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This popular tool for organizing and researching family histories and creating family trees has four key elements: EasyChart, with innovative charting capabilities; EasyTree with a superior personal database system; Internet Detective, providing easy Internet links to more than 26,000 genealogy Web sites; and EasyViewer, which allows for easy searching of 3 CDs with historical information on more than 57 million people. Each of these elements is represented with an icon on a user-friendly interface, perfect for computer novices or skilled users.

With Generations Deluxe, users are empowered to create extraordinary family trees while using a faster and easier-to-navigate interface. Other genealogy software can leave users lost in a maze of names. With Generations Deluxe's personal database system, the relationships between family members are clearly listed with the relationship indicator. Additionally, Generations Deluxe automatically boldfaces each direct relative, illustrating an individual's direct line of ancestors.

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