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Genealogy - Find The Right Reason To Love This Hobby


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If you in the past ever wondered where you come from, or what your grand grand parents used to do when they still were alive, you probably would enjoy the genealogy hobby.

You might have heard that is a boring and tedious activity. For some people probably it is. I think, however, that getting to know about your ancestors not only is interesting but is also intriguing. I discovered some amazing facts I hadn't thought about my family and this made my pride go up.

A friend of mine thanks to this hobby discovered that one of his ancestors took part to the civil war in a very active way, and this made him pride. He now talks about it anytime we meet and in the online community where we like to share our discoveries about our roots.

Of course, most of our family members who have passed long time ago lived a life that can be defined as normal. They had a normal profession, they got married and they had children that are our grand grand parents, our grand parents and so on. But just because they had a normal existence doesn't mean that it's not worth doing research.

You just have to find the right reason to do it. For some people it's just the willing to share the work with their family members. For others to share it with their friends. For other people is the desire to know about how they came to be where they are at.

My personal reason was a great curiosity to know from which city in Europe they came from. My ancestors came to the USA at the end of the 19th century. I got this information from my relatives who are still alive. So I started doing research to find out where exactly they came from and how they got here.

From there, I then went on to realize that many other wonderful things were worth exploring and so I ended up spending a great amount of time in this hobby.

Another great reason why i consider this hobby fantastic and why I suggest it to anybody, is the bonding experience that it delivers. Part of the research, in fact, consists of talking to relatives. Having these type of conversations is magic. Not only you discover things you never knew, but also you can see how they literally illuminate in talking about their parents and grand parents. Anecdotes follow stories, and some mistakes in how they present historical data is easily forgiven and justified.

So the relationships part is worth considering. You will begin to see your family members with different eyes. Of course, at the end of your family tree building you can share with them your work and this is another great way to enforce your relationships.

Think about your reason why you want to do this. You might want to talk to someone who's already an expert in this topic to take inspiration for this. As I said, for me the relationship part and the curiosity were the main motivators. However, for you they might be different. Find out what they are and start this amazing hobby. I know that you won't regret this.

In my site, i go more in detail about the steps you need to follow to start at your best, avoiding the mistakes that most people make when starting the genealogy hobby and that i personally did as well. So I recommend you check it out.

Thomas Grey is a Genealogy expert. For more great info on Genealogy to build your family tree visit

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