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44th Tennessee Infantry Roster

Name Rank Company
Abbot, Thomas Pvt. Moores
Adams, Elisha Pvt. Day's
Adams, H.L. Capta in H
Adams, J.G. 1 Lt. G
Allen, Damiel P. Pvt. I
Allen, John B. Pvt I
Allison, James Bvt 2 Lt. McEwen's
Allison, Thomas B. Pvt. Duggan's
Allman, John Pvt. A
Alsbrooks, William Pvt. H
Alsup, Thomas Pvt. Day's
Amison, Willam Pvt. I
Anderson, Thomas J. Pvt H
Anderson, W.C. Pvt Day's
Askew, William Pvt Joyner's
Ausbrooks, S.G. Pvt Day's
Ausbrooks, W.C. Pvt Day's
Austin, John W. Pvt I
Austin, Marcous Pvt Day's
Badgett, Richard S. Pvt F
Bailey, William P. Pvt James
Baits, Bird E. Pvt James
Baker, Hiram B. 2 Lt I
Ballard, Peter J. Pvt James
Barnes, James W. Pvt I
Barton, Wm J. Sgt F
Bates, Bird E. Pvt James
Bates, William C. Cpl H
Bates, W.R. Pvt Day's
Baugh, Jacob Pvt James
Baxter, John C. Pvt McEwen's
Beard, Benj. A. Pvt H
Beard, S. Pvt Day's
Beard, Samuel G. Pvt H
Beasley, Hiram W. Pvt Joyner's
Beasley, John Sgt H
Bell, W.T. Pvt Day's
Bellow, Samuel Pvt James
Bennett, George A. Pvt Dillehay's
Bennett, J.W. Pvt Day's
Bennett, W.F. Pvt Day's
Benson, LaFayette Pvt I
Bentle, Marcous Pvt Day's
Berry, Isaac S. Cpl McEwen's
Betts, William J. Pvt McEwen's
Billington, Elias Pvt Duggan's
Bingham, Thomas R. Pvt McEwen's
Blackburn, G. W. Pvt Duggan's
Blair, Silas Pvt Joyner's
Bolton, F.M. Pvt Dillehay's
Boon, George W. 2 Lt Joyner's
Booth, A.B. Pvt Duggan's
Bounds, George W. Capta in Bound's
Boyd, John E. Pvt McEwen's
Boyd, R.L. Pvt Day's
Boyls, George B. Pvt H
Boze, William Sgt Dillehay's
Bradford, John C. Pvt I
Bradford, William E. Pvt H
Breedlove, Matthew Pvt F
Brent, Thomas Pvt James
Brooks, Jeremiah Pvt ???
Brooks, John L. Pvt H
Brown, G.W. Pvt Bound's
Brown, R.P. Pvt I
Brown, William R. Pvt Bound's
Bruce, J.W. Pvt Joyner's
Bruce, Peter Pvt Joyner's
Buck, John Pvt Joyner's
Buckingham, W.J. Sgt Duggan's
Bullock, John Pvt Day's
Burnett, William W. Capta in H
Burton, David Cpl Bound's
Burton, Samuel Pvt Dillehay's
Bush, LaFeyette Cpl I
Butler, Jeremiah Pvt James
Butny, M.F. Pvt C
Buttrey. M.F. Pvt C
Bybee, Lewis S. Cpl Dillehay's
Byram, James Pvt Joyner's
Byrd, John W. Pvt H
Byrns, William N. Pvt McEwen's
Call, Lemuel Pvt Duggan's
Callis, James H. Pvt Joyner's
Campbell, Daniel Pvt Day's
Campbell, David Pvt Day's
Campbell, James H. Pvt Duggan's
Campbell, William Pvt Joyner's
Cannon, James N. Sgt H
Capburn, J.W. Pvt F
Card, Benjamin F. Pvt Duggan's
Card, M. H. Pvt Duggan's
Carder, William C. Pvt H
Carr, Andrew Pvt Day's
Carr, Dock D.M. Pvt Day's
Carr, J.A. Pvt Day's
Carr, M.W. Pvt Day's
Carr, W. A. Pvt Day's
Carter, G.R. Pvt Day's
Carter, J.A. Cpl Day's
Carter, J. W. Cpl Day's
Cartwright, P. F. Pvt Duggan's
Cator, Moses L. Pvt McEwen's
Caughran, Milton C. Pvt H
Cawthon, George C. Pvt F
Chambers, Pleasant Pvt I
Chapman, Isaac Pvt James
Cherry, William D. Pvt H
Chickering, John D. Pvt I
Chickering, William H. Pvt I
Chilcutt, james Pvt I
Chism, John W. Pvt I
Clardy, Yancey F. Pvt F
Clark, A.F. Sgt Day's
Clark, Edward F. Pvt Day's
Clark, J.L. Pvt Day's
Clark, J.R. Pvt Day's
Clark, T.J. Pvt Bound's
Clark, William H. Pvt Duggan's
Claxton, W.H. Pvt Duggan's
Cleek, Ezekiel A. Pvt Duggan's
Clendening, T.B. Cpl Joyner's
Cochran, Milton P. Pvt H
Colbert, Richard 1 Lt H
Cole, J. F. Pvt Day's
Cole, Littleberry L. 2 Lt H
Cole, Perry M. Pvt Joyner's
Cole, William Pvt H
Collier, Robert Pvt Day's
Collins, Richard W. Pvt McEwen's
Collins, Robert B. Pvt McEwen's
Compton, William H. Pvt I
Conner, W.B. ??? ???
Cook, A. Jenkins ??? ???
Cook, Henry H. Pvt McEwen's
Cook, James Pvt I
Cook, John H. Pvt McEwen's
Cook, Thomas Pvt I
Cook, William Pvt McEwen's
Cook, William Pvt Day's
Cook, William H. Pvt I
Cooke, A.J. Pvt Duggan's
Cooksey, William Pvt F
Cooper, Abm. Pvt Duggan's
Cooper,. James F. Pvt Dillehay's
Cooper, Martin Pvt Day's
Copeland, E.B. Pvt ???
Coheran, William H. Pvt Dillehay's
Couthan, F.N. Cpl H
Covington, Jesse Sgt Duggan's
Cowen, Bailey P
Cowen, Josephus C. Pvt James
Crafton, Daniel S. Pvt McEwen's
Craghead, William J. Pvt Dillehay's
Crawford, Robert H. Pvt H
Crenshaw, James C. Pvt McEwen's
Crenshaw, J.D. Pvt Day's
Crews, Talton P. Pvt Day's
Crews, Wreney Pvt Day's
Crick, W.H. Pvt Bound's
Crocket, Andrew Pvt McEwen's
Crutcher, Thomas S. Pvt McEwen's
Cuffman, Benjamin Pvt Joyner's
Cummins, John H. Pvt H
Cunningham, Jos. H. Sgt McEwen's
Curlee, Jackson Pvt Dillehay's
Daniel, Robert Z. Pvt F
Davidson, James Pvt Duggan's
Davis, Benjamin H. Pvt F
Davis, C.B. Pvt Duggan's
Davis, G.W. Cpl Bound's
Davis, James, L. Pvt H
Davis, Jackson A. Pvt H
Davis, James H. H James
Davis, Jones L. Pvt H
Davis, James T. Pvt H
Davis, Robert H. Pvt McEwen's
Davis, William H. Pvt McEwen's
Day, H.B. Capta in Day's
Degraffenreid, Tignale D. Sgt H
Delaney, J.J. Pvt H
Denton, James C. Pvt Dillehay's
Dickens, Joseph W. 2 Lt. Dillehay's
Dickins, J.J. Pvt Bound's
Dillard, Ephraim G. Cpl F
Dillard, Finley S. Pvt F
Dillard, James Pvt Joyner's
Dillard, William A. Pvt James
Dillehay, Alexander R. Capt.
Dillen, James M. Pvt H
Dodson, G.T. Pvt F
Dodson, Joseph L. Pvt ???
Dollar, Duncan C. Pvt H
Doolin, Nathaniel G. Pvt H
Dorris, William Pvt F
Dosier, J.T. Sgt Bound's
Dotson, Simon Pvt Joyner's
Douglas, Merry A. Pvt H
Duggan, B.F. Capta in Duggan's
Dunlap, Thomas C. Pvt I
Dwyer, J.B. Pvt Bound's
Dyer, Andrew Pvt Dillehay's
Eakes, Alfred Pvt H
Eaks, Alford Pvt H
Ealey, James Pvt Joyner's
Eldridge, W.S. ??? ???
Eley, J.H. Pvt Bound's
Elizer, T.D. Cpl Joyner's
Elliston, Elijah B. Pvt I
Elliston, James M. Pvt I
Elmore, J.E. Pvt A
Escew, Asmaveth Pvt Day's
Escue, D. Cpl Day's
Evans, Levi F. 2 Lt. James
Evits, John M. J. Pvt F
Ewin, Fly C. Pvt I
Farley, William ??? ???
Ferguson, H.J. Pvt ??
Ferguson, Joseph Pvt H
Finney, John Pvt G
Finney, Lewis Pvt D
Fisher, George ??? ???
Fitzgerald, James Sgt H
Flemming, B.N. 1 Lt Day's
Flemming, F.E. Pvt E
Florence, R.W. ??? ???
Forbis, John W. Pvt F
Fortner, M.B. Pvt Bound's
Foster, Benjamin F. 1 Lt Bound's
Frazzier, A.M. ??? ???
Fredericks, James Pvt Joyner's
Frogg, Jesse B. Pvt Dillehay's
Fulton, John S. Pvt F and S
Galbreath, G.W. ??? ???
Gant, A.A. Pvt Day's
Gant, William S. Pvt F
Garner, Benjamin F. Cpl Duggan's
Garrison, Wilson P. Pvt James
Gatlin, James Pvt McEwen's
Gaultney, Dawson Pvt James
Gayle, L.W. Pvt H
Gibson, James Pvt Duggan's
Gilliahan, J.R. Pvt James
Glasscock, H.D. Pvt Duggan's
Graves, Allen Pvt Day's
Green, Isaac Pvt Joyner's
Green, Joseph C. 2 Lt. Duggan's
Green, Zachariah Pvt Day's
Gregory, George W. Sgt. Bound's
Gregory, Richard Pvt Day's
Gregory, Robert H. Pvt Dillehay's
Gregory, Thomas Pvt Day's
Guant, Thomas S. Pvt Duggan's
Gully, James Pvt H
Gully, William Pvt H
Hagar, A.J. Pvt I
Haggard, John A. Pvt I
Halaway, Daniel R. Sgt H
Hale, Andrew J. Pvt Joyner's
Hannah, Joberry Cpl H
Hanner, James Sgt Day's
Hargrove, Bennett Pvt H
Hargrove, John S. Pvt McEwen's
Harisson, M. Pvt Day's
Harper, Charles H. Pvt Day's
Harper, John Pvt McEwen's
Harper, William A. Sgt James
Harris, John B. Pvt Bound's
Harris, Thomas Pvt H
Hawkins, J.G. 3 Lt Day's
Hayes, Peyton Pvt I
Haynes, Abram Pvt Bound's
Hays, Bazzell Cpl James
Heathcock, J.R. Pvt H
Heilfling, Spurling G. Pvt James
Helmantaller, Joseph H. Pvt James
Hendricks, A.L. Pvt I
Hendrix, A.A. Pvt Bound's
Henry, J.M. 2 Lt. Day's
Hibbetts, Ira K. Pvt I
Hogan, George W. . Pvt H
Hobbs, John Sgt I
Hogan, William G. Sgt M aj. H
Hogg, Thomas H. 2 Lt. D
Holladay, J.M 2 Lt. C
Holland, D.W. Pvt A
Holland, J. A. Pvt A
Holland, James Pvt B
Holland, Lafayette ?? G
Holland, M.H. Pvt B
Holland, N.B. Pvt B
Holland, Patrick Pvt B
Holland, Prigen Pvt B
Holliday, William T. Pvt Dillehay's
Holloman, J.E. Pvt B
Holloman, J.W. Pvt B
Holmes, John C. Pvt B
Holt, Samuel J. Pvt H
Hoobery, John W. Pvt I
Hoover, H.N. Sgt Bound's
Hopkins, William H. Pvt Duggan's
Hopkins, W.J. Pvt Duggan's
Horn, Armstead Pvt E
Horne, Joseph P McEwen's
Horton, W.R. Pvt F
Hoskins, Joel Pvt Day's
Houston, Geo. ??? G
Howard, B.A. Pvt H
Howell, W.C. Pvt E
Huasier, W. Thomas Pvt D
Hubbard, Henry W. Pvt A
Hubbard, H.W. Pvt A
Hubbord, A.J. Pvt A
Hudson, W. R. Pvt A
Huey, Theophilus Pvt C
Huffman, Frank Sgt H
Humble, Newton C. Pvt H
Hunt, John T. Pvt Day's
Hunter, William L. Pvt F
Hurt, David 2 Lt. G
Hurt, R.B Adj. F and S
Hyah, Alexander Pvt G
Ingram, John B. Pvt E
Ingram, John B. Pvt E
Jackson, Andrew Pvt D
Jackson, C.H. Cpl G
Jackson, George Pvt G
James, B.A. ??? James
Jauvers, G. Pvt E
Jenkins, James T. Cpl F
Jenkins, John A. Sgt F
Jewell, W.A. Sgt Joyner's
Johnson, A.S. Pvt McEwen's 's
Johnson, James V. Pvt Bound's
Johnson, Lewis L. Pvt McEwen's 's
Johnson, Willis R. Pvt E
Jones, Bryant L. 2 Lt. F
Jones, F.B. Pvt Bound's
Jones, James Pvt James
Jones, J.J. 1 Sgt F
Jones, Lawson ??? G
Jones, Marvel H. 1 Sgt E
Jones, M.H. 1 Sgt E
Jones, Nathaniel ??? C
Jones, Normon Pvt D
Jones, S.B. Capta in D
Jones, Stephen B. Capta in D
Jones, William Pvt B
Joyner, E.M. Sgt H
Joyner, G.W. Cpl H
Joyner, James H. Capta in Joyner's
Joyner, Nelson L. Pvt ???
Kalb, J.Q. Pvt G
Keelen, J.D. Pvt C
Keenan, John Pvt A
Keithley, James Pvt D
Kemp, John Pvt Dillehay's
Kennedy, Baley P. Pvt Dillehay's
Kennedy, William Pvt G
Kerby, Danniel Pvt Day's
Kerr, James C.R. Pvt F
Kerr, Y.F. Cpl H
Killey, David Pvt James
King, Harry H. 1 Sgt James
King, Irvin C. Cpl C
King, Presley Pvt C
King, Thomas Sgt C
King, Thomas H. Sgt C
Alexander Pvt Joyner's
Kiser, Mark Pvt Joyner's
Knight, Abramm Pvt Dillehay's
Knox, W.W. Pvt H
Lahee, Philip Pvt F
Lambert, Francis M. Pvt F
Lancaster, Robert Pvt James
Landers, W.N. Pvt Bound's
Langley, Hilliard Pvt I
Lanning, H.M. Pvt E
Lassiter, L.C. ??? ???
Lauderdale, Elisha Pvt Day's
Laurance, L.D. Pvt D
Laurance, T.B. Pvt D
Leage, Edwin R. Pvt James
Leage, William R. Pvt James
Leak, J.H. Pvt H
Leddy, Owen Cpl H
Lee, S.G. Pvt Day's
Lemons, Martin L. Pvt Dillehay's
Lence, John J. Pvt Duggan's
Leslie, J.W. Pvt C
Lewis, Thomas J. Pvt Joyner's
Lewter, Jerry W. Pvt H
Lewter, J.H. ??? A
Lifsey, Edwin L. Pvt C
Lifsey, Solomon Pvt C
Lindsey, Groves Pvt E
Lindsey, John Pvt E
Lindsey, S. Pvt E
Lipscomb, Shelton Pvt G
Liston, Robert Pvt E
Litton, John W. Pvt H
Lively, James C. Pvt H
Locke, John W. Pvt Duggan's
Locke, William H. Cpl Duggan's
Low, Simeon Pvt Bound's
Low, W.C. Pvt Bound's
Lowell, William Pvt Duggan's
Lynch, Samuel Cook ???
Majors, J.M. Pvt F
Mann, Stephen S. 1 Lt. Dillehay's
Marshal, Allen H. Pvt Day's
Marshall, Allen J. Pvt Duggan's
Marshall, George B. Pvt H
Marshall, J.H. Pvt Duggan's
Martin, George Pvt H
Martin, Mumford Pvt F
Mason, Samuel Cpl H
May, Benjamin F. Pvt I
May, James F. Pvt I
McEwen, John L. . Pvt H
McDonald, R.S. Capta in ???
McEwen, John L. . Pvt C
McKinney, Charles Pvt H
McKinney, William Pvt Dillehay's
McKoin, James L COLON EL ???
McLain, R.N. Pvt McEwen's .
McLelland, James R. Pvt Bound's
McMurtry, Jacob Pvt Joyner's
McMurtry, William 1 Lt. Joyner's
McRea, Alexander C. ??? A
McThomson, Robert Pvt Dillehay's
Meador, Thomas G. Pvt Day's
Meadors, Wiston A. Sgt Dillehay's
Melton, W. Pvt Duggan's
Melvin, C.B. Pvt I
Miller, J.B. Pvt A
Mitchell, Henry L. Pvt McEwen's
Mitchell, N.A.B. ??? B
Moody, John Pvt Day's
Moon, William H. Sgt Duggan's
Moore, Green B. Pvt I
Moore, James A. Pvt Duggan's
Moore, James P. Pvt McEwen's
Moores, William H. Capta in H
Morrison, T.K. Pvt Bound's
Morton, Joseph S. Pvt McEwen's
Morton, J.S. Pvt McEwen's
Moss, Joseph G. 3 lt James
Moss, William P. Cpl James
Neel, Matt Pvt Day's
Newton, Edward D. Cpl H
Noel, Henry Pvt D
Oakley, Thos Pvt James
Oliver, Lem Pvt I
Overton, John . Pvt I
Orman, John 1 Lt. I
Owen, Hubbard M. Pvt Dillehay's
Owen, John Pvt McEwen's
Owen, Joseph Pvt Day's
Owen, Samuel Pvt McEwen's
Owen, William R. Pvt F
Page, Alfred Pvt I
Parham, Frances W. Pvt H
Parker, R.C. 1 Sgt Day's
Parker, William T. Pvt McEwen's
Parrott, Hiram Pvt James
Partain, Archibald Pvt F
Paschal, R.A. Pvt Joyner's
Paschal, William Pvt Joyner's
Pate, Don D. Pvt Dillehay's
Peach, George Pvt McEwen's
Peach, Hardin W. Pvt McEwen's
Peach, James Pvt McEwen's
Peach, John Pvt McEwen's
Pendergrass, J. Pvt James
Perdew, J.M. Pvt ???
Perkins, Daniel P. Pvt I
Perkins, Samuel F. 2 Lt McEwen's
Perry, B.E. ??? I
Perry, John E. 3 Lt Joyner's
Perry, J.S. Pvt Day's
Perry, Malaki Pvt Day's
Perry, William R. Pvt Joyner's
Philips, Joshua L. Pvt F
Phillips, Henry Sgt I
Phillips, John C. Pvt H
Phillips, Sampson M. Pvt Dillehay's
Pickle, J.H. Pvt Duggan's
Pike, J.M. Pvt B
Pinkerton, Brown Pvt H
Potts, A.H. Pvt Duggan's
Potts, N.J. Pvt Duggan's
Poyner, John G. Cpl McEwen's
Pressgrove, Thomas T. Pvt. Duggan's
Preston, Moses 1 Lt. James
Price, John T. Cpl H
Primm, Robert T. Pvt McEwen's
Prowell, Andrew M. Pvt H
Ragsdale, Ephraim Pvt H
Raleigh, R. Cpl I
Randolph, James B. Bvt 2 Lt. H
Randolph, Thomas G. Pvt H
Ratley, John R. Pvt H
Ramer, J.C. Pvt Joyner's
Raymer, John N. Pvt Joyner's
Reasonover, J.B. Pvt McEwen's .
Redmond, Archy Pvt James
Reece, Andrew Pvt Dillehay's
Reece, D.S. Pvt Day's
Reece, Richard L. Pvt McEwen's .
Reed, George M.D. Pvt Dillehay's
Reed, Pinkney Pvt Dillehay's
Reed, Wyly M. Capta in I
Reese, James Pvt F
Reeves, N.W. Pvt Bound's
Reid, A.B. Pvt Bound's
Richards, William Pvt C
Richardson, James Pvt F
Richmond, Wiley Pvt McEwen's
Ridenbury, Daniel Pvt James
Ridley, W.T. Pvt F
Riley, William H. Pvt F
Roads, Jarvis Pvt H
Robbins, Levi Pvt D
Robertson, Edward H. Cpl Dillehay's
Robertson, William H. Pvt. Dillehay's
Robinson, G.W. Pvt McEwen's .
Robinson, James C. 1 Sgt Bound's
Rodgers, Levi Pvt James
Rodgers, Jesse S. Pvt H
Rollen, David Pvt James
Ross, Thomas Pvt F
Ross, William L. Pvt Dillehay's
Rozwell, C.A. Pvt H
Rucker, John W. Cpl Duggan's
Sarten, Christopher Pvt James
Saunders, Edward Pvt I
Saunders, Seth P. Cpl McEwen's .
Sawyers, John S. Pvt Joyner's
Scales, William H. Pvt I
Scobey, James E. Capta in F
Scott, William R. Pvt McEwen's
Scruggs, Fountain P. Cpl McEwen's
Scruggs, Walter C. Pvt McEwen's
Searcy, James 2 Lt Dillehay's
Searcy, Kenchon T. Pvt Dillehay's
Seay, John P. Sgt F
Shannon, E.K. Pvt F
Sharp, Alfred H. 2 Lt. I
Sharp, William Pvt Bound's
Shaw, William S. Pvt Duggan's
Shearin, H.L.W. Pvt Duggan's
Shearin, Newton C. Pvt Duggan's
Shearin, Thomas Pvt Duggan's
Shepherd, Thomas R. Cpl F
Shepherd, William Pvt F
Sherrill, Thomas Pvt C
Short, Isaac S. Pvt McEwen's
Short, John J. Pvt McEwen's
Short, M.B. Pvt Duggan's
Sickert, William Pvt McEwen's
Simmons, T.F. Pvt Duggan's
Singleton, John H. Pvt James
Slayten, J.B. Pvt Day's
Sledge, Elihu Pvt McEwen's
Sloan, J.A. Pvt Day's
Smith, C.A. Pvt H
Smith, John Pvt Joyner's
Smith John R. Pvt H
Smith, Joseph R. Pvt Dillehay's
Smith, J.Y. Pvt Duggan's
Smith, Thomas Pvt I
Smith,William Pvt Joyner's
Smith, William J. Pvt H
Smothers, James Pvt I
Smothers, Levi Pvt I
Sneed, Nicholas P. Pvt McEwen's
Southall, Thomas Pvt McEwen's
Sparkman, Ethelbert R. Pvt H
Spenser, Thomas A. Pvt McEwen's
Spray, James Pvt H
Steadmon, G.W. Pvt H
Stem, John R. 1 Lt Duggan's
Stephens, James B. Pvt F
Stephens, William H. Pvt Duggan's
Stevens, James A. Pvt F
Stewart, Alfred Pvt Day's
Stewart, Robert Pvt H
Stewart, William B. Cpl I
Still, John P. Pvt McEwen's
Still, Samuel Pvt McEwen's
Stinson, E.B. Pvt Day's
Stinson, John L. Pvt Day's
Stinson, W.M. Pvt Day's
Stone, John W. Pvt Day's
Stone, Lee Pvt Day's
Story, James W. Pvt Day's
Stratten, Balie Pvt Day's
Strickland, J.E. Pvt A
Stuard, W.C. Pvt James
Stump, Christopher Pvt I
Sullivan, Joseph Pvt James
Sutton, John Pvt McEwen's
Swan, Phillip T. Pvt Duggan's
Sykes, William E. Pvt James
Taylor, Abner P. Pvt Dillehay's
Taylor, A.S. Sgt Bound's
Taylor, B.F. Pvt Bound's
Taylor, John H. Pvt Bound's
Taylor, Reziah Pvt Dillehay's
Terry, William F. Pvt James
Thomas, Leonidas Pvt Dillehay's
Thomas, L.T. ??? Dillehay's
Thomas, Pleasant Pvt Dillehay's
Thomason, James S. Pvt Dillehay's
Thompson, Jacob M. Pvt Duggan's
Thompson, J.H. Pvt Duggan's
Thompson, J.M. Pvt G
Thompson, W.A. Pvt Bound's
Thompson, William W. Sgt H
Thwea, John H.G. Cpl McEwen's
Tilley, William Pvt B
Tomlinson, James Pvt F
Tool, John R. Pvt Day's
Towney, Jiham J. Pvt H
Traywick, Charles M. Pvt ???
Trout, M.D. Pvt Day's
Tucker, Andrew Pvt F
Tucker, Azriah Pvt Bound's
Tucker, David W. Sgt Bound's
Turbulton, W.B. Pvt Fords
Turner, H.C. Pvt Bound's
Turner, Mathew J. Pvt F
Tuttle, John Pvt Day's
Upchurch, Joshua S. Pvt Dillehay's
Vaughan, Aljouimas S. Pvt I
Vaughan, Benjamin F. Pvt I
Vaughan, Geo. P. Pvt I
Vester, D.Y. Pvt B
Vick, Josiah Pvt James
Vinson, John Pvt Bound's
Waddle, William S. Pvt ???
Wade, David Pvt James
Wade, Eli Riley Pvt James
Wade, Elias Pvt James
Wade, John E. Pvt ???
Wade, Joseph T. 1 Sgt Duggan's
Wade, Josiah Pvt James
Wade, William C. Pvt James
Waggoner, Thomas
Jefferson Pvt I
Waldin, Richard B. Pvt I
Waldrop, William Pvt F
Walker, John W. Pvt James
Walker, William P. Cpl James
Wall, William C. Pvt McEwen's
Ward, Francis M. Sgt James
Warmack, John Pvt Joyner's
Warner, Samuel J. Pvt Duggan's
Warren, Berryman G.T. Pvt F.
Watkins, John Pvt I
Watkins, John M. Pvt F
Webb, Stephen M. Pvt Dillehay's
Webster, James L. Pvt F
Wells, John Pvt Joyner's
Welsch, Michael Pvt Joyner's
West, William O. Pvt F
Wheeler, E.J. Pvt Duggan's
Wheeler, William D. ??? Duggan's
Whitley, Samuel Pvt McEwen's
White, John W. Pvt F
White, Marion D.C. Pvt F
Whitten, J.E. Pvt James
Whitus, Richard Pvt McEwen's
Wilkeson, A.F. Pvt Day's
Williams, Lafayette Pvt Dillehay's
Williams, Thomas M. Pvt F
Williams, William Pvt Joyner's
Williamson, James R. Pvt H
Williamson, William W. Pvt. H
Willson, James B. Pvt H
Willson, William H. Pvt H
Wilson, John M. Pvt McEwen's
Winfree, Wesly B. Pvt James
Winham, William Pvt Joyner's
Winn, John W. Pvt Duggan's
Winstead, William Pvt McEwen's
Winston, N.J. Pvt Bound's
Wood, J.C. 2 Lt. Bound's
Wood, M.M. Pvt D
Wood, William Pvt James
Wood, W.P. 2 Lt. Bound's
Woods, W.H. ??? H
Wortham, James C. 1 Sgt Duggan's
Wren, Joseph Pvt Bound's
Wrenn, William J. Pvt H
Wright, John Cpl I
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Published on:  1-Nov-1997

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