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Connecticut State Archives
Since 1855, the Connecticut State Library has acquired historical records from the three branches of State government. In 1909, the General Assembly made the State Library the official State Archives. Today, the Archives includes more than 32,000 cubic feet of records documenting the evolution of state public policy and its implementation, the rights and claims of citizens, and the history of Connecticut and its people.
Deleware Public Archives
Under the Delaware Public Records Law (29 Delaware Code 501-526), the DPA Records Management Program is responsible for managing the entire life cycle of records created by agencies of state and local governments, including school districts. Our services include: establishing policies, procedures and standards; records retention and disposition schedules; electronic records services; training; and professional record management consultation.
Indiana State Archives
The Indiana State Archives is the official repository of Indiana government records of permanent historical and legal significance. It principally contains records generated by state government and state agencies, but also holds a major collection of county and local government records.

Records of the executive, legislative and judicial branches begin in the 1790s and include papers of every governor; bills, acts and reports of the General Assembly; and proceeds of both the supreme and appellate courts. The lives of Indiana citizens are recorded in the many ways they intersect with government including military service, naturalization procedures, the state land office and state institutions.
Maine State Archives
The Maine State Archives, created in 1965, is a part of the Department of the Secretary of State and holds the equivalent of approximately 90 million pages of material. The Archives consists of two Divisions: Archives Services and Records Management Services. The State Archivist and the Archives Advisory Board have
responsibility for establishing rules governing the creation, use, preservation and disposal of State and local government records. The Maine Historical Records Advisory Board coordinates statewide historical records policy and provides grant opportunities for related projects.
State Archives of Michigan
With documents dating back to 1797, the State Archives of Michigan houses much of Michigan's record heritage. More than 80 million state and local government records and private papers, 300,000 photographs and 500,000 maps, plus films and audio tapes are available for public research. Records in the State Archives are particularly useful for tracing genealogy, legislative history/intent, land surveys, military service, and governmental policy on mental health, public health, education, labor, welfare and corrections.
State of New Hampshire Division of Records Management and Archives

The Division of Records Management and Archives, an agency under the administration of the Secretary of State, houses several million archival items and more than 40,000 cubic feet of current public records created by 200 state government agencies. 
New Jersey State Archives
The archives' collections, amounting to over 18,000 cubic feet, date from the seventeenth century to the present. Some collections especially worth noting are:
Governor's records, Petitions to the governor and legislature, New Jersey wills 1670-1900,   Supreme and chancery court records 1680s-1850, State census records
1855-1915, Twentieth-century election returns, Birth records 1848-1923, Marriage and death records 1848-1940, Tax ratables 1772-1820, Railroad, turnpike, and canal maps and records, Colonial deeds 1660s-1780s,  Military records dating from the
American Revolution through WorldWar I.

In addition to paper records, the archives maintains a large and growing microfilm collection, including 12,000 reels of pre-1900 county records, and over 8,000 reels of New Jersey newspapers.
New York State Archives
he New York State Archives and Records Administration (SARA), part of the Office of Cultural Education in the State Education Department, is the organization responsible for identifying, preserving, and making available the permanently valuable records of State government. In addition to its responsibilities for the archival records of State government, SARA regulates the retention and disposal of State and local government records, provides guidance and services to help governments better manage their records, and supports statewide activities to strengthen historical records programs in both the public and private sectors.
Archives and Manuscripts Repository in Ohio
This is the gateway to the RLIN AMC (Archival and Mixed Collections) file.  There are close to 500,000 records available in the Research Libraries Information Network bibliographic database, for archival and manuscript collections in research libraries, museums, state archives, and historical societies located throughout North America. This is also where NUCMC has produced its online cataloging since 1986/87. Access to this gateway is provided as a service of the Library of Congress.
Pennsylvania State Archives
Though primarily known as the official custodian of the permanently valuable records (Record Groups) of state government and its political subdivisions, the Archives is also, to a lesser extent, a repository for papers (Manuscript Groups) and
records of individuals and families, businesses, and organizations that have statewide historical significance, as well as an Affiliated Archives of the National Archives and Records Administration. Included among the holdings of the Pennsylvania State Archives are more than 150 million pages of documents and manuscripts; seventeen thousand reels of microfilm containing some twenty million images of county deeds, wills, mortgages, estate papers, and assessment books; and over one million special collection items such as photographic prints and negatives, maps, postcards, posters, audio recordings, and motion picture films.
Rhode Island State Archives
Vermont State Archives
The State Archives preserves and keeps accessible state government records deemed by statute, records schedule or archival appraisal to have continuing value. In addition to traditional responsibilities, the Archives maintains certification files on all 17,000 Vermont notaries public and certifies notary signatures.
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