Some of the Special Collections at Genealogy Today...

Funeral Cards Funeral Cards (Free)
A searchable index of funeral cards (a.k.a. mourning or remembrance cards) that provide clues like death date, place and funeral home.
Ration Books Ration Books (Free)
Food rationing was instituted in 1942, and each family member was issued books by the Office of Price Administration (OPA). Search the largest online WW2 ration book index -- includes images.
Criminal Records Criminal Records
A collection of original mug shots and wanted posters that provide interesting facts like occupation, age, place of birth, residence, and the crime they committed.
Railroad Employees Railroad Employees
American railways have been in operation since 1826, and researchers often want to know if their ancestors played a role in its development. Search information compiled from various sources.

Free Assistance for Genealogists...

Guide to Genealogy is tailored to different research interests and level of experience in building (or expanding) a family tree.

for NewbiesGetting Started
Whether you've been working on your family history for years or just getting started, Genealogy Today can help jump start your research.
for Family ResearchersFamily History
If you've been researching your family tree and find that you're interested in knowing about the details of recent generations, this section is for you.
for GenealogistsResearch Tools
Designed for individuals who have been working on their ancestry and are tracing their family tree for numerous generations.
for ProfessionalsAdvanced Topics
Oriented towards professional researchers, librarians, educators and experienced genealogists.

Biographical Timelines of ancestors discovered in a variety of resources. This is a new feature, information may be limited for certain individuals.

Surname Tracker is a free service that matches new information with the profiles of our visitors. Helps with finding possible ancestors/cousins and sources they were mentioned in.

Family History Wiki offers explanations for hundreds of genealogical terms, along with historical sketches, photographs and images of original documents.

Helpful Articles from a team of experienced genealogists dedicated to helping you locate a variety of research materials and understand how to use them.

Book Reviews share insightful and objective reviews of new and essential genealogy publications.

Frequently Asked Genealogy Questions

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