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Many people today are enjoying genealogy as a fun and interesting hobby. Genealogy is also being recognized as an important part of a child's education as it is included in the lesson plans of growing numbers of teachers across the country. But what about education for those of us who want to learn to become better genealogists?

There are several Internet sites that offer some beginning genealogy classes online for free. One of these sites is sponsored by Brigham Young University and is located at Free Web Courses from Brigham Young University (BYU) . The courses offered include classes on different record types and some course choices on foreign research. There is no college credit available for these courses; however, the information included in the courses is extensive, so they are more than worth your time and effort to explore.

A nice group of self-paced lessons is available for free at's Online University . It offers some unique subjects that you don't see covered in other areas. What is really nice about these is that you can start a lesson at any time, stop, and come back to it later. Great for busy people. If the subject you need to learn more about happens to be land records, then check out the class catalog at The International Internet Genealogical Society University offers instruction on land records, foreign research and native American research.

Now if you are wanting to take your genealogy education one step further, affordable online classes are available at and through National Institute for Genealogical Studies. You can take one class or multiple classes and certificates in genealogy are available. The classes are much more extensive than the free online classes and are more structured. You have assignments to complete and classes are graded. You even have the option to participate in chats with other students if you desire.

For even more formal learning, Heritage Genealogical College may be the place for you. The courses are more pricey, they cost about the same as average community college classes, but a wide variety of courses are offered. Visit its web page at .

The bottom line is that there are a lot of great resources out there to further your thirst for knowledge and this list is certainly not meant to be all-inclusive as there are many others. However, you should have no difficulty finding a class that meets your needs and your pocketbook.

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