Adoption Puzzle

Working together piece by piece...

  • My Views: Adoptees Rights
    Adult Adoptees should have the rights to records and birth certificates that concern themselves without having to have permission from anyone.

  • What If... Reunions NEW!
    This new CBS reality show is looking to reunite biological parents in search of the child they put up for adoption, or an adopted child in search of his or her biological parents.

  • Missing Pieces
    The purpose of this column is to inform, relate personal experiences, and generate ideas about open adoption - all from the perspective of the birthmother.

  • Adoption Registry Connect
    A worldwide adoptee and birth parent search registry designed to reunite adoptees with their birth parents and siblings.

  • Missing Persons Register
    This database (and the companion web site) is a resource to help you get in touch with people you may have lost contact with.

  • Learning To Search
    Searching is not an easy process and getting the pieces to come together takes time and patience.

  • Reunion Registries
    Adoption Reunion Registries can be a great way to find who you are seeking! Registries put together Adoptees and Birth Parents who submit their adoption information.

  • Adoption Support Directory
    For All Triad Members: No matter where we fit into the Adoption Triangle we all need some kind of support.

  • Mailing Lists
    Mailing Lists are a wonderful way to meet other members of the Adoption Triad.

  • Adoption Reform
    This candle will remain lit until adoptees have full access to their original birth records, just like any other American!

  • People Finder
    Data is compiled from many sources of public records to provide you with contact information for individuals all over the US. To access the full data you must subscribe for a fee.

  • Adoption Laws/Legal Help

  • Online Search Tools

  • My Reunion Story Adoption Puzzle

    My name is Deborah and I'm an adoptee who was reunited in June of 1996 with my Birth Mother and her side of the family. I was born and adopted in 1969 out of Portland Oregon into a wonderful family I love and adore.

    My site brings you everything about adoption: Search Tools, Registries, Mailing Lists, Support, and more for Adoptees, Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents.

    I hope that I have been able to help some in the search process. For those still searching I wish you the best of luck in your continued search.

    - Deborah

  • What's New in Genealogy ... Today!
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