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If you would like to index the original articles in our collection, you may download the latest XML Catalog, which is updated whenever new items are added. This catalog includes items that were either exclusively written by/for Genealogy Today LLC, are public domain materials and/or have been donated.

XML Catalog Field Explanations

Last updated on November 30, 2011

The XML Catalog is started with a "documentlist" tag, which has an "updated" attribute. The updated attribute indicates when the file was last prepared. Within the documentlist begin/end tags are multiple "document" tags.

Here is a sample document listing:

<document id="" released="" sequence="" p_file="" p_dbid=""> <title> </title> <link> </link> <affiliate> </affiliate> <language> </language> <country> </country> <state> </state> <desc> </desc> <subjects> </subjects> <author> </author> <material> </material> <published> </published> <source> {publication name} ({month} {year}) </source> </document>

id: This is an internal record number for the article.

released: This is the date (YYYYMMDD) that the article was released.

sequence: This is a sequence number specific to the XML file, and is used for debugging purposes only.

p_file: This is the name of the XML catalog file that contains the parent record for this document (see explanation below).

p_dbid: This is the internal record number of the parent record for this document (see explanation below).

title: The title of the article.

link: A URL to a static HTML page to the article. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the URL's are based on the title, and as such, may be impacted when a typographical error occurs and/or for disambiguation purposes. Whenever this occurs, the original URL is preserved on the web site with a META refresh redirect.

affiliate: A dynamic tracking URL for members of our affiliate program. To utilize this like, simply append the "A=" parameter along with your affiliate ID.

language: The MARC Code for Languages. (see official list)

country: ISO 3166 Alpha-3 country. This field is only available when we are able to determine the country of the original document. For U.S. documents, this field is only available when a state abbreviation is determined.

state: U.S. state abbreviation (reference: United States Postal Service). This field is only available when we are able to determine the state of the original document.

desc: A description of the original document, often the complete title, and any supplemental information.

subjects: A semicolon-delimited list of subjects obtained via the Library of Congress Authorities system. Alternately, some subjects may be obtained via the website.

author: The full name of the author (when available).

material: Indicates what type of document this is for copyright purposes. OA= Original Article, PD= Public Domain.

published: The year (YYYY) that the article was published. For public domain materials, this is year that the original document was published. [Implemented 30/Nov/2011]

source: For original articles only, publication name, month & year published. [Implemented 30/Nov/2011]

About parent records: Many of the public domain materials that we publish are derived from original documents used in other areas of the site. To enable linking between those sources and the reprinted articles, we include a parent dbid and file name in the article record whenever applicable. The parent files are gd_sd_catalog.xml and gd_fgd_catalog.xml; however, the values in the p_file field will NOT include the ".xml" extension. A full path to both files is included in the "documentlist" tag.

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