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What can you find at the Archives?

The State Archives can provide you with some of the most insightful information you may find in your search for relatives.   Sure, you can read the names and dates on the census page, but may also be able to find some of the more personal information at State Archives. 

For example, you could stumble upon original estate papers that belonged to your family.  Such papers could contain vital facts you may not be able to find anywhere else.  Family bibles, photographs, original historical county records are just a few of the item they store.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what you may find.

The general purpose of a state archive agency, officially required by state law,  is to take over the storage of original, historical county records.    All counties are not created equal in the sense that they all do not have the resources to store original records in the proper manner required for preservation.   The Archives takes the records "off the county's hands" and attempts to stores them in safe environments.

Another service that some of the archives offer is the storage of personal historical records.  These can include family bible records, old court records, and deeds.  The North Carolina Department of Archives will accept qualified family historical documents and ensure that they are stored and cared for so they will be available for generations to come.  Contact your State Archive Agency to see if they provide this service.  Want to immortalize your family bible?  Share it with the rest of the world and donate it to you State Archives for safe keeping.


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