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Adoption Puzzle

Reunion Registries

Adoption Reunion Registries can be a great way to find who you are seeking! Registries put together Adoptees and Birth Parents who submit their adoption information. In order for these to work both the Adoptee and Birth Parent will have had to register at the same place. ISSR (International Soundex Reunion Registry) is the largest Adoption Registry. Be sure to register with them FIRST! Then take a look at some of the other online options. Keep your information updated when registering with any Adoption Registry.

State Registries are listed after the National Registries. All State Registries listed are online or have online information. Most State run Registries are not online at this time. Please Contact the Human Services Dept. in the State of Birth to find out more information on State run Registries. Don't forget ISSR!

National Registries

Adoption Registry Connect

International Soundex Reunion Registry

Adoptees And Birth Family Registry


Bits & Pieces

Canadian Adoptees' Registry

The Cole Baby Registry

The Difference ~ Adoption Reunion Registry

Find Me

Janet's Adoptee Registry

Janet's Birthparent's Registry

Jilley's Adoption Reunion Registry

Kindred Pursuits

LDS Church Adoption Registry

The Merry-Go-Round International Adoption Search Registry

Metro Reunion Registry

National Finders Adoption Registry

Reclaiming My Roots

Reunion Net

Wingy's Adoption Registry Page

World Wide Profile Registry

World Wide Registry

State Registries

Alabama Birthlink Online Registry


Arizona Adoption Registry

Arkansas Reunion Registry

Arkansas Reunion Registry Form

California Mutual Consent Registry Form

Colorado Mutual Consent Registry

Delaware Reunion Registry Form

Florida Registry



Illinois: State

Illinois Adoption Registry Form

Indiana Search Registry

Iowa Reunion Registry


Kentucky Adoption Reunion Registry


Maine Registry


Massachusetts Registry

Michigan Search And List


Mississippi Reunion Registry Form




New Hampshire Search Page

New Jersey

New Mexico Adoption Registry

New York

North Dakota

North Carolina

Ohio Adoptee Searches - Registry



Pennsylvania Message Board

Rhode Island

South Dakota

South Carolina

South Carolina Locator

Tennessee Reunion Registry Form

Texas Adoption Search Registry


Vermont Search and Registry


Washington DC

Last updated: 08/26/00

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