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Genealogy - A Hobby Children Can Enjoy!


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Getting children interested in genealogy and where their ancestors were from is a project that they will truly enjoy. There are several methods you can use to allow them to experience the excitement of finding where they originally came from.

Were their relatives Irish or Scottish? Do they have ancestors that were English royalty? Kids will love finding out who they are related to and if they find something interesting this will just spur them on.

The best way to get the children interested in their family history is to tell them a few things about the life of their ancestors. For example, maybe you can tell them some of the things your mother or father told you. What kind of school they attended, where their days were spent when they were not in school - these facts are interesting to children.

The only transportation they had when they were small may have been a horse. If this is something that you know, share it with your children. It will get them interested in find out more about their family. Does your child know that your great-great grandfather was an officer in the Confederate War? Do you have any family heirlooms they would be interested in seeing?

Many people have the uniforms their relatives wore when they were involved in wars or other historical items that pertain to relatives. Perhaps the stove your grandmother cooked the family meals on is in storage or stored at a relative's home. These types of stoves were often the type that used wood for cooking and baking. Show them and explain how the stove worked.

The clothes relatives wore many years ago may be packed away in the attic. Show your kids these items and allow them to experience first hand some of the things that were a way of life for their relatives. Tell them or better yet if possible, show them how people used to have to get water from wells.

Explain to them this was before water was available inside and people carried buckets from the well to do everything from cooking to washing their clothes. Is there an old washboard that you could use to explain how washing clothes was done before the washing machine was invented?

The process of tracing a family history can be quite interesting if it is properly introduced to children. They will become fascinated by seeing these items and hearing all the stories associated with growing up before all the modern conveniences we have today.

The more you can get them involved by making it something they want to learn about, the better the chance they will not find it boring. Sometimes instead of just a lot of names of ancestors, you can find pictures that will be of interest. The names may be intriguing to you, but your child will enjoy something more tangible.

Is their an old family home still standing that they could see? Old cemeteries are another source of interest. Family cemeteries often have very old headstones that kids find interesting. Take them to one and let them look around. They will find the names and dates fascinating. Arouse their curiosity and they will enjoy learning where their family originated and their genealogy.

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