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McElroy Cemetery

McElroy Cemetery is located in Wynne, ( Cross County) Arkansas. From Wynne, take Hwy 284 West and go about 3 miles and you will come to a curve continue around the curve for about a mile and you will see McElroy Methodist Church on the left, continue for about another mile and you will come to another curve, go straight ,which is Hwy 350. The cemetery is on the right. It is nestled among several old trees and is very clean and well kept. There are several old stones and some are missing. I was able to read the ones that are there and I know you will enjoy yourself while you are searching for loved ones.

If you have any questions about any of these or would like for me to recheck something in this cemetery, feel free to email me at branch@ipa.net

completed by Ann Branch on 04/29/2002

Anderson, Wrennie Lee (Walls)  11-13-1926/04-20-1978
wife of Joe Anderson and dau. of Arthur and Minnie Walls
An inspiration to all who knew her
Baldwin, Mary  12-20-1940/05-13-1967
dau of Lula Dell and Loman Baldwin
Gone but not forgotten
Baldwin, Lula Dell  10-15-1920/02-12-1995
wife of Loman Baldwin
Always in our hearts
Baldwin, Loman  10-07-1915/03-28-1970
husband of Lula Dell Baldwin
Gone but not forgotten
Bamson, William B. 1869/1955
Bamson, Coral A.  1871/1963
Banton, Harriet Elizabeth  03-27-1897/1977
wife of Obe Banton
Banton, Obe Guy  04-20-1890/06-26-1970
husband of Harriet Banton
Banton, Norman R.  12-08-1921/02-19-1974
Arkansas PFC US Army WWII
husband of Grace Banton
Barron, George  02-14-1870/10-11-1910
His virtues form the noblest monument to his memory
Double marker
Battles, Carl Oren  05-23-1907/03-20-1984
Loving husband and father
Battles, Ruby Mae  01-12-1921/11-03-1978
Loving wife and mother  
Battles, Billy Douglas  05-15-1944/11-09-1995
son of Carl and Ruby Battles
Precious memories  (also has Daddy at the top of the stone)
Beck, Robert  03-18-1851/12-09-1910
(at top): Thy will be done  (at bottom): I am the resurrection and the life 
h/o Coral Beck
Beggs, Robert Fayne  12-08-1930/03-04-1931
Double marker
Beggs, Garnett L.  1900/1992
Beggs, Ida L.  1907/1982
Double marker
Beggs, John   1871/1945
Beggs, Josie  1872/1950
Beggs, Martha Swaby  1934/1975
Sorrow and pain was her portion on earth please God may eternity deal gently with her  
(note: this was written on the back of the stone)
Blackwood, Evelyn P. (Howard)  05-24-1948/06-19-1968
dau. of Andrew and Ellen Howard
Double marker
Brawner, William B.  06-01-1852/10-24-1919
Brawner, Ellen V.  03-28-1854/12-31-1923
Thy life was truth and love (note: Father is on his and Mother is on hers)
Double marker
Brawner, Mack C.    1888/1960
Brawner, Willie E.   1895/1983
Brawner, Norah Inez   08-30-1913/08-29-1923
dau. of Mack C. and Willie E. Brawner
Brawner, baby   08-12-1928
Brawner, Lester M.  07-12-1924/04-06-1978
BM2 US Navy
Double marker
Brawner, Robert P.  07-23-1939/07-25-1982
Brawner, Robin C.   03-02-1971/07-25-1982
Double marker
Brawner, Mack George   07-29-1954/01-17-1987
(note: has Son above his name)
Brawner, Juanita J.   04-27-1921
(note: has Mother above her name)
Broussard, Sonya   1962/2000
(note: Thompson Wilson Funeral home marker no stone)
Double marker
Brown, Morgan Lee   01-21-1933
Brown, Emma Yvonne   01-02-1940/05-18-1997
Our Father which art in Heaven
Buffaloe, Maggie (Spain)   1903/1957
Carter, Sybil E. (Sisk)   04-27-1939/08-10-1980
Casteel, Charlie   12-07-1904/05-22-1928
Casteel, Mamie   07-05-1881/03-09-1949
Asleep in Jesus
Casteel, William W.   1879/1951
Daddy we will meet you
Double marker
Casteel, Willie W.   01-06-1923/04-30-1999
Casteel, Therauld   10-19-1913/05-16-1972
Casteel, Margaret Darlene  04-02-1942
Chadwick, Winfield   1854/1919
Chadwick, Molly  1868/1923
Chamberlain, Benjamin F.   1833/1912
Chambers, Mildred Cobb   03-18-1925/06-02-1994
Double marker
Childers, Johnson A.   05-21-1923/03-03-1985
Childers, Louise C.     11-21-1922/09-12-1993
dau. of Garmella Jones
Clark, Hattie Mae Kelly  07-31-1880/04-12-1948
Cobb, Howard Lewis   08-22-1945/04-05-2000
Cobb, Charles W.   08-22-1927/03-05-1949
Arkansas PFC 696 MLD Clearing Co  WWII
Cobb, Lillian Viola    04-19-1904/09-20-1960
Darling we miss you
Cobb, Johnnie Marilyn     11-21-1942/12-25-1942
Cobb, John Hubert   05-21-1895/03-06-1972
Arkansas Cook Co 13 REC   S.A.R.D. (there is an American flag etched on the stone)
Craig, Mattie  01-15-1861/09-24-1881
Sleep on Mattie and take thy rest God called thee home He thought it best
(also) Gone to rest at the top of the stone with a finger pointing upward)w/oC.L.Craig
Double marker
Crittenden, George S.   10-15-1909/07-03-1968
Crittenden, Ethel J.        06-23-1920
Cummins, Grace Irene    05-10-1902/01-21-1939
w/o G.W. Cummins
She came to wise our hearts to Heaven she goes to call us there
Cummins, George J.     1898/1957
Cummins, Willie Leon  02-18-1923/06-06-1967
In loving memory
Cummins, George (Jr.)   11-15-1938/11-15-1938
Double marker
Davis, Edgar B.   02-10-1910/03-14-2001
Davis, Margaret (Spain)  09-17-1912/
Davis, E.B.	1865/1937
Davis, Mamie B.  09-07-1894/11-17-1981
Davis, Charles  05-01-1888/03-09-1932
Dewitt, James Louis Sr.	09-12-1937/05-15-1994
US Army
DeWitt, Walter (Buddy) Sr.  06-20-1940/10-30-1995
Loving Father
Dobbins, Charlotte (Anderson)	08-07-1945/04-14-2000
dau of Joe and Wrennie Anderson
Earth’s loss Heaven’s gain
Dobbins, Irene  07-30-1903/12-23-1981
Mother (at top of stone)
Douglas, Francis L.  10-08-1946/12-08-1946
Evans, Fannie Sue  08-21-1880/09-11-1956
Evans, Roy Lee  08-13-1925/04-07-1958
Farmer, Dorothy Pauline  09-26-1921/07-10-2001
wife of Ray Farmer
Farmer, Ray  04-27-1914/04-14-1966
Arkansas Sgt. TRP 12  112 Calvary WWII
husband of Pauline Farmer
Double marker
Farmer, Lloyd L. Sr   1910/1982
Farmer, Dorothy Mae  1912
Farmer, Lloyd Jr.   07-12-1933/12-02-1994
Father (at top of stone)
Flannigan, William S.  03-02-1917/04-26-1988
Double marker
France, Frank V.  07-01-1911/07-27-1977
France, Ola M.  09-21-1915/02-06-1984
note: there is a picture of them on a flower vase that is between the stones
Double marker
France, Walter Mebane  06-13-1905/09-19-1990
France, Mary Leathea  04-27-1906
Precious Lord take my hand
Double marker
Furr, Willis C.   1892/1968
Baptist Minister (underneath his name)
Furr, Lottie B.  1899/1984
Graff, Lissie (Spain)  07-26-1893/12-07-1949
Harp, Auther Vernon  09-18-1922/05-07-1925
son of Walter and Willie Harp
Gone to be an angel
Harrell, J.P.   11-23-1866/12-28-1931
His monument is a Woodsmen of the World Memorial
Harrell, Roy Lee  05-10-1894/07-29-1950
Arkansas Pvt 8 Co NOV AUTO Repl draft WWI
Double marker
Haynes, William C.  10-06-1919/11-16-1919
Haynes, Ruth M.  06-16-1923/11-28-1924
Haynes, Robert J.  06-08-1930/10-01-1953
Double marker
Haynes, Ida  1894/1987
Haynes, Sam  1883/1964
Haynes, Richard E.   02-11-1932/12-07-1956
Heimann, Lois Berry  03-13-1911/01-01-1986
Double marker
Howard, Andrew L.  10-22-1903/05-20-1976
Howard, Ellen P.  10-13-1914/03-21-1971
Jeffery, Amanda Michelle  07-23-1984/07-18-1990
note: “Mandy” is on the along with a picture of her
Johnson, Luther D.  03-30-1933/06-26-1976
husband of Martha Webster Johnson
Johnson, Martha P. (Webster)  01-27-1934/12-29-1999
wife of Luther Johnson
Jones, G. Leeroy  02-25-1925/12-26-2001
note: the information is on a Kernodle Funeral Home marker
Jones, Garmelia  07-11-1903/02-16-1974
Kelly, Biddie  03-10-1840/02-20-1922
w/o W.K. Kelly
There is no parting in Heaven
Double marker
Killion, Oda G.    1893/1966
Killion, Gustava D.   1895/1977
King, John Edgar  07-20-1910/07-22-1912
s/o L.E. and Nannie King
Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore
Double marker
Lane, James Thomas  02-22-1864/05-08-1950
Lane, Nannie Irene Robley  09-09-1874/09-13-1942
Luker, Juanita Marie  01-01-1936/04-20-1936
Double marker
Luker, Lizzie M.  02-25-1915/07-20-1989
Luker, J.W.  12-22-1919/01-11-1988
We loved you but God loved you more
Matthewson, Gladis M.  09-29-1941/02-15-1943
McElroy, Emmit L.  01-07-1875/09-27-1951
Woodsmen of the World Memorial
Double marker
McElroy, John W.  01-09-1855/06-19-1949
McElroy, Katie  12-06-1871/no death date on stone
Double marker,
McElroy, Bert W.  08-04-1903/05-29-1972
McElroy, Florence C.  11-08-1906/09-10-1996
Double marker
McElroy, Ida L.  1906/1979
McElroy, Charles L.  1890/1959
McElroy, M Pauline   1917/1922
McElroy, Gladys P.  1893/1949
Mother (on the stone)
McElroy, Willard Sr.  1895/1960
Father (on the stone)
McElroy, Barbara Jean   1929/1979
Mother (on the stone)
McElroy, Fletcher  1887/1976
Double marker
McElroy, Mary Jane  09-22-1867/03-04-1951
McElroy, Robert P.  09-25-1859/01-11-1953
Double marker
McElroy, James W.   02-04-1912/07-22-1995
McElroy, Mary F.      09-12-1918/no death date given
Double marker
McElroy, Fred L.   12-01-1885/06-08-1949
McElroy, Belle       06-19-1884/08-24-1964
Double marker
McElroy, Albert H.    1868/1948
McElroy, Sallie W.     1873/1951
McElroy, Will   12-09-1893/10-20-1918
h/o Annie McElroy
Woodsmen of the World Memorial
He was the sunshine of our home
McElroy, Andrew J.  01-29-1830/01-12-1894
Co B Hart’s Btry ARL LT ARTY CSA
McElroy, Rebecca Lantroupe  1837/1880
Double marker
McElroy, John    03-23-1797/06-16-1865
McElroy, Mary Stevenson  1809/1859
inscription:  First McElroys to settle here in 1848
McElroy, Frances E.   02-16-1842/01-19-1898
Double marker
McElroy, Murray  01-03-1916/10-28-1991
McElroy, Elvera   07-29-1917/03-15-1989
McElroy, Emerson F.  02-07-1914/08-27-1986
“Mac” (is at the top of the stone)
McElroy, Avis Willis   06-30-1886/08-09-1988
Mother (is at the top of the stone)
McElroy, Thomas   1884/1834
At Rest
McElroy, Ernest  02-07-1892/10-22-1918
A little time on earth he spent till God for him His angels sent
McElroy, Maggie   08-01-1852/05-21-1924
At Rest
note:there is an older marker of hers that sits at the foot of her grave & has Mother on it
Double marker
McElroy, William Floyd  10-12-1874/01-26-1969
McElroy, Bertha   10-14-1890/03-11-1969
McElroy, Laura Ophelia   08-03-1877/12-29-1961
McElroy, Orville   09-09-1871/02-08-1913
Farewell my wife and children from you a father Christ hath called 
McElroy, J.H.   10-03-1837/02-28-1883
McElroy, Marjorie M.  1919/1935
Meredith, Leonard S.  02-22-1894/11-21-1926
h/o Eula A. Meredith
At Rest
Meredith, Frank Netter  03-01-1893/01-25-1923
h/o Eulah McElroy Meredith
Meredith, Sim B.  02-16-1897/04-06-1928
h/o Ida L. McElroy
He was beloved by God and man
Meredith, Howard W. Sr.    08-11-1925/02-27-1982
Meredith, Nora   03-26-1924/08-07-2001
note: there is no stone marker, it has a funeral home marker with the information
Meyers, Minnie A.   09-15-1884/05-02-1927
A tender mother and faithful friend.
Meyers, Robert  Stewart    07-15-1914/02-09-1919
s/o W.H. and Minnie Meyers
Of such is the kingdom of Heaven
Miller, baby   11-27-1943/11-29-1943
note: this is a homemade marker  with marbles framing the concrete very sweet
Miller, Eva   1896/1923
Moody, J.T.   01-07-1881/01-01-1917
Moore, Mattie Lee   08-28-1898/11-14-1899  / 1 year 2months 17 days
d/o J.W. and Emma E. Moore 
Moore, Frank J.  09-18-1917/01-18-1992
I will meet you in Heaven
note: there is a flower vase next to his stone with wedding rings and 01-16-1982
Morris, Harry A.  10-10-1893/10-03-1918
SGT Co 13 REC.  S.A.R.D.
Mosley, Carol Ann   08-09-1998/08-09-1998
My little angel
note: there is a funeral home marker with her name as Carol Sue Ann Cullen Mosley
Murphy, Eunice  08-20-1904/06-15-1935
w/o Joe Murphy
Double marker
Neal, Bernie G.   11-26-1913/08-08-1967
Neal, Rosie M.    01-23-1917/01-07-1992
Double marker
Neal, Jessie G.     1880/1958
Neal, Lucy A.      1876/1973
Neal, George T.   01-07-1917/01-24-1969
Newsom, Jessie E.   06-15-1871/04-21-1927
Woodsmen of the World Memorial
We will meet again
Newsom, Stella   03-25-1908/03-16-1953
Newsom, Jake A.   1899/1971
Newsom, Ora Neal (Vest)   02-21-1906/05-01-1994
Double marker
Owens, Dorothy L.   05-09-1930/03-01-2001
Ownes, Alvie R.        01-01-1912/02-11-1998
note: on a vase between the stones is their wedding date 10-14-1944
Phillips, Harrell E.    03-25-1909/02-15-1910
s/o Ed and Alpha Phillips
God gave   He took  He will restore   He doeth all things well
Double marker
Pitts, Vivian Brawner   1926/
Pitts, Dallas L.     1927/1976
Reynolds, Candace Paige    06-25-1997/10-13-1997
Our little butterfly
Double marker
Richardson, Frank Jeff    08-19-1899/06-15-1978
Richardson, Louella M.   09-27-1914/03-25-1997
note: her death is not on stone but on a funeral home marker
Double marker
Robinson, Mollye W.  08-22-1898/08-11-1987
Robinson, Frank M.     07-07-1896/02-03-1974
Schughart, Meyes   07-28-1904/12-16-1921
s/o Joe and Kate Schughart
Rest our beloved son
Sisk, Lula Virginia   09-22-1874/01-17-1951
Double marker
Sisk, Hanley   1882/1969
Sisk, Maggie   1880/1962
Gone but not forgotten
Sisk, Mildred Lenora   10-28-1911/12-03-1914
Sisk, Wayne Walker   01-29-1915/06-01-1916
Double marker
Sisk, Charlie E.   03-02-1906/01-08-1973
Sisk, Virgie L. (Flynn)   08-10-1914/12-24-1980
And I give unto thee eternal life
Sisk, Hanley Winston    07-01-1936/09-21-1994
Resting peacefully with Jesus
Sisk, Hanley W. Jr.   04-09-1971/06-05-1983
Double marker
Sisk, Helen L.    12-06-1928
Sisk, John W.      12-10-1916/09-25-1981
We shall gather at the river
note: there is a flower vase between them with their wedding date  10-01-1945
Sisk, Jack Willis    01-11-1937/06-20-1938
Slayton, W.C.   05-30-1856/01-10-1911
Come ye blessed (at the top)  Blessed are the dead which die with the Lord (at bottom)
Spain, Leta B.                    02-07-1892/08-03-1893
Spain, Robert Wilborn     03-15-1895/08-09-1896
Spain, infant son               01-15-1907
Spain, infant son               03-09-1911
all four are children of Ozni and Clara Spain
Spain, Margaret E.      06-08-1834/05-10-1907
w/o R.M. Spain
Earth has no sorrows Heaven cannot heal
Spain, RM     02-07-1834/12-11-1911
h/o Margaret Spain
Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star in Heaven
Double marker
Spain, John Adison          1873/1951
Spain, Blanche (Jones )    1893/1982
married 11-11-1911
Double marker
Spain, Addie        03-08-1914/07-03-1914
Our darling hath gone on before to greet us on the blissful shore
Spain, infant daughter   12-09-1917/12-09-1917
God blesses in an early death and takes the infant unto Himself
infant daughters of John and Blanche Spain
Spain, infant daughter      03-09-1911/03-09-1911
Sweetly sleeping
this stone was lying against a tree near the Ozni and Clara Spain babies
Double marker
Spain, John W.     1936/
Spain, Anita Y. (Freshour)     1940/1988
Double marker
Spain, Eugene R.      1915/1982
Spain, Nellie J.          1915/1991
Spain, Wilson    03-07-1919/05-08-1975
Resting in Christ
note: He has a veteran marker at the foot of his grave
Double marker
Spain, Kathy Ann    07-08-1949/08-06-1949
Spain, Jimmy Glenn   05-21-1948/05-21-1948
children of W.W. Spain
Spain, Clara A.    02-08-1871/03-17-1911
wife of Ozni Spain
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Spain, Ozni   02-17-1868/04-07-1919
Woodsmen of the World Memorial
Rest in peace
Double marker
Spain, John T.    02-04-1931/03-26-1998
Spain, Karen      03-13-1950/
note: their wedding date is on the stone 05-03-1980
Taegtmeyer, S.E. “Big Tag”   01-07-1921/01-11-1997
note: has Pappy at the top of the stone
Taegtmeyer, Adolph John    11-16-1887/01-12-1970
Taegtmeyer, Gertrude L.    05-16-1901/06-07-1978
Taegtmeyer, Leisa Trudy  07-16-1955/05-20-1968
Taegtmeyer, Lois Yvonne   07-19-1927/12-21-1999
Beloved mother and sister
Tarbutton, Cecil B.   02-20-1920/03-23-1947
Arkansas PFC 127 Field Arty WWII
Double marker
Tarbutton, Charlie B.   1884/1956
Tarbutton, Lloyd R.     1894/1975
Tarbutton, Charles B.   12-16-1912/05-05-1966
Thornton, Edna (McElroy)   04-24-1902/07-07-1923
Turner, Rachel   06-07-1914
Double marker
Turner, Arra L.    1889/1964
Turner, Oscar      1882/1927
Tyer, Emma Lee   01-07-1878/05-01-1900
He gives and when He takes away He takes but what He gave
Van Dusen, A. Loas Webster  07-30-1910/09-26-1977
Vest, Henry Neal    10-14-1925/08-30-1985
Double marker
Voyles, Charlie    1882/1953
Voyles, Maggie   1892/1954                                    
Gone but not forgotten
Double marker
Walls, Arthur M.   07-05-1894/12-25-1975
Walls, Minnie L.    03-26-1898/12-23-1983
Double marker
Want, Maurice D.    12-07-1908/06-25-1987
Want, Anna Laura   01-03-1909/06-16-1999
Precious Lord take my hand
Double marker
Ward, Roy T.J.   08-05-1936/05-14-1980
Ward, Patricia Gail   12-15-1941/03-02-1996
Lord be easy on the one who suffered so long gave so much and asked so little
Watson, George Harmon   02-06-1899/08-25-1915
Watson, Andrew Jackson    06-17-1861/12-23-1908
Watson, George W.   12-29-1858/12-1898
Gone to his reward
Watson, Mary A.   02-20-1833/03-05-1899
w/o G.W. Watson
Faithful to her trust even unto death
Watson, George W.   10-20-1823/03-11-1893
h/o   M.A. Watson
Watson, Jennie    d. 02-11-1905
At Rest  
in the 22nd year of her age
Webster, Hazel E.   05-02-1921/03-14-2002
w/o R. Earl Webster
note: Kernodle Funeral Home marker no stone yet
Webster, R. Earl   05-22-1907/03-24-1967
h/o Hazel Webster
Double marker
Weeden, Thomas J.   02-08-1854/08-18-1922
Weeden, Parolee H.   10-03-1869/07-26-1965
West, Grace Banton   10-19-1925/
Double marker
White, Jimmie Carolyn     11-21-1942/03-03-1992
White, William Clarence Sr.   02-19-1919/10-22-1996
White, Clifford W.   03-19-1920/01-22-1923
Double marker
White, Arminta J.   06-16-1859/06-28-1941
White, John R.        02-08-1856/05-28-1925
Double marker
White, Pearl        10-4-1886/01-29-1980
White, Allen C.   03-20-1887/12-28-1948
Double marker
White, Mollie       1887/1967
White, Lewis        1881/1963
Willis, Callie B.    11-29-1873/12-28-1934
At Rest     (above her name) Our Mother
Willis, Claud E.    03-13-1880/06-11-1949
Gone but not forgotten
Wills, Floy Chadwick      11-26-1902/06-07-1937
Wills, Aaron Floyd    02-04-1890/07-12-1940
Wilson, Margaret W. (Slayton)   10-20-1865/10-27-1957
Double marker
Winters, J.E.    07-29-1879/11-19-1962
Winters, Ida    05-25-1884/03-10-1975
Wright, Laura J.    03-07-1842/01-27-1892
Wright, Wiley W.   12-23-1839/07-10-1924
Note # 1:  Small stone marker between Auther Harp and Minnie Meyers no markings.
Note # 2:  Small pipe in the ground with silk flowers in it and no markings between 
	       Howard Lewis Cobb and another small plain marker.		
Note # 3:  Small marker between the pipe listed above and Robert Haynes no markings
Note # 4.  Small rectangular marble stone between Harrell Phillips and Margaret W. 
	       Slayton, no markings. It is right beside the entry walkway.
Note # 5.  About 8” tall cement post with no markings between George W. Watson and 
	       Jennie Newsom. 
Note # 6.  About 8” tall cement post with no markings between Wilson Spain’s foot 
marker and Jessie Newsom.
Note # 7.  Small white marble marker with wife on back nothing else located beside
Jessie Newsom.
Note # 8.  A metal cross(in the shape of a Maltese Cross) with CSA (Confederate States 
	       of America) no other markings located between Frances E. McElroy and 
	        J.P. Harrell.

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Submitted on:  14-May-2002

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