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Company H, 48th Alabama Infantry CSA

Code for Record Source's
WB=Willis Brewer, JDT=John Dykes Taylor, CSR= Compiled Service Records, AR= The Appomattox Roster.
All records are from CSR unless noted.


Golightly, R.C.		JDT	
Hardwick, William H.	JDT	
Lumpkin, T.J.		JDT/AR;Paroled at Appomattox


Adrain, James F.		1st Lt. Co's H and F
Clifton, Francis M.	2nd Lt.;Paroled at Appomattox
Hardwick, J.B.		1st Lt. Wounded at Cedar Run
Hardwick, William M.	1st Lt. JDT
Lumpkin, T.J.		2nd Lt. JDT


Anderson, M.C.		3rd Sgt. Wounded at Second Manassas and Petersburg;Paroled at Appomattox
Blanton, Solomon H.	1st Sgt. Wounded at Second Manassas;Paroled at Appomattox
Cromer, J.C.		4th Sgt. Wounded at Cedar Run JDT sows Cramer
Day, Alfred		5th Sgt. Wounded at Second Manassas;Paroled at Appomattox
Golightly, W.P.		1st Sgt. JDT
Griffin, Levi		4th Sgt. AR;Paroled at Appomattox
Hardwick, E.S.           Commissary Sgt.
Hardwick, William W.	3rd Sgt. Mortally Wounded at Sharpsburg
Kelletts, J.L.		5th Sgt.? JDT


Arthur, W.W.		Wounded at Second Manassas and First Darbytown Road
Clifton, G.F.		4th Corp. 
Crews, Jefferson E.
Edwards, B.F.		
Grogan, T.B.		2nd Corp. JDT
Hendricks, B.C.		1st Corp. JDT show Hendrix,B.E.;Died of Disease 1862
Roe, Solomon		3rd Corp. JDT


Angle, John H.		
Angle, R.M.		Wounded at Second Manassas
Arthur, John S.		Killed by a Shell at Petersburg
Arther, W.H.		JDT
Berry, W.J.
Blackwell, B.F.		
Blackwell, G.L.		
Brum, J.J.
Burgess, J.J.
Butler, William H.	Wounded at Second Manassas, Discharged
Chandler, F.M.		Co's I and H Killed at Second Manassas
Crews, J.C.		
Crews, J.F.		JDT
Crews, John		Mortally Wounded at Chickamauga
Cromer, G.A.		Wounded at Second Manassas and Fussell's Mill
Cromer, Thomas J.	JDT shows F.J.Cromer	
Cromer, William F.	Discharged
Cunningham, J.E.	
D'Armand, J.N.		JDT
Day, William		;Paroled at Appomattox
Emery, J.T.		JDT
Emery, R.T.		JDT
Ewing, J.M.
Ewing, J.T.		Killed at Cedar Run
Farmer, John
Flanagan, W.M.           Wounded at Second Manassas
Fortenberry, Henry       Wounded at Cedar Run and Fredericksburg
Golightly, T.M.          JDT
Goyon, Wilson            JDT
Greenway, James H.       JDT
Greenway, John H.        JDT
Griffon, Louis           JDT
Hall, G.B.               JDT shows Hall,J.B. Killed at Second Manassas
Hall, Lorenzo D.
Hallett, James A.        Drum Major
Hardwick, R.S.           Discharged
Harlen, W.M.             JDT
Harout, W.M.             Mortally Wounded at Sharpsburg
Harris, G.B.             Captured at Spottsylvania
Harris, H.W.
Harris, J.S.	        Musician;Wounded at Cedar Run;Paroled at Appomattox
Harris, Thomas A.        JDT
Harris, W.W.		AR;Paroled at Appomattox
Hart, John J.
Harton, W.M.             Wounded at Second Manassas
Herrin, W.J.       
Hewing, J.W.
Hordines, W.M.
Howard, A.J.             Wounded at Cold Harbor
Howard, J.B.             JDT
Howard, J.M.             Killed on picket duty 8-18-1864
Howard, John W.
Howard, J.S.		Died 12-18-1862 buried in "Our Soldiers Cemetary"
			Mount Jackson,Shenandoah County, Virginia
Howard, Rufus R.		Paroled at Appomattox
Howard, Y.M.
Hurley, Robert		Paroled at Appomattox
Langston, J.H.
Mathis, M.F.
McBroom, E.V.
McBroom, J.J.
McBroom, W.H.
McDaniel, J.T.	
McDaniel, Z.F.
Miller, Henry M.		CSR; Captured at Spotsylvania Court House, May 6, 1864. Sent to
			Point Lookout, Md. moved to Elmira, New York August 15, 1864
			Died of Disease Feb. 3, 1865.
Parker, S.C.		;Paroled at Appomattox
Reed, Joseph M.
Robbins, W.F.
Roe, John
Roe, William
Smith, Joel
Smith, W.W.
Snead, G.?H.
Snead, J.E.
Snead, Morgan
Thrasher, Thomas
Traswell, J.J.?
Watt, J.S.
Webb, A.J.
Weems, J.L.
Wells, B.H.
West, J.M.
Vanhorne, A.J.

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