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Best Top Ten Canadian Websites

For the second year, Canadian Connections author E.B. Lapointe has picked 10 top Canadian websites for the year 2005.


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For the second year, Canadian Connections author E.B. Lapointe has picked 10 top Canadian websites for the year 2005. This year, she has included newsletters as well as websites.

1. "Maritime's Most Wanted" <>
    This site also includes the 85th Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders and a site where one can find their Maritime (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick) ancestor.
    This site has been offline for a while but now has come back, and Susan Gowen has asked her former and new people to come and check her new website.

2. "The Island Register Newsletter" <>
    This newsletter is about Prince Edward Island and has over 2,000 subscribers per week. It has been on the go since February, 2001, and gives the latest in news from this, the smallest province in the country.

3. "Ruby M. Cusack Columns"  <>
    Post her genealogy and queries columns from the Saint John Globe since 1998 to the present. Each column is named and listed, and the webpage is full of hints when doing New Brunswick genealogy.

4. "The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter" <>
    A newsletter in existence since 2002, it is part of a larger website of over 1,700 pages about Canadian genealogy.
    If you sign up for a newsletter, you will receive one each month of news about Olive Tree Genealogy.

5. "Genealogy Canada Newsletter" <>
    This site releases news on Canadian genealogy, heritage, and history as it happens. In addition, the website now offers news stories.
    You can sign on to receive notification of website updates.

6. "Loyalist Trails" <>

    This e-mail newsletter, for those who have United Empire Loyalists in their background, will be of interest to you.
    It is issued every two weeks by Douglas Grant, President of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. If you are interested in looking at previous issues, issues since last October (2004) have been posted on the website.

7. "Gordon Watts Reports" <>
    Started in 2005 as an outgrowth of his post-1901 Canadian census report, this co-chair of the census committee now has a genealogy and history report he posts on a semi-regular basis.
    Join him by sending him an e-mail with "Gordon Watts Reports" to receive your reports.

8. "The Electric Scotland Newsletter" <>
     Alastair McLellan started this newsletter and has since moved to Chatham, Ontario, where it is published on a weekly basis.
    The emphasis is on Scotland but now with a Canadian touch. It also the home of The Family Tree, a monthly newsletter.  

9. "Automated Genealogy" <>
    This website appears again this year because  they now have one-third of the 1911 census index with 2,385,922 lines transcribed.
    They also have 1901 and 1906 censuses online. as well as a number of "linking" projects online such as the Halifax Explosion, the Soldiers of the First World War, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, and the British Home Children Linking Projects, for example.

10. "The Rooms - Provincial Archives Division" <>
    'Learn About Our Heritage' and visit Newfoundland and Labrador's history and heritage by visiting the archives, the museum, and the art gallery online.
    Family history collections, photograph, diaries, maps, and films are all there, along with a breathtaking view of St. John's Harbour.

Source Information: Canadian Connections, New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 2005.

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