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Tracing a Home Town Local History

Margaret Holland spent years recording the lives of the towns folk in the small Alaskan town where she grew up as a child. This collection is now online and fully searchable.


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In the 1970's, Margaret Holland began a research project to record the lives of the people in her hometown of Bethel, Alaska. She recorded the information on small index cards, one card per resident.

Many of these cards include vital statistics (marriages, births, adoptions, and deaths). Some have information about the comings, goings and mining details of the local townfolk.

Margaret planned to write a book, but eventually dropped that idea. Upon her death, her daughter-in-law, Jeanie Ross, received all of her research notes, papers AND the collection of approximately 1,500 index cards.

Jeanie contacted Genealogy Today and asked to have Margaret's collection made available for genealogists.

"I'm sure Margaret never expected the information to be on the Internet, simply because she did not know what a valuable genealogy tool the Internet and her work would be to people," said Jeanie. "I hope these will be of value to someone looking for information that will fill in gaps or add a little colorful history to your family tree."

The collection is now fully searchable as part of the Transcribed Ephemera collection at Genealogy Today.

For additional details, and to search this unique collection, visit or type "Bethel" in the GO box on our home page.

Source Information: Genealogy Today, New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 2007.

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