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Company I, 48th Alabama Infantry CSA

Code for Record Source's
WB=Willis Brewer, JDT=John Dykes Taylor, CSR= Compiled Service Records, AR= The Appomattox Roster.
All records are from CSR unless noted.


Wigginton, J.W.		JDT
Ewing, R.T.		Wounded at Second Manassas;Paroled at Appomattox


McCaglent, P.J.G.	1st Lt.;Paroled at Appomattox
Pounds, R.F.		2nd Lt. JDT
Pounds, W.L.		3rd Lt. JDT
Scott, W.L.		1st Lt. JDT


Abston, D.L.		5th Sgt. Discharged, JDT shows Aliston
Bennett, J.F.		Captured at Gettysburg
Black, J.R.		5th Sgt.;Paroled at Appomattox
Henderson, A.		4th Sgt.;Paroled at Appomattox
Hooper, Obediah H.
Mitchell, J.H.		4th Sgt.;Paroled at Appomattox
Nunelly, N.P.		2nd Sgt. JDT
Pollard, J.J.		1st Sgt. JDT
Pounds, A.P.		4th Sgt. JDT
Scott, J.H.		3rd Sgt. JDT


Bentley, Richard
Bentley, R.P.		3rd Corp.;Paroled at Appomattox
Bowman, A.J.
Burger, H.M.		4th Corp. JDT
Dandy, W.K.		Killed 6-3-1864
Nunelly, T.J.		3rd Corp. JDT
Scott, W.L.		1st Corp. JDT
Turner, J.H.		1st Corp.;Paroled at Appomattox, Co E?
Williamson, Sy		2nd Corp.? JDT


Albright, Jeremiah	Discharged
Albright, M.M.		
Albright, N.J.		Wounded at Chickamauga		
Albright, W.M.
Anderson, A.
Anderson, F.M.
Barnett, William R.	Wounded at Sharpsburg, Died of Disease
Beatty, J.E.		JDT
Bennefield, J.M.D.	Mortally Wounded at New Market Heights
Bennett, W.R.		JDT
Bentley, J.E.
Bentley, John		Wounded at Second Manassas and Chickamauga, Discharged
Black, T.J.
Bocum, Josiah		Captured at Sharpsburg
Bowman, J.K.P.		Wounded at Second Manassas
Boyd, Joseph J.		JDT shows Boid,J.J.		
Braggs, M.
Brown, Hiram		Captured at Dandridge
Brown, H.J.		Died of Disease
Brown, S.T.
Burgess, F.M.
Campbell, J.H.
Chandler, Allen W.	Captured at Deep Bottom
Chandler, A.W.		Killed at Second Manassas
Chandler, F.M.		Co's H&I Killed at Second Manassas
Clark, J.D.
Clary, J.
Crain, J.L.		Died of Disease
Daverson, W.D.		Died of Disease
Davidson, W.C.		JDT
Dobbs, M.K.
Dobbs, Thomas		Captured at Loudon
Dolloffe, N.B.		Died of Disease, JDT shows Dolloff
Dowdy, W.R.		Killed at Cold Harbor, 6-3-1864
Duncan, James D.		Died of Disease
Edmerson, D.E.
Edmondson, Q.?E.		JDT
Edwards, N.C.
Evans, Jasper		Captured at Loudon, Died of Disease in Camp Morton, Ind.
Evans, John		JDT
Farley, J.G.             Paroled at Appomattox
Ferrell, J.H.
Gabrel, J.               JDT
Gabrell, H.E.            JDT
Gabrell, J.Y.            JDT
Garner, M.P.V.           JDT
Glove, R.                JDT
Grover, A.J.		AR;Paroled at Appomattox
Grover, W.H.             JDT
Gunnell, William         JDT
Harper, A.J.
Harper, H.S.
Harper, Marion           Wounded at Sharpsburg;Died of Disease 1863
Harris, Jabes            Killed at New Market Heights
Harrison, B.             Discharged
Henson, T.J.             Died of Disease 1863
Howell, James Maron      also in Co D, Died in Service
Hunley, W.P.             Killed at Chickamauga
Johnson, E.E.
Johnson, J.
Johnson, Warren W.	CSR;Buried at Rice Cemetary, New Market, Alabama
Kilgore, J.W.
Lewis, J.
Little, J.P.
Lokey, M.C.
Lokey, N.P.
Lokey, N.R.
Luck, J.M.
McGuffie, W.G.
McMahan, John
Mitchell, N.D.
Norton, A.J.
Norwood, J.C.
Pounds, M.
Pruett, J.
Pruett, W.M.
Reed, S.			;Paroled at Appomattox
Rhodes, William H.	CSR;Discharged Oct. 1, 1862
Robarts, A.J.
Sizemore, J.		AR shows Sizemon;Paroled at Appomattox
Story, W.B.		;Paroled at Appomattox
Vines, B.M.
Webb, J.
Wheeler, H.
Whitley, J.W.
Wigginton, M.G.
Williamson, B.

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