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Listen to Christine Rose on Family Roots Radio

We are pleased to have Christine Rose join us to talk about Common Surnames.


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We have the rare privilege of having one of America's best and most respected genealogists joining us on Family Roots Radio on 26 April. We are very excited to be welcoming Christine Rose, one of just 50 Fellows of the American Society of Genealogists as we discuss a subject we all have to deal with: researching a common surname. Well known as an excellent genealogist, author and speaker, Christine Rose has spent much of her time pursuing the Rose families. Her experience in sorting out people with a common name, and researching in over 500 U.S. courthouses will be of interest to all researchers. She has also authored several significant reference books, including the quintessential guide to courthouse research.

So, be sure to tune in to the VoiceAmerica Channel on Thursday, 26 April at 1 PM Pacific Time (4 PM Eastern).

If you use Apple iTunes (available for Mac and Windows) to listen to podcasts, you can subscribe to Family Roots Radio via iTunes. Shows will be available on Friday mornings.

Source Information: Family Roots Radio, New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 2007.

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