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Legacy Family Tree

Millennia Corporation

Legacy is a family history computer program that makes it extremely easy to store your genealogical information. Family trees containing millions of people can be recorded, displayed and reported. Legacy keeps track of names, alternate names, dates, places, events, notes, sources, pictures and sounds and presents them on screen in such an intuitive manner that you can easily see the big picture of your entire family.

It is easy to navigate through all your family links using the Family View and Pedigree View screens. Moving from generation to generation is a breeze. Adding new individuals and marriages can be done at any time and in either view. Editing and adding new information is simple and understandable.

Legacy includes all standard genealogical reports, as well as calendars, timelines, questionnaires, research logs and a multitude of blank forms. You can even print an entire book about your family, complete with pictures.

Legacy can calculate the relationship of everyone in your Family File to a specific individual. It can also figure the age of an individual at every important event of their life.

You can store huge amounts of information. Parents can have up to sixty children, individuals can have multiple sets of parents, unlimited alternate names, events, sources and pictures.

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