History of a Family Bible (1685-2000)

History of a Family Bible

A Quest for the Missing Link

by William Arnold O'Malley

The evolution of man goes back 2 million years to the Stone Age. The present population of the universe numbers six billion people and our human roots go back thousands of generations. As we approach the millennium, this book is an effort to describe the names and places over the past 315 years and kindle the silent voices of the past, list information I have been able to gather, and try to connect early writings of the diary to the present time. My mission is to find 'the missing link' that someday will connect the two families to the Bible.

Table of Contents

  1. M.M. Schultze (1652-1724)
  2. The Luther Bible (1685)
  3. The Huguenots (1536-1685)
  4. The Early Dreffeins (1735-1862)
  5. Julius (1841-1933)
  6. Frank Dreffein (1875-1941)
  7. The Dormant Years (1941-1984)
  8. The Bible Family Tree (1652-2000)
  9. The Search Begins (1985)
  10. Hamburg v. Chicago
  11. Return to Germany (1985)
  12. A Quest For the Missing Link (1985-2000)

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A Reader from Illinois wrote, "Following a search the author conducted over a period years provided great interest for me. Linking his family bible to the past in Germany and America was very exciting. I especially liked the way he connected the history of the times with the history of his family. It allows the reader to connect whith the quest and take part in the authors journey."

References include the International Society of Bible Collectors, El Cajon, California, The American Bible Society, New York, New York, The Library of Congress, Washington D.C., Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, German French Huguenot Society, The Chicago Historical Society, and Harold Washington Library, Chicago, Illinois

About the Author

William Arnold O'Malley

William Arnold O'Malley, native Chicagoan, spent 15 years unveiling "History Of A Family Bible 1685-2000, A Quest for the Missing Link." In 1965 he founded Kiddie Kampus Preschools, a chain of child care centers in the Chicago area. Together with his wife Gloria, they operated the centers for 22 years before selling the chain in 1986. They have four grown children and reside in Naperville, IL.




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