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Join our team of affiliates by promoting products through your web site, blog, email newsletter or mobile app, and start earning commission from every customer device that you refer. That's right! Not just every sale that you refer, but every customer device.

Whenever a visitor clicks thru one of our pre-programmed links you place include in a web page, blog post, .PDF or email message, we "tag" the potential customer -- putting a unique tracking code into a cookie on their computer or mobile device. When the customer makes a purchase (on that same computer or mobile device), the tracking code is included with their payment transaction (whether by PayPal or printed order form). Then when we process the payment, the tracking code is used to determine which affiliate to credit for the sale -- it all happens automatically!

Genealogy Today offers both subscriptions and products. Subscription sales (including databases and magazines) are compensated at 20%, while products vary and start at 5%. From the easy-to-use Affiliate Console you will see the $/sale for each item. Also from the console you can copy the special HTML code that you will need to include in your web content.

Join our affiliate team and begin earning commissions by helping other internet users find the family history gifts and supplies in the store!

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  • Unique "Customers for Life" tagging
  • Only program to offer credit for MAIL ORDERS!
  • Hundreds of unique products
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Monthly payments to affiliates

We also offer monthly bonus tiers* for subscription sales:

  1. 20% TIER: Net Subscription Sales and Renewals.
  2. 25% TIER: Net Subscription Sales and Renewals over $250.
  3. 30% TIER: Net Subscription Sales and Renewals over $500.
  4. 35% TIER: Net Subscription Sales and Renewals over $1000.

*percentages and threshold amounts subject to change

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