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Genealogical Publishing Company Partners With, Inc.


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PROVO, UT, March 3, 2008 — Genealogical Publishing Company, the world's largest publisher of immigration records in book form, has partnered with, Inc., to make its databases available on

"We are looking to work with others who will provide the bridge from today back to the period where our books come into play.'s services provide the link from 2008 back to our 17th Century material," said Mike Tepper, Managing Editor, Genealogical Publishing Company. "There are companies that are really great with technology, but fall short with writing. Other companies are really skilled with words and writing, but not in creating virtual communities. It is a great opportunity to work with, a company that can provide that combination of technology and writing, as well as a virtual genealogy community."

Genealogical Publishing Company is one of our key partners in our new World Collection," said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition,, Inc. "We are happy to work with one of the oldest and most established publishers of genealogical records in the industry."

Genealogical Publishing Company has 2,000 titles featuring content from early Colonial America to the Civil War. Some of these titles include Donald Lines Jacobus' Families of Ancient New Haven, a three-volume work that covers every family in pre-Revolutionary New Haven, Connecticut, and Robert Barnes's British Roots of Maryland Families, which establishes the origins of hundreds of pre-eighteenth-century Maryland families.

"The great thing about our books is that they are definitive works provided by the leading scholars of our time," said Barry Chodak, President of, Inc., parent of Genealogical Publishing Company.

"Our publications cover a wide range of topics with particular emphasis on colonial American immigration, royal ancestry, and county and local history. Our collection of guide books and how to books numbers more than 250, including the most widely used text Val Greenwood's Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy and the three titles we call the Evidence Collection: Evidence, The Quick Sheet, and Evidence Explained, all by Elizabeth Shown Mills, the leading authority on the subject."

"While many of our books contain genealogical source records, a considerable number contain lineage records and other linked material. These titles combined include about 15 million people. The descendants of these 15 million people number in the hundreds of millions today. Our partnership with FamilyLink will enable many, many Americans to go back and trace their family to some of these early immigrants," Chodak said.

More than 600 databases from Genealogical Publishing Company will be launched periodically over the next few months at

"We have been publishing for the last 55 years and look forward to working with to expand our genealogical content into new territories," Tepper said.

Source Information: World Vital Records, New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 2008.

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