	Captured at Gettysburg 
Drake,Elisha F. 	
Folkes,J.D.             Died of Disease on the Miss. River while being returned
from POW camp
Fortner,Lemuel          BCG/JDT 	
Fortner,Levi 		Leroy BCG/JDT Wounded at Cedar Run and Second Manassas 
Goldsmith,William M.	BCG/JDT
Graves,C? 		Hastin?  BCG/JDT
Graves,Charles 	        BCG/JDT
Graves,Cunningham 	BCG/JDT
Graves,Franklin 	BCG/JDT
Graves,Houston 	        BCG/JDT
Gunter,James.S. 	BCG/JDT
Gunter,Kinchlow 	JDT; Cunningham-BCG
Harrington,Obediah 	JDT;Harandon,O.T.-BCG
Hicks,Ben J.            Hicks, B.F.- JDT/BCG  Died of Disease 1864		
Hood,E.C. 		Hood, Alec C.-JDT;Hook,E.C.-BCG Wounded at the Wilderness
Hyatt,Abraham		JDT shows Wyatt,Abram;  Paroled at Appomattox

*** FROM THIS POINT DOWN ALL RECORDS ARE FROM BCG & JDT UNLESS NOTED *** Jenkins,L.M. Kelson,Thomas Kelsoe-BCG King,John N. Kirby,Dolpheus Kenny,Roolphus-BCG Kitchens,John L. Latham,Elias H. Paroled at Appomattox Latham,James M. Latham,W.?Y. M.Y.-BCG Lindsay,Lawson C. Paroled at Appomattox Lipscomb,John F. Maloney,James H. Mason,Thomas P. JDT McCullum,John M. JDT McDonald,Aaron McDonald,John BCG Mead,Frazier JDT Mead,G.H. BCG Mitchell,John Micheal-BCG;AR shows Jno. Mitchell Paroled at Appomattox Mitchell,John L. JDT Moore,M.M. Morris,Isaac N. Nations,William J. Neel,J.W. Neely,David Neely,William Paroled at Appomattox Parton,F.M Partin-BCG all Parton,George W. Parton,James W. Parton,William Ratcliff,Joseph BCG Ratliff,John R. JDT Roden,Jackson S. Rodgers,A.G. BCG Rogers,Turner A. JDT Shelton,Wash A. Spiers,Thomas Spears-BCG Step,William AR shows Stepp; Paroled at Appomattox Stroud,Emanuel Strand-BCG Taylor,A. Frank Taylor,Clark C. Thomas,David N. Thomas,James D. Thomas,Nathaniel Statham-BCG Thrasher,Thomas JDT Tidwell,A.A. BCG Tidwell,Clayton Tidwell,Clement JDT Girand? Walls,Donry BCG Weems,Harris C.M. JDT Wilson,Jackson S. JDT Withers,Thomas JDT Wyatt,Abram JDT Hyatt? Yarbrough,George M. JDT Yarbrough,William D. JDT

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