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Muster Roll for Company C



Dunklin, James H.


Dodson, William E.

1st Lieutenant

Linthicum, Charles S.

2nd Lieutemant, Sr.

Thigpen, Francis M.

2nd Lieutenant, Jr.



Heard, Jesse H.

1st Sergeant

 Jackson, Simeon D.

2nd Sergeant

Rodgers, Pleasant H.

3rd Sergeant

 Scott, Alpheus A.

4th Sergeant

Graham, William P,

5th Sergeant

Powell, Robert C.

1st Corporal

Flowers, William

2nd Corporal

Hammill, George W.

3rd  Corporal

Nix, Edward

4th Corporal



Auston, John

Evans, Clinton

Armstrong, Charles J.

Easterling, William B.

Arant, John P.

Frost, James T

Blair, James M

Ferguson, Andrew R.

Brown, Ira D.

Florence, Ezekiel

Blair, Jasper

Feagan, Samuel J.

Black, James H.H.

Ferguson, Ancil H.

Brown, George W.

Graydon, Walter D.

Coleman, Philander

Goldsmith, James C.

Cowart, Mustin H

Safford, Jesse S.

Coleman, Benjamin D.

Cafford, William D.

Coleman, Jesse W.

Gafford, David W.

Coleman, Theophilus W.

Gill, Robert W.

Cheatham, Pete H.

Galloway, Zachariah C.

Cunningham, Thomas M.

Gilbert, Pleasant D.

Cheatham, James S.

Grant, Isiac M.

Cole, John F.

Harp, John W.

Dewberry, Alfred

Henry, Cecile E.

Day, Zacheus H

Holliday, James W.

Dees, John W.

Hawkins, Wiley B.

Dees, James

Herlong, James B.

Day, Zacheus

Hartley, John R. Jr,

Day, John A

Hartley, Anderson C.

Dees, James H.

Isgett, Henry

Jernigan, David D

Posey, Thomas H

Kelly, Johm M

Price, George W.

Kimbrough, William B.

Pruitt, Steven T.

Kimbrough, Henry A.

Rodgers, James S(or L).

Kuykendal, Jene H.

Routon, John W.

Mathews, Abraham T.

Rainer, James D.

McCoy, Hubbard

Smith, Zachariah

McCoy, William S(or L)

Smith, William J. E.

Mosley, Jesse

Smith, Isiac R.

Mosley, William

Stallings, Jesse S(or L).

Mosley, George W.

Stallings, Robert H,

Martin, Thomas W.

Shine, Henry R.

Murray, Richard H.

Thames, William G.

McCoy, Thomas R.

Talley, Edward

McCoy, Washington

Stewert, Julius M

McCoy, William J.

Williams, Joseph

Morris, Elisha C.

Williams, Aoraham M

Mix, William H.

Willlams, Francis A.

Odom, George I.

Williams, Eli R.

Peaeler, Mathew A.

Williams, John W.

Pearce, Benjamin F.

Watt, James H.

Wight?, William E.

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