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Family Tree Maker is America's #1 selling family tree program. It is easy-to-use, yet so comprehensive you won't outgrow it. Just enter a few family names and facts, and then instantly produce a wide variety of beautiful trees, reports, and books.

Family Tree Maker has the largest Internet genealogy community in the world and provides access to over 1 billion names, making it easier to find your ancestors. Plus, the unique FamilyFinder Index actually helps guide you where to look for them. Quite simply, Family Tree Maker is the easiest and most complete resource for building your family tree.

  • New and Improved Trees -- All-in-One Tree, Background Pictures...
  • Family Book Enhancements -- Place Holder for blank pages, Picture Captions...
  • Easier Navigation -- Web-style Back and Forward Buttons, Customizable Toolbar...
  • Organization Tools -- Time/Date stamp, Privacy Filter, Relationship Calculator...
  • Plus an updated FamilyFinder Index with 200 million individuals on 3 CDs
  • Order today and get a FREE Compton's Interactive World Atlas CD

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