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1890 Federal Census

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Census Information Collected:

  • See below.

US Population:  60.3 million

Available Microfilm:

  • National Archives and Records Adminstration catalog number - 1890. M407 Rolls 1-3 .
  • To obtain the specific catalog number for the roll for the state and county you want, see the NARA Microfilm list.
  • For information about microfilm rental see NARA Microfilm Rental Information


  • Only 3 rolls of 1890 microfilm are available from NARA.
  • An enumeration of Civil war vetrans was made in 1890 that serves a supplement.  This enumeration includes those who had served as well as their widows. 
  • Most of these schedules still exist for some states, but all of Alabama through Kansas (alphabetically) and about half of those for Kentucky were destroyed by fire.

States Enumerated: Almost all of the 1890 census lists were destroyed in a fire at the Commerce Department building in January 1921.

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